If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy...: He Can't Keep Your Goods

Destiny Image Publishers, 2002 M06 1 - 157 páginas
The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength! We read this verse in the Bible, we hear about it in sermons, we even sing about it. But what does this really mean? Simply this: The devil can t defeat a joyful believer! No matter how bleak your problem looks or how bad your circumstances are, if you can read your Bible, you can rejoice. And if you can rejoice, you are a candidate for victory! Are you tired of being discouraged in your walk with the Lord? Has your joy been left along the wayside somewhere? Be of good cheer! The powerful truths outlined in this book will help you find your joy and get you back on the track of being a victor instead of a victim! Satan wants your joy, and he wants it badly. Stop him in his tracks by learning: - How God s Word produces joy - Why Satan wants your joy - How Satan steals your joy - How to make Satan return what he has stolen (sevenfold!) - How to laugh more and cry less Stop being an open target for the enemy's attacks. It's time to turn the tables and put the enemy on the defense!

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I am very pleased with these books. They are good quality and cost efficient. Thanks guys! Leer comentario completo

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This book is excellent and encouraging. Easy read. Scripture explanations included. Give good picture of KINGdom Living. Leer comentario completo


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Jerry Savelle is a noted author, evangelist, and teacher who travels extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and around the globe. He is president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International, a ministry of many outreaches devoted to meeting the needs of believers all over the world. Well known for his balanced biblical teaching, Dr. Savelle has conducted seminars, crusades, and conventions for over twenty-five years, as well as ministered in thousands of churches and fellowships. He is in great demand today because of his inspiring message of victory and faith and his vivid, often humorous, illustrations from the Bible. He teaches the uncompromising Word of God with a power and an authority that is exciting but with a love that delivers the message directly to the spirit man. In addition to his international headquarters in Crowley, Texas, Dr. Savelle is also founder of JSMI-Kenya; JSMI-United Kingdom; JSMI-South Africa; JSMI-Australia; and JSMI-Tanzania. In 1994, he established the JSMI Bible Institute and School of World Evangelism. It is a two-year school for the preparation of ministers to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. The missions outreach of his ministry extends to over fifty countries around the world. JSMI further ministers the Word of God through its prison ministry outreach. Dr. Savelle has authored many books and has an extensive video and cassette teaching-tape ministry and a worldwide television broadcast. Thousands of books, tapes, and videos are distributed around the world each year through Jerry Savelle Ministries International.

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