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Value. lation Patron.

in183). Johnstone, Rev. R. A. W. Horndon, R. Essex 314 63 Lord Petre. with Ingrave, R.

402 Jones, Rev. Hugh Llandegvan, R. Anglesey 336 738) Sir R.W.Bulkeley. with Beaumaris, c.

2497 Ketley, Rev. J. Wed. Lect. in St. Law

Viscountess Camrence Jewry,&c. London

den's foundation. King, Wm. Clark Wooler, v. Northumb. 478 1926 Bp. of Durham. Kidd, Rev. R. C. Skipton, v. Yorkshire 185 6193 Christ Church, Oxf. Langworthy, Rev. J. Backwell, v. Somerset. 144 1038 Marquis of Bath. Backwell, R.

Lascelles, Rev. H. Chap. (E. I. S.) Bengal
Maltby, Rev. R. B. Chap.( È.I.S.)at Neemuch
Marsh, Rev. Wm., D.D. St. Mary's, P.c. Leamingt.

Mashiter, Rev. W. St. Barnabas, P.C. Open-

Trustees. shaw, near Manchester Melville, Rev. Edm. Chan. of diocese of St.

David's Morgan, Rev. D. Ham, R. Wilts.

457 205 Bp. of Winchester. Nevins, Rev. W. Miningsby, R. Linc. 377 354 D. of Lancaster. Pearson, Rev. J, G. Down St. Mary, R. Dev. 233 407 C. Chichester. Radford, Rev. W.T. A. Staughton Parva, R. Beds. 200 455 C. C. Coll. Oxford. Roberts, Rev. R. J. Denbigh, R.

445 3786 Bp. of St Asaph. Ross, Rev. Wm. H. Chap. (E. I. S.) Bengal. Roughton, Rev. W. Harrowden, v. Northmp. 322 148 Earl Fitzwilliam. Simpson, Rev. G. F. Rector of the New Col

lege, Montreal. Smith, Rev. E. H. Killamarsh, R. Derby.'

774 The Crown. Thomas, Rev. Mesac St. Martin, v. Tudden- 133 400 Mrs. Lillingston.

ham, Suffolk Thurlow, Rev. John Hindringham. v. Norfolk 136 784 D. & C. of Norwich. Vernon, Rev. C. Patcham, v. Sussex

110 490 Lord Chancellor. Victor, Rev. N. H. Emsworth, P.c. Hants.

R. of Warblington. Wyburn, Rev. Henry St.Paul's, Newport, Mnm.

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DEATHS. Anguish, Rev. Geo. Of Somerleyton Hall,Suff. Bedford, Rev. W. R. SuttonColdfield,R. Warw. Blunt, Rev. H., M.A. Streatham, R. Surrey Browne, Rev. G. A. Vice-Master of Trin. coll.


Rettenden, R. Essex
Casberd, Rev. John R. St. Athan, R. Glamorgan.
Dawson, Rev. John Witherslack, P.c. Westm.
Deacle, Rev. Thomas Uphill, R. Somerset.
Francis, Rev. James St. Paul's, Newport, Mon.
Jones, Rey. David Kilgerran, R. Pemb.
Knox, Rev. Thos., D.D. Master of Tunbridge

Grammar School.
Runwell, R. Essex

Ramsden-Crays, R.
Laugharne, Rev. Hugh Radford Semele, v.

Rowington, v.
Lewis, Rev. T. Minor Canon, Llandaff
Maude, Rev. F. Longridge, P.c. Lanc.

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i See note on preceding page.


Poole, Rer. Robert



Value. lation Patron.

in 1831.
Barmby-on-the- Marsh, 30 473 V. of Howden.

P.c: Yorkshire
Hook, P.C.

59 650 Lord Petre. Laxton, P.C.

39 281 V. of Howden. Eckington, R. Derbyshire


3948 The Crown. with Killamarsh, R.

774 L. Burstead, R. Essex 280 204 Bp. of London. Billericay, P.C.


Royston, v. Herts.

Ricketts, Rev. F.
Roberts, Rev. A. W.

107 1757 Lord Dacre. Washford Pyne, R. Dev. 144 174 Rev. C. Tucker.

Snelgar, Rev. Jacob
Tucker, Rev. P. C.

On Sunday, June 25, by the Lord H. G. Postlethwaite, B.A., St. Peter's coll.
Bishop of Ripon :-

E. Edwards, St. David's, Lampeter.

E. J. Rogers, Literate.
W. Balderston, B.A., St. John. coll. Cam.

PRIESTS-(Of Oxford.)
J. A. Beaumont, B.A., Trin. coll. Camb. E. H. Burnett, B.A., Merton coll

J. Bickerdike, B.A., Trin. coll. Camb. C. Kemble, B.A., Wadham coll.
W.T.N. Billopp, B.A., Emm. coll. Camb. W. Thompson, B.A., Queen's coll.
J. Buckham, B.A., St. John's coll. Camb. N. Midwinter, B.A., Magdalen hall.
J. C. Bradley, B.A., Queen's coll. Oxf. T.C. Martelli, B.A., Balliol coll.
G. Lewthwaite, B.A., Univer. con. Oxf. W. Giffard, M.A., University coll.
P. W. Vaux, B.A., Magd. hall

. Oxf. C. F. Cole, B.A., Magdalen hall. W. Kelly, B.A., Trin. coll

. Dublin. W. Tancred, B.A,, Christ Church. J. T. Mackintosh, B.A., Trin. coll. Dub. S. H. Unwin, B.A., Worcester coll. R. Chadwick, St. Bees.

W. H. Joyce, B.A., University coll. C. Thompson, St. Bees.

J. Meyrick, M.A., Queen's coll. H. Baker, Miss. coll. Islington.

S.C. Malan, M.A., Balliol coll.
W. Chamier, Literate.

George de Gruchy, B.A., Exeter coll.

H. T. Harris, B.A., New Inn hall.
J. A. Mitchell, B.A., Christ's coll. Camb.

(Of Cambridge.) J. D. Hilton, B.A., Úni, coll, Oxf.

C. H. G. Batsen, B.A., Magdalen coll. F. J. Robinson, B.A., Trin. coll. Dub. C. Kingsley, B.A., Magdalen coll. G. L. Langdon, St. Bees.

J. W. Reeves, B.A., Christ's coll. Benj. Stables, Literate.

C. W.M. Boutflower, B.A., St. John's coll.

J. N. Harrison, B.A., Caius coll.
On Sunday, July 9, by the Lord Bishop
of Winchester :-

By the Lord Bishop of Cashell.
DEACONS—(Of Oxford.)

Edward Dalton, Literate.
F. Sotham, B.A., Magdalen coll.
Brymer Belcher, B.A., Wadham coll. On Sunday, July 16, by the Lord Bishop
W. Allen, B.A., Magdalen hall.

of Chester: F. C. Scott, B.A., St. John's coll.

PRIESTS. J. Campbell

, B.A.,

St. Edmund's hall. F. T. Statham, S.C.L., Magdalen hall.

Rev. J. Paul, Magd. coll

. Oxf.

Rev. T. Hugo, B.A., Worces. coll. Oxf. 6. S. Hookey, B.A., Wadham coll. Rev. L. C. Wood, B.A., Jesus coll. Orf. P. L. D. Ackland, B.A., Christ Church. A. T. Wilmhurst, B,A,, Magdalen coll.

Rev. F. Hinde, B.A., Linc. coll. Oxford.

Rev. R.C.Swan, B.A., St. John's coll. Cam. (Of Cambridge.)

Rev. H.D. Morrice, B.A., Trin. coll. Cam, H. Dornton, M.A., Trin. coll.

Rev. J.H.Sharples, B.A., St.Jn's coll. Cam. F. A. Savile, B.A., Trin. coll.

Rev. B. Arthur, B.A., Trin. coll. Dublin. A. W. Cole, B.A., St. John's coll.

Rev. G. G. Cashman, B.A., Trin. coll. Dub. R. P. Hutchinson, B.A., Corp. Christ. coll. Rev. H. G. Price, B.A., Trin. coll. Dub.


Rev. W. Walker, M.A., Trin. coll. Dub.
Rev. G. Barton, M.A., Trin. coll. Dub.
Rev. W. Messenger, M.A., Univ.coll. Dub.
Rev. E. T. Clarke, Rev. J. Dalton, Rev.
G. Lancaster ; all of St. Bees.

J. Booth, B.A., Brasenose coll. Oxford.
J. Gorton, B.A., Wadham coll. Oxford.
W. F. Addison, B.A., Wadham coll. Oxf.
E. Pedder, B.A., Brasenose coll. Oxford.
J. A. Burrowes, B.A., Corp. coll. Camb.
J. Dodd, Queen's coll. Camb.
T. N. Farthing, B.A., Cath. hall. Camb.

J. Hollingsworth, B.A., Cath. hall. Camb.
J. B. Grant, B.A., Emm. coll. Camb.
H. Jones, B.A., Cath. hall. Camb.
W. Mulleneux, B.A., Emm. coll. Camb.
G. Tatam, B.A., Cath. hall, Camb.
J. Royds, B.A., Christ's coll. Camb.
S. H. Sherard, L.L.D. Christ's coll. Camb.
J. Cox, B.A., Trin. coll. Dublin.
W. M. Collis, B.A.. Trin. coll. Dublin.
A. Hume, B.A., Trin. coll. Dublin.
B. H. Browne, R. Cope, T. Ellerthorpe,

H. P. Hughes, R. Kinder, W. H.
Pochin, J. Watson; all of St. Bees.


OXFORD. June 22. - In a congregation holden this July, l.-In a congregation holden on day, the following degrees were conferr- Thursday, the following:


DOCTOR IN Civil Law.

Rev. E. B. Dean, Fellow of All Souls. Rev. Thomas Usmar, Queen's coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. BACHELORS IN MEDICINE,-(With licence W. Venables, Exeter coll. to practice.)

MASTERS OF ARTS. Henry D. Scholefield, Brasenose coll.

Rev. H. W. 0. Polhill, Univ. coll. James Jago, Wadham coll.

Rev. R. S. Hunt, Exeter coll.
G. T. Finchman, St. John's coll.

Rev. J. G. Faithfull, Exeter coll

Francis Dyson, New Inn hall.
William Russell, New Inn hall.

Rev. W. Rawlinson, Magdalen hall. Rev. John White, Lincoln coll.

Rev. O. F. Owen, Christ Church. Rev. Richard Jackson, Queen's coll. Rev. H. F. Cheshire, Wadham coll. Thomas Mayhew, Queen's coll.

G. Paterson, Wadham coll. C. R. Dean, Queen's coll.

Rev. T. Bacon, Merton coll. Rev. G. S. H. Vyse, Christ Church.

Rev. C. Rae Hay, Merton coll. Rev. Henry Cobbe, Oriel coll.

Rev. H. Petley, Wadham coll. Rev. W. N. T. Marsh, Oriel coll.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Rev. T. A. Kershaw, Brasenose coll.

Charles Goring, Christ Church. Rev. E. J. G. Hornby, Merton coll.

E. H. Willis, Christ Church. Rev. J. H. Ashurst, Exeter coll.

T. H. B. Baker, Christ Church. Rev. P. F. Britton, Exeter coll.

E. S. Abbott, Oriel coll. Rev. G. F. Mastu, Univer. coll.

Rev. R. S. Sutton, Fellow of Exeter coll. 0. W. Farrer, Balliol coll. Rev. John M. Lakin, Worcester coll. Rev. J. R. C. Denny, Trinity coll.

Jaly 8.-In a congregation holden this BACHELORS OF ARTS.

day, the following :J. E. Cross, Christ Church, G. C.

MASTERS OF ARTS. S. W. Steedman, Christ Church.

Rev. W. Cartwright, Brasenose coll. George Yalden, Christ Church.

Rev. F. H. Thompson, Queen's coll. P. T. Drayton, St. Mary hall.

W. Hombersley, Christ Church.
Paul Bush, St. Mary hall.

G. W. Dasent, Magdalen hall.
C. S. Barron, St. Mary hall.
John Braithwaite, Queen's coll.

William Harrison, Queen's coll.

T. Walters, Magdalen hall. J. H. Gale, Wadham coll.

W. C. Denshire, Queen's coll. H. Dumbleton, Bra se: ose coll.

R. S. Hutchings, Christ Church.
Lord A. E. Hill, Balliol coll.

C. J. Phelips, Christ Church.
J. Coker, Fellow of New coll.


(The Cambridge Degrees, &c. next month.)




AUGUST, 1843.


IN SUPPOSED CONNEXION WITH RELIGION. By the late JOHN CHEYNE, M.D., F.R.S.E., M.R.I.A., Physician General to her Majesty's forces in Ireland. With a Portrait and Autobiographical Sketch of the Author. Dublin : Curry and Co. 1843.

The real difficulty of this subject, is its connexion with a secret beyond the reach of human investigation: a secret in the workmanship of God which has not been revealed; nor any approaches at present made toward the discovery of it. We mean the difference between soul and body, and the dependence of what we call mind, on either or on both. For practical purposes and for common parlance, we know indeed enough: there is a body and there is a soul, and these together constitute one man, while we are sure they are not one and the same thing. But the moment we attempt to examine these essences separately, to discern the separate capabilities and responsibilities of either, or where either begins or ends its independent power, we find that we do not know so much as the difference between them. We are accustomed to speak of the soul as our immaterial part; and to suppose that we know what we mean when we so speak. Generally, perhaps, we do know what we mean, because we intend by immaterial, that part of man which was not of the dust, and is not destined to return to the dust again. Having thus in our own minds a definition for the word, a conscientious alarm is often felt on the mere sugges

4 B

August 1843.

tion that the mind and character of a man may be affected by his corporeal organization, lest it tend to what is called materialism: the belief, that is, that the entire man is only organized and animated dust, and will be nothing more when the living principle expires. By revelation of God we know that this is false : body and soul are not the same thing—had not the same origin, and are for a season to be separated : the body is to return to the dust whence it was taken, and the soul to Him that gave it. While our distinction of material and immaterial means no more than this, it serves our purpose well enough. But if we think we understand what the words really signify, and define in using them a known difference of nature in the body and the soul, we only confuse ourselves the more. We have become experimentally acquainted with the common properties of matter, by being conversant with its essentials every day; and we know and perceive that those properties entire pertain to the mortal body, whether in life or death, and therefore call it our material part. But why do we say the soul is immaterial ? Simply because it has properties which we see not that matter has, as it comes under our observation in the inanimate world around us; and because the bible speaks of spirit as of something quite distinct in its nature and characters from the flesh and blood of even the living man. But whether it be or be not another form of matter, is nowhere told us : neither what it is, if it be not so; or any reason why it cannot be. If we turn to 1 Cor. xv., we perceive that the body itself is there declared to become spiritual. Does it cease to be material or does it not? This we do not know : but we are sure the risen body does not become the soul; they are as distinct as they were before : nevertheless the carnal body has perished ; and if, as we suppose, the spiritual body is material again, it is a form of matter of which we know not the properties, any better than we know the properties of the soul as it now dwells in flesh, and will hereafter abide in consciousness without the body. The term spiritual, as used in holy writ, seems rather opposed to carnal, than to material : and carnal is often applied to mind as well as body: the whole mundane nature of the fallen man.

Again, we distinguish the soul from the body, by speaking of it as our immortal part. This also is a just distinction in a very important sense; and the Scripture declares it to us absolutely.

The body that now is, must die : or we should rather say, is to die; the soul shall live for ever. Not for a moment can our real ignorance of the manner of their being, overcloud this fact : nor any supposed increase of our knowledge rid us of it. The Bible absolutely states that Abraham and the fathers were not dead, although their bodies

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