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theatrical community in the united kingdom, and he had determined upon addressing them by letter, through the medium either of the managers or their deputies ; and thug have put it in the power of the individuals to give, or to withhold the sanction of their names. In conformity with this plan, five advertising letters were despatched. His professional pursuits, and other avocations, prevented his accomplishing the whole scheme at one time. A few weeks escaped, and he. began to suspect he had been guilty of an impertinence. Six months have now elapsed, and three of his letters out of the five remain unanswered, unnoticed !

This painful experience prevented him from running the chance of being again wounded by silent hints of rebuke. To the other two gentlemen, (Mr. Robertson, the manager of the Sheffield company, and Mr. Fitzgerald, the acting manager at Norwich) Mr. M. considers himself highly indebted, not only for the promptitude of their replies, but for the friendly interest they expressed for his success through life. To Mr. Matthews, of Covent-Garden, he fools much obliged for the facility with which he furnished Mr. M. with the correctione and additions to the instances of longevity given in page 153.

To the subscribers in general, he once more offers his acknowledgmenls; should the ensuing sheets be found to possess any claim to public approbation, he is convinced they will congratulate themselves for the assistance they have furnished. Should the work be found unworthy of support, he will congratulate himself that the contributions were not extended,

UULL, March 1, 1814


Peter Acklom, Esq.
Mrs. Acklom
Mr. T. Agar, York
Doctor Alderson, Hull
Captain Arnold, Royal Engineers.
Mr. Armstrong

Aston, Manchester -- James Atkinson, York

Joseph Baker, Esq. Milford Lodge
Mr. James Barber, York

John Bell, Hull
Bellamy, Theatre Royal, Norwich
Bennett, Ditto,

John Benson, York

H.W. Betty
William Beverley, Esq.
Mr. James Bielby, York

James Birch, Hatfield
Miss Bisby, Doncaster
Mr. John Bolton, York
B. H. Bright, Esq. Manchester

Britton, Esq. F. S. A. Mr. Brook, jun. Doncaster - T. Brook, York

Bromley, Theatre Royal, Norwich
Thomas Brown, Ganstead

Mr. H. Cautley, 3 copies, York

Carter, Theatre, Sheffield
Captain Carpenter, Garrison, Hull
Major General Cheney, 3 copies.
Miss Cherry, Theatre Royal, Norwich
Mr. C. P. Clayton, York

Captain Clarke, Royal Marines
Mr. W. Clifford, Theatre-Royal, Norwich

J. Colbeck, jun. Doncaster
George Coulson, Esq. Hull
Mr. William Craggs, Ditto
J. Crosse, Esq. Ditto

Mr. Dickenson, Driffield
Dunn, Ditto

Mr. Elston, Theatre Royal, Norwich
Emery, 2 copies, Theatre-Royal Corent

Etridge, York

James Éveringham, B. C.
John Lewis Eyre, Esq. York

Mr. Firth, Theatres-Royal, York and Hull

Fitzgerald, Ditto, Norwich
Miss Fitzgerald, Ditto, Ditto
A Friend, 6 copies
Charles Frost, Esq. Hull
Mr. J. R. Fryer, York

Lieutenant Galloway, 10th Regiment
Mr. Gray, Driffield
Mrs. John Grimston, Neswick

Edward Haggerston, Esq.
Mr. Thomas Hall, Doncaster.

F. Hall, jun.
- W. Hall, Theatres-Royal, York and Hull
Major Hamilton, A. Q. M. G.
Mr.J.P. Harley, Theatres-Royal, York & Hull
H. W. Hentig, Esq.
Mr. Hammond, Theatre-Royal, Norwich

Ditto, Ditto J. C. Hindes, Esq. Theatre Royal, Norwich Henry Hodgson, Esq. Sherbourne Macklin Holland, Esq.


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Mr. Hope, Theatres-Royal, York and Hull
- H. Howlett, 3 copies, York

Mr. Kelly, Theatres-Royal, York and Hull
Edward Kerr, Esq. Hull
Miss King, Theatre-Royal, Norwich
Edward Knowsley, Esq. Hull

Captain George Lutton, 2 copies, York
Captain Machell
Colonel Maister
Lieutenant Colonel Maister
H. W. Maister, Esq.
Thomas Manly, Esq. Theatre, Sheffield
Mr. Matthews, Theatre-Royal Covent Garden

W. M. Maude
- M'Gibbon, 3 copies, London
Wallace Metcalf, Esq.
W. Middleton, Esq. Hull
Mr. Murphy

Miss Neville, Doncaster
Mr. Newmarch, Jun.
--C. J. Newstead, York
-.W. Nicholson, Merchant, Hull
Miss Nightingale, York
- R. Norris, Beverley

Mrs. R. Osborne, Hull

J. C. Parker, Esq. Hull
R. C. Pease, Esq. Ditto
J. R. Pease, Esq. Ditto
Mr. T. Percival, York
J. K. Picard, Esq. Hull
Mr. Pratt, Theatre-Royal, Norwich

Frederic Reynolds, Esq. London
Mrs. Reynolds

Mr. J. Rickard, Doncaster
James Robertson, Esq. Theatre, Sheffield
Thomas Robertson, Esq. Theatre, Lincoln
Mr. J. Robinson, York
Robinson, Driffield

Miss E. Severs, York
Captain Sharp, 4th East York Local Militia
Mr. Thomas Sheppard

P. Slack, Doncaster
John Smith, Esq. Hull
Barnard Smith, Esq. 2 copies, York
Mr. Suett; Doncaster

Sowby, Hull
. F. W. Storry, York

W. Storry, Ditto

Stringer, Attorney, Doncaster
Rev. R. Sykes
Mr. Sykes

Lieutenant Terry, 65th Regiment..
Mr. J. Thompson, York
- Todd, Market Place, Hull
T. Trotter, Esq. 2 copies, Worthing

Mr. H. Vining, Theatre Royal, Norwich

Mr. E. Wallis, York
Lady Walsh, Warfield, Berkshire
Mrs. Walton, 2 copies, Doncaster
Mr. Waterworth, Attorney-at-Law, Doncaster
William Wilkius, Esq. Norwich
Joseph Wilkinson, Esq. Cottingham
Mr. Wilkinson, Theatre-Royal, Norwich
J. S. Williamson, Esq.
Mr. Williams, Theatre-Royal, Norwich
Thomas Wilson, Esq. York
Mr. Thomas Wilson
R. Worksop, Esq. Doncaster
Mrs. Worksop, Ditto

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