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RetrofirElive view of affairs in the East, which led to the late alarming and dan.

şerous fruation of the British empre in India. State of the native powers, with
reflect to cach other, and to the East India Company. Greatness of the Maralta
emaire; and nature of its fiorver, resources, and government. Infant Ram-Ra.
josh deposed, and a government of miuifiers, called the Paijradlin, Juiftiiuted
in his place. Ragonaut Row being obliged to nbamion Poonah and his coun.
try, for the afaffination nf his nephew the joing Poishua, flies for refuge to Bom-
bay. Protection offorded to Ragonaut; lays the foundation of all the fubfequent
wars with the Maintas. Treaty of frien Ihip and alliance between the East
India Comjany and 113_cr Ally, concluded at Madras in the year 1769.
fufal to furnish Flyler with the fuccours ftipulated by treaty in his subsequent
ruinous war with the Maratias, cfiranges that prince from the Company, and oc-
cafions his embracing French connedironts. Treaty concluded at Bombay with
Ragonnut Row. }'ai entered into with the Maraitas for his restoration to power.
I land of Salfette, Baroach, and other places conquered. Treaty of Poonah, by
which Ragonaut is to be givena), and the new conquests are confirmeil to the Company.
New Jytenis of policy adopted. Rngonaut Row is still pirotefied, and various
intrigues entered into for a resolution in the Maratta government in his favour.
New deman's 10 be made ujion the court of Poonah, the reje&tion of which are to
be deemed violations of the late treaty. Strong military force, under Colonel Leslie,
fent across the continent from Bengal. Proceedings of that detachment; Leslie
dies, and is fucceeded by Colonel Gourard. Proposals for a trent; tuith Mooda.
jee Boosia, the Raja of Berar, for placing him at the head of the Maratta em-
pire. The court of Pooral refusing to comply with the new demanis, the British
rcfirlent is withilraun, and the Bombay ai nxy landed on the continent, in order to
accompany Rngonaut Row to that capital. The army being surrounded, and ail
means of retreat cut of, a izpitulation takes place. Moder are ter mis imposed by
the Varattas in the neary of Ir orgaum. Ragonaut Row is given up, and the
mr my conducted by a boly a llaratta horfe to the sea-confi, where it embarks for

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| C H A P.


Smation and conduct of Aloodajee Dopa, the Rajah of Berar. General God

tard partes the Nerbulda with the army, who are liberally junplied with 16-
milions and necklaries in the dominions of Berar, Negociation with the Rajak,
acho refuses to accede to the conditions held out by the Propolit treaty. Genoa
Goddard fers out on his march for Poonah ; receives contı odittory in lučica s
the car, tiom the committee appointed to superintend the Bombay army; is nii
by a minister fioin the court of Poonah, who defies his return with the army to
Bengal, in pursuance of the treaty of Il'orgaum : Gouard refuses to come, an!
direts his course to Surat. Prefidency of Bombay difacowu the treaty of Her
gaum, and thereby expose the hofiages to great apparent danger. New chemi
cicloped for a revolution in the Maraita Government. Supreme council cofra
the conduct of Bombay in disavowing the convention of IF'orgaum; but inzerce
Goldard to negociate a treaty upon other terms with the Marattas. Great he
parations at the same time made for war, ani a renewal of the regoiation with
Moodajre Boolla determined. Sirong complaints maxle by the court of Poorah, a
the faithless conduct of the Comfiezny. Ragoboh ejeapes from the custody of the
Miarattas, and flres for refuge 10 Goldaril's cam, which increases the discuities
of the negociation with the former. Various caules which led to the corfeite ac si
ibe great princes of India for the extermination of the English. Miattas
break off the negociation with Goddard, and conclude a peace and alliance

with lyder Ally. Treaty of alliance concluded by the supreme council with
the Ranna of God. Gen. Goddard concludes a treaty with Fatry Sing;

sakes Ahmedabad, the capital of the Guzerat, by storm, and reduces tin
cubole province. Sindia and Holkar arrive avith a Daratta army. Sincia
reflores the gentlemen cubo were given as boftages at l'orgaum. Propela's
by Sindia for an accommodation rejected. General Gedulard attacks and
defeats the Maralta arny. Capt. Campbell repulses Sindia, and prefere
bis convoy. Licut, Walsh furprizes and defeats a large body of Maraitas.
Another large body defeated by Major Forbes. Major Pophair's succeites es
the side of Bengal; drives the Varattas out of the country of Good; and
furprises the fortress of Gualier, which had always been deemed imparznatl.
State of affairs in the Carnatii. Treaty with-Bazali Jung for the Gate
soor Criar, with other transactions, achich led to grrar jealoujy, disukk, asd
ül-will, on the fide of rbe Nizam of the Diccan, and of Ilyder Ally [24


State of affairs on the coult of Coromande. Mahie taken. Nabob of Arcet.

Strong Indacations of Hyder Ally's inulifpofition to the government of Ma-
dras, and of bis deligns upon the Carnatic. Neglel of preparation. Dif
fentions in council. Hycier invades the Carnatic with a great arury.

Country rarazed; Conjeveram burnt. Arcot beforged. Gen, Sir Hellor
· Ponto marches with the army from the Mount, in order to form a junior

with Colonel baillie, and to relieve Arcot. Hyder raises the ficge, and
piaces his arm in a pojition to prevent the junction. Baillie defeats

Sir Eyre Coole's design of relieving the befieged fortrettes, confirmed by the

opinion of the council of war and the approbation of the feliat committee.
Hyder raises the firge of IVandewash, and retires with precipitation, on the
approach of the British army. The other beleaguered placés relieved and
supplied. Dangers arising from the perfidy of ihe French at Pondicherry
obviated, by obe general's difarming the inhabitants, destroying their boats,
and removing their magazines from Carangolly. Hyder's shipping destroyed
in his own pores by Sir Edward Hughes. Sir Eyre Coote marches to Porto
Novo, to frustrate the enemy's design on Tritchinapoli. Hyder's immense
force. Numberless difficulties which the English general bad to surmount.
Grand battle on the ijt of July. Hyder's vaft hoft, after a very long and
obslinate engagement, defeated. Hyder retreats towards Arcor, and Tippoo
Saib raises the fiege of Wandewas. English general marches to the north-
ward, and forms a juntlion qvirb the forces from Bengal. Takes Trepasore,
defeats Hyder, in a bard and difficult conflitt, on the 2776 of August. De-
frat's him a third time on the 27th of September. Succeeding actions, in
Subich the English army is confiantly victorious. Sir Eduard Hughes and

Gen. Sir Heclor Monro behege Negapatam by sea and land. Place surren-

dered upon conditions. The admiral proceeds 10 she isand of Crylon, and

takes the Dutch forts and settlement of Trincomale

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Retrospettive view of affairs in Europe to the close of the year $78s.

Second attempt of France upon the island of Jersey. Baron de Rullecourt
lands his troops in the nigbit, and surprises St. Helier be capital. Com-
pets the licutenant governor to fign a capitulation. Summons Elizabeth

Castle. Is gallantly attacked in the town by Major Piersom. Freab
commander falls, and his remaining troops surrender prisoners of war.
Major Pierson unfortunately sain in the instant of victory. Necejfiries of
the inhabitants and garrison of Gibraltar. Extraordinary prices of
provisions and ncceflaries. Admiral Darby sails with the grand ficet
and a large convoy to its relief. Spanish fleet retires into Cadiz at the
· approach. Dreadful cannonade and bombardment of the

town and garrison from the Spanish camp. Town destroyed, and many
of the inhabitants perish. Convoy from St. Eustatius taken by M. de la
Morte Piquet. Secret expedition, under Commodore Johnsioné and Grz.
Meadozves. Fleet attacked in Port Praya Bay by M. de Suffrein French
repulsed. M. de Suffrein's timely arrival at the Cape of Good Hotel,
frufirates the design upon that place. Dutch Ships taken by Mr. Jebse

Pone in Saldanha Bay. General Elliot's grand sally from Gibraltar, be

which be diftroys the cre:ny's batteries and works. Invasion of the island

of Minorca. Combined fleets, return from that service, to cruize at ibe

mouth of the Channel. Proposal for attacking Admiral Darby at Torbay,

overruled in a council of war. Encny, frustrated in all their viesos,

retire to their respective ports. State of the war with Holland, in

Europe. Admiral Hyde Parker sails with a small squadron for the pro-

teftion of the Baltic trade. Upon his return, falls in with Adsiral

Zoutman, with a great Dutch convoy, and a superior force. Desperate

engagement on the Dogger-Bank. Dutch Fleet and convoy retarz is

great disorder to their own coasts. Hollandia of 68 guns funk. Cesse-

quences of the aftion. Royal visit to Admiral Parker at the Nore. As

miral Kempenfeldt fails to intercept a great convoy fitted out at Bref,

with troops, fores, and supplies for the French fleets and armies in ihe

East and West Indies. Falls in with and takes several of the convoy ;

but discovers the enemy to be so greatly superior in force, that be ceald

7201 prosecute the design farther

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CHA P. VII. Motion of Mr. Fox, for a committee of the whole House, to enquire into

the causes of the want of succefs of his Majesty's naval forces during the war, and more particularly in the year 1781. Debate on the ordnance estimates. * Motions by Mr. Barre and Mr. Burke. Mction for the recommitment of the report negatived. Motion and debate in the House of Lords relative to the execution of Colonel Haynes. Committee on naval affairs. Resolution of censure rejected by a small majority. Motion and debate of the House of Lords on the intended advancement of Lord George Sackville Germaine to the peerage. Motion on the same subject, after his creation. An address to the King, to put an end to the American war, moved by General Conway, and rejected by a majority of one. Committee of the lords on the loss of the arniy at York-town. Resolution against the American war carried in the House of Commons. Address to the King. The King's answer, and address of thanks. Second resolution against the American war. Resolutions of censure on his Majesty's ministers moved by Lord John Cavendish, and rejected by a majority of ten. Motion by Sir John Rous, for withdrawing the confidence of parliament from his Majesty's ministers, loft by a majority of nine. Intimation, by Lord North, to the House, of his Majesty's intentions to change his ministers

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to chaation, by from his rohn Roggendini, fcenfure Second reke to the


Address of my of Ireland, rom the

ad vote of

CHA P. VIII. New administration formed under the Marquis of Rockingham. Pula

lic measures ftipulated for. Recess of parliament during the Easier holidays. Debate on the affairs of Ireland. Afellage from the King, and address. Address from the parliament of Ireland. Repeal of the act of the 6th of Geo. 1. Address of thanks from the Irish House of Commons, and vote of seamen. Reward voted for Mr. Grattan. Farther proceedings in the EngliMh parliament. Revenueofficers and contractors bills pass both Houses. Bill of reform in the civil lift expenditure, Bill for regulating the office of paya master-general of the forces. Motion for rescinding the ypfolution relative to the Middlefex eleétion carried. Morion by Alr. Wila liam Pit, for a committee to enquire into the fate of the reprefentation in parliament, rejected, upon a division. Resolutions relpeeling Exchequer, and other offices. Death of the Marquis of Rockingham. Changes in the ministry. Debate on the subject in both Houses. Short fiate of the proceedings on the Reports of the India committee. King's Speech

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