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forte, officers included, was some. They afterwards spent about thing under 7000 men ; but in the three months in the Diamond que style of eastern armies, they country of Bundelchund, where Here incumbered with such a mul- they entered deeply into some dif. u:ude of futlers, servants, and va putes relative to the fucceffion, rious retainers, that the camp at which then prevailed in the family the outset contained above 38,000 of the late Rajah. The nature persons.

and islue of these transactions are . This body began to move in the not, and probably never will be neighbourhood of Corah and Al. well understood. During this time lahabad in the beginning of April, they surprised and lacked, without and arrived at the sumna, which any apparent warrantable cause, forms the Maratta boundary on the city of Mow, which was unthat fide, about the middle of der the protection of the MaratMav, 1778. They passed the river tas. The resistance was however in boats, under the fire of their so considerable, though the fortiartillery, notwithstanding the op- fications were out of all condition, position of the Maratta states in and the attack made in the night, that quarter ; and after a skirmish that public thanks were issued to with the enemy's horse on the the troops for their good conduct other fide, which they obliged and bravery. Upon Leslie's death, without much loss to disperse or in the beginning of October, the retire, found the town and fort of command devolved upon Colonel Calpy totally abandoned, neither Goddard ; and whatever the nature garrison nor a single inhabitant of the service had been, there were emaining.

no less than a thousand fepoys at They continued at Caipy to the that time in the hospitali beginning of June, and on the We find by a letter from the ra. first day's march from thence are jah of Berar to the governor-gene. faid to have lost between three and ral, that they were in a state of four hundred men of all forts, continual hostility with the Mawho died raving mad, under the ratia chiefs and the officers of the pressure of the excessive heat and Paishwa, through the whole course the want of water. One of the of their progress; and that they beft officers in the army lost his levied great sums of money in the life on that day; and several others countries through which they pair only recovered after experiencing ed. That prince accuses them in long illaers and great danger. If the same letter, of having loitered the Marattas could have foreleen away their time in the Bundelthe unaccountable conduct that chund countries, contrary to every brought on this misfortune, the principle of policy. It appears whole army muft have perished; from other authorities, that they but, to their great surprise ani in- were attended by an agent of Raboite joy, they found the wells gonaut Row's, and that they leoped, and the water plentiful and vied contributions in the name of pure, at the place where they his matter. This cannot but apa halted on the evening of this dread. pear a little extraordinary, as every ful day.

idea of intending to support Ra.

gonaut's gonaut's pretensions in any man- undoubtedly was the main, if not ner, was repeatedly and formally the only motive for the Bombay disclaimed in Calcutta ; and so far expedition. This was no less than from avowing any hostile inten- a scheme for entering into a treaty tions with respect to the detach- offensive and defensive, and in all ment, its object was held out to respects of the most comprehenfive be merely the protection of Bom- nature, with Moodajee Boosla, the bay against the designs of the Rajah of Berar; to engage that French; and to which place it prince to enforce his claims to the was declared they would take the throne of the Ram-Rajah, which direct course, pay for every thing was now said to be entirely vacant they wanted, and observe the by the death of the confined prince ftrictest order and discipline in without issue; to apply the whole their march through the Maratta force of the Company to his esta. countries.

blishment in the Maratta empire ; The detachment was sent out and farther, to support him in under the orders of the presidency his claims upon the Nizam of the of Bombay, which they were in- Deccan. structed to obey in all cases rela. This bold and comprehensive tive to their march, proceedings, scheme was, however, warmly and final destination. But the contested on various grounds, by counsels there were so various and the minority in the supreme counfluctuating, and the instructions so cil. Of these were the following: contradictory, that the command. Its being directly contrary to ers derived from that state of un- the instructions sent from Engcertainty, a latitude of acting as land for fully confirming the circumstances might invite or opi. treaty of Poonah, and for invio. pion dictate. On one day their lably adhering to its conditions ; as march was countermanded, and militating against the repeated inthe solid reasons asligned of its structions of the Company, to avoid difficulty, the inevitable dangers being drawn by any means into to which they would be exposed, the family squabbles or political and the prodigious expence with contentions of the native powers; which its prosecution must be at- the immense waste of treasure tended. In a few days, again with which the project must necefthey were directed to proceed, sarily be attended; and the critiwithout any cause being assigned cal nature of the season when this for this change of sentiment and waste, to which no present estimate instruction. The lame uncertain- could affign any other limits than ty prevailed with respect to their the total exhausture of the recourse; Poonah, Bombay, and sources, would take place; a leaSurat, being at different times fon that was everywhere pregnant held out as the objects of their with danger ; under the immediate destination.

prefirre of a French war; and the In the mean time the governor- affairs of Europe bearing such a general brought forward that grand general aspect, as fully indicated Tystem of policy which had hi- the propriety, if not necessity, of therto been reserved, and which preserving the British force and


resources in India whole, unim, which have so long sublifted paired, and in condition to en- between these two rival states : counter any unforeseen dangers a measure dictated to themselves that might arise, or to profit of any by its necessity. That the inevit. favourable circumstances which able consequence would be, a might possibly occur. But they striết league and confederacy beobserved, that independent of these tween thoie three formidable greater objects, the mere situation powers, for punishing the pride, of the Company's private affairs at and pulling down the dangerous home, would at this time prescribe power of the Company. That if the strictest æconomy; their char- this great and formidable confe. ter was now nearly expired, and it deracy should by any fortune could not be doubted, as affairs prove totally unequal to its obfood in England, but that a large ject, even in that case,' highly sum of money would be required improbable as it was, the success for its renewal.

of the Company's arms would only They further stated, that a pro- serve to precipitate affairs into a ject which, from its nature, was evi. ftill more ruinous and dangerous dently capable of convulfing the state. That a remote and doubt. whole continent of India to its ut. ful danger would be readily most extremity, could not, in any hazarded, to escape that which ftate of thiogs, or from whatever was certain and immediate, And, quarter it originated, but be exceed- that however contrary to their ingly prejudicial in its progress, and present policy and disposition, jeahighly dangerous in the issue, to lous as they already are, and with the interests of the Company. They reason, of that power and of all strongly urged the breach of faith other Europeans, and however and injustice, as well as the dislike contrary to their interests in any and evil repute which they must other state of things, they would, necessarily create, of our entering notwithstanding, of neceffity, call into so unwarrantable a scheme of in France upon such terms of adhoitility against our ancient friend vantage as the chofe at present to and ally the Nizam of the Deccan. require, to their assistance; and all They represented, that besides the states of India, whether Hindoo being otherwise powerful, he was or Mahomedan, would join with by far the richest prince in India; her in exterminating a nation, that by this measure, he must, in whose boundless ambition and exan instant, be converted from a travagant schemes of domination friend to a most bitter and im- and conquest,went to the overthrow placable enemy. That he abo- and destruction of all others. minated Ragonaut Row, had been These arguments and opinions long at variance with the Berar were opposed and overruled, upon Rajah, was strongly attached to the idea of the infinite present and the Poonah government, and future benefits which would acunited in the Itrictest friendship crue to the Company from the with Hyder Ally. That his firit placing Moodajee Boolla at the head measure undoubtedly would be, of the Maratía empire; as well as lo cure the inveterate animosities the facility with which that business Vol. XXV.



might be accomplished. Instead in pursuance of this project, of furthering, it would afford the which was carried by the casting Ture means of totally defeating the voice, against the strenuous oppoviews of France. That restless sition of two members

S July 18th, and ambitious nation was nego- of the supreme coun- • ciating, and had probably already cil, Mr. Elliot was concluded å treaty with the Ma. appointed on an embassy to Naigrattas. The present government poor, the seat of the Berar Rajah, of Poonah was entirely in their and furnished with the necessary interests; and it was reported that powers and instructions, to negothe port of Choul, and perhaps ciate and conclude the treaty with other settlements of great advan- that prince; and in consequence tage, would be granted to them, of which, Ragonaut Row was to be This was the time to counteract entirely laid aside. At the same the views, and to prevent the ef- time orders were sent to Leslie, 'fects of an alliance, which from its that, instead of pursuing the direet nature must prove so fatal, if firmly way through the great province of established. *The Marattes were Malva, which seemed at first to ‘now divided at home; 'the mini. have been intended, he should bend Iters holding their power only at his courie towards the dominions the will of a faction; the depen- of Berar, with a view of supportdent states disfatisfied with iheir ing the negociation, and of carrying government, and consequently ca- into execution the purpoles of the ger for any change or revolution; treaty.

while their armies were engaged While these measures were in · and overborne in the unequal con- agitation and pursuit at Calcutta,

teft with Hyder Ally. On the other tne Marattas having refused to hand, the Berar Rajah was great comply with the conditions which in power, and his force fresh and were proposed from Bombay, that unimpaired; and as to Hyder Ally, presidency declared the treaty of no doubt could be entertained Poonal violated, and to be no but that, instead of joining against longer binding on the Company; us, he would to his utmost assist in and at the same time passed refoluplacing Moodajee Boolla on the tions to accept the offers of those throne of the Ram-Rajah. As to chiefs who were in the interest of recalling the troops, it would now Ragonaut Row, and accordingly to be scandalous; would degrade the accompany the latter with an army Company, and render its councils to Poonah in the beginning of the and military force contemptible in following month of September. the eyes of all India. And, with re. At the same time, they directed fpect to the Nizam of the Deccan, Colonel Leslie to proceed in a diit was infifted, that his views and rect course with the detachment to condua had for some time borne Poonah, instead of the route thro' an aspect unfavourable to the inte- the Guzerat to Baroach or Surat, rests of the Company, and which in which seemed to have been prede. dicated much more a dispofition to termined. hoftility, whenever a fair opportu. These advices were received at nity offered, than to friendship, Calcutta about the middle of Au


got; and it seems a most fingu- detachment, was upon that account bet circumstance that those de- revoked, and General Goddard terminations at Bombay, which ordered to make his way to the went so directly to operate against Nerbudda, which forms the northe conditions and tendency of the thern boundary of the Berar Ranew treaty proposed with Mooda- jah's dominions. jee Boosla, were so far from be. In the mean time, Bombay ing countermanded, that they met seemed rushing with rather too with full approbation. In the much impetuosity into the Ma. mean time, Colonel Leslie shewed ratta war; and was so confident no great disposition to attend to in its success, that instead of proany orders which urged his de- posing to wait for, or regretting parture from the Bundelchund the delay of Goddard's detachcountry. His unaccountable de- ment, they appeared apprehensive lay in that country, as well as the that any other should partake in uowarranted hostilities which he the glory and advantage of the was charged with committing, had revolution. Neither did they seem several times been brought up provided with all the information as obje&ts of censure by the mi- which could either warrant an-unbority in the supreme council. dertaking of such danger and magna od His death, which we nitude, or afford the guidance new e have already noticed, cessary to its direction when unput an end to all attempts at farther dertaken. They were not only enquiry, and prevented his dismis- milled with respect to the number fon from the command of the and power of Ragonaut Row's adarmy, which had been at length herents; they were equally misindetermined.

formed with respect to the state The death of Mr. Elliot, on his and situation of the Maratta ar. way to the court of Berar Rajah, mies; which it seems they underwhich happened something sooner, stood to be totally engaged at a threw an unexpected delay and great distance on the Kristna, in embarassment in the way of that the losing wars with Hyder Ally. negociation. The business, 'in It was likewise reported, and consequence of that check, lay seems to have been credited, that dormant for some time, and seem- the Bombay army would be joined ed apparently to have been given on the borders by 20,000 horse, up. It was, however, again re- under Ragonaut's partizans. Thus vived; when it was determined the expedition to Poonah was ra. that Colonel (Gnce General) God- ther considered as a sort of holi. dard, who succeeded Leslie in the day adventure, than a matter of command of the detachment, should difficulty and danger. be furnished with the same powers Though expedition seems to which had been communicated to constitute the soul of such an enMr. Elliot, and should according. terprize, the movements of the by proceed in conducting the ne. Bombay army 'were unaccountably sociation. The authority given flow. In a few days after the ar. 10 Bombay to direct the course my passed over to the continent, and point out the objects of the Captain Stuart was detached with

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