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Here shall his Features, and his Mien express
A Baronet, and there his Groom confess:
Here a

Colonel's warlike Look, or there
A sneaking Citizen's submissive Air.
Then shall the hoarded Sums, and glittering Heap,
Which thou hast labour'd anxiously to keep;
Then sh.all the Acres of thy rented Ground,
The Flocks and Herds with which thy Fields abound,
All which to thee by long Descent have run,
Be spent in Riot by, a spurious Son.

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NOR does a private Family alone
Beneath the Mischief of this Poison groan;
In Palaces the growing Evil spreads,
And impudently climbs Imperial Beds:
When Kings, enfeebled by luxurious Ease,
Or latent Seeds of some uncur’d Disease,
By the warm Sides of youthful Consorts freeze ;
No longer now at the foft Anvil sweat,
Too impotent to govern or beget.
Hence Infants sometimes may a Kingdom guide,
Tho Royal only by the Mother's side:
Hence the deluded Sire's oblig'd to wn
The doubted Offspring of a Blood unknown,
And willingly adopts the Bastard to his Throne.

NOR is our Sex less faulty than the Fair ;
Alike we fall within the Golden Snare :
For if a Matron's Fortune can supply
The want of each indearing Quality;

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Tho fitter for a Tomb than Bridal Bed,
Tho Time fits hoary on her shaking Head ;
Tho from her Eyes the brackish Humour breaks,
And crickles down the Furrows of her Cheeks ;
Tho here and there a straggling Tooth is set,
A thin Plantation, and deform'd with Jett;
Tho husky Coughs make an ungrateful Din,
And Phthyficks rattle from her Lungs within :
Yet if this complicated Il] desire
With Hymen’s Torch to light her dying Fire ;
If for connubial Joys enrag'd she thirst,
To fate her greedy and impetuous Luft;
Some younger Brother will perhaps incline

pay his Homage at her Golden Shrine :
Who with diffembled Love will fondly run
To kiss the wither'd wealthy Skeleton ;
Will fold the Beldam in his Arms to rest,
And with dissembled Joy pant on her Leathern Breaf,
But ah! this Husband of a large Estate
Soon Aags, and turns by quick Degrees to hate;
Quits the dull Carcase of the nauseous Dame,
Slights her dry Embers for a brisker Flame,
And seeks with eager Heat a nobler Game :
Some tender yielding Maid he longs to prove,
Oi rome co-eval Wife's unlawful Love;
While, single, his neglected Confort lies,
And wastes the joyiels Night in empty Sighs.
Hence Tears, preluding to destructive Jars,
And ad Complaints to unalinting Stars!
Hence deep Resentiments rack her jealous Head,
For her wrong a Honour, und derestiu Bed!


Hence Study of Revenge her Love repels,
And all the Woman rises and rebels !
In wicked Arts ard deadly Drugs she deals,
And with diffembled Duty Rage conceals:
While careless he, and indolent of Thought,
Drinks fure Destruction in some faral Draught.

DID not the Tenets of Religion bind
To sacred Counsels my obedient Mind,
Love should be Liking ; nor the nuptial League
Be ty'd by Compact, or design’d Intrigue
Of selfish Parents, who in Wedlock join
Their Sons, to raise their Weal:h, and not their Line
For should wise Nature, for the Cyprian Joys,
Direct a Couple in their mutual Choice,
They would by Reason, not by. Custom led,
Ne'er tie a living Body to a Dead.
Be banilh'd then, unfit for amorous Sport,
The fribling Dotard from the Papbian Court:
Let Youth their Strength on Youth alone employ,
And burn with equal Love and healthy Joy,
To propagate Mankind, and people Earth
With a sound Offspring, and a generous Birche

NOR, while I dictate these important Truths,
Grateful to Maidens and unmarried Youths,
Would I to an Extreme as bad incline,
And beardless Boys with unfledg'd Virgins join,
New to a Blush, and fond without Design.
For prudent Nature, who has then began
To knit the Joints, and to confirm the Man,

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Has not as yet her genial Power distilld,
Nor with prolific Juice the Vessels filld.
If then a Damsel, who designs to wed,
Would reap the Pleasures of the Nuptial Bed ;
Let her (for Themis these strict Rules ordains,
To curb too forward Nymphs, and eager Swains)
Expect with Patience, till the rolling Sun
Has twice six times his Annual Journey run ;
Till her maturing Years begin to bloom,
And promise early Offspring to the Womb.
For when the fwelling Mass is firmly knit,
And the ripe Virgin glows with perfect Heat ;
Then rofy Streams from secret Springs abound,
Which kindly bathe the fruitful Womb around;
By Nature's prudent Care provided well,
To feed the neeping Infant in his Cell :
Tlien her soft Breasts the Lover's Heart inspire
With tempting Heavings, and provoke Desire.
So should the Youth attend, till Time begin
With mofly Down to clothe and fledge the Chin;
Till the firm Channels fwell with vigorous Blood,
And roll, impetuous, a prolific Flood.
Then, if kind Funo his Endeavours bless,
He safely may the wedded Fair caress,
And venture on Love's foft and close Recess.
If Youths and Virgins would these Rules obey,
And wisely follow where I chalk the Way,
What beauteous Blossoms would their Labours bring?
What Fruits would in the Bridal Chamber spring ?



Would they with equal Constitutions join,
Man would be all Harmonious, all Divine,
And Angels heav'nly Looks would in God's Image fhine.),

MEAN time, while lab'ring in this pleasing Art,
The sacred Laws of Nature I impart ;
While to the married Pair the willing Muse
Gives found Instructions of important Use:
Lo! A young Hero of Imperial Race,
With early Manhood and superior Grace,

sóc da se
Mounts the Paternal Throne of France, and brings
New Glory to the Blood from whence he springs,
The worthy Succeffor of Antient Kings.
LEWIS! Heav'ns darling Offspring, from above
Sent to Command with Equity and Love ;
By wholesom Laws the factious World to bind,
And be a present Succour to Mankind.
What Royal Mien! What mingled 'Graces rife
In every part, and lighten from his Eyes!
What Majesty of Soul, afpiring to the Skies !
A thousand Goddesses admire his Charms,
His Princely Air a thousand Nymphs alarms,
A thousand Sighs they send, to languish in his Arms.
Him the bright Nymph of Auftria's Blood adores,
Who burns where Tagus gilds Iberian Shores:
The gentle Winds tell every secret Groan,
And waft her Wishes to the Gallic Throne.
If, Mighty: Prince, Thou to the Match incline,
Spain, and her Indian Treasures shall be thine.
For Thee the tender Lusitanian Dame
Consumes, and riyals the Hefperian Flame.


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