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Ev'n his own Sunderland, in Beauty's Store
So Rich, she seem'd incapable of more,
Now shines with Graecs never known before;
Fierce with transporting Joy The seems to burn,
And each soft Feature takes a sprightly Turn;
New Flames are seen to sparkle in her Eyes,
And on her blooming Cheeks fresh Roses rife;
The pleasing Passion heightens each bright Huc,
and fecos to touch the finish'd Piece anew,
Insproves what Nature's bounteous Hand had gir'n;
And mends the faireft Workmanfhip of Hear'a.

Nor Joy like this in Courts is only found;
But spreads to all the grateful People round;
Laborious Hinds inur'd to Rural Toil,
To tend the Flocks and turn the mellow Soil,
In homely Guise their honest Hearts express,
And bless the Warrior who protects their Peace,
Who keeps the Foe aloof, and drives afar
The dreadful Ravage of the wasting War..
No rude Destroyer cuts the rip'ning Crop
Prevents the Harvest, and deludes their Hope;
No helpless Wretches fly with wild Amaze,
Look weeping back and see their Dwellings blaze;
The Victor's Chain no mournful Captives know,
Nor hear the Threats of the insulting Foc.
But Freedom laughs, the fruitful Fields abound,
The chcarful Voice of Mirth is heard to sound,
And Plenty doles her various Bounties round. ;
The humble Village, and the wealthy Town,
Consenting join their Happiness to own,
What Hear'o and ANNAs gentieft Reign affords.
Ally is secur'd by MARLBRA's conqu’ring Sword.



O Sacred, ever Honour'd Name! O thou!
That wert our Greatest William once below! :
What Place foe'er thy Virtues now possess
Near the bright Source of everlasting Bliss,
Where-e'er cxalted to Etherial Height;
Radiant with Stars, thou tread't the Fields of Light,
Thy Seats Divine, thy Heay'n a while forsake,
And deign thy Britain's Triumphs to partake.
Nor art thou chang'd, but Itill thou shalt delight
To hear the Fortune of the glorious Fight,
How faild Oppreffion, and prevaild the Right
What once below, such fill thy Pleasures arc,
Europe and Liberty are still thy Care,
Thy Great, thy Gen'rous, Pure, Immortal Mind,
Is ever to the Publick Good enclin'd,
is fill the Tyrant's Foe, and Patron of Mankind.
Behold, where MARLBOROUGH, thy last best Gift,
At Parting, to thy Native Belgia left,
Succeeds to all thy kind Paternal Cares,
Thy watchful Counsels, and laborious Wars;
Like thee, extends his great afsifting Hand,
And in thy Stead protects the Orphan Land,
Like thee, aspires by Virtue to Renown,
Fights to fecure an Empire not his own,
Reaps Only Toil himself, and gives away a Crown.
At length thy Pray'r, o Pious Prince! is heard,
Heav’n has, at length, in its own Cause appear'd,
At length Ramillia's Field atones for all
The faithless Breaches of the perjur'd Gaul;
At length a better Age to Man decreed,
With Truth, with Peace, and Justice Nall succeed;
Fall'n are the Proud, and the gricy'd World is freed.



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One Triumph yet, my Muse, remains behind,
Another Vengeance yet the Gaul Shall and;
On Lombard Plains, beyond his Alpine Hills,
Louis the Force of Hoftile Britain feels;
Swift to her Friends distressd her Succours fly,
And diftant Wars her Wealthy Sons fupply:
From now unactive Courts, they grieve to bcar
Eugene, a Name to ev'ry Briton dear,
By tedious languishing Delays is held
Repining, and Impatient, from the Field :
While factious. Ştatesmen riot in Excess,
And lazy Priests whole Provinces possess,
Of unregarded Wants the Brave complain,
And the staryd Soldier fues for Bread in vain;
At ance with generous Indignation warm,
Britain the Treasure fends, and bids the Hero Armi
Strait eager to the Field, he speeds away,
There vows the Victor Gaul shall dear repay
The Spoils of Calcinato's fatal Day:
Cheard by the Presence of the Chief they love,
Once more their Fate the Warriors long to preve;
Reviv'd-each Soldier lifts his drooping Head,
Forget's his Wounds, and calls him on to Lead;
Again their Crests the German Eagles rear,
Stretch their broad Wings, and Fan the Latian Air;
Greedy for Battel and the Prey they call,
And point great Eugene's Thunder on the Gaul.
The Chief Commands, and foon in dread Array
Onwards the moving Legions urge their way;
With hardy Marches and successfut Haste,
O'er ev'ry Barrier Fortunate they pass'd,
Which Nature or the skilful Foe had placid.



The Foc in vain with Gallick Arts attends,
To mark which


wary Leader bends;
Vainly in War's myfterious Rules is wife,
Lurks where tall Woods and thickest Coverts rife,
And meanly hopes a Conquest from Surprize.
Now with swift Horse the Plain around 'em beats,
And oft Advances, and as oft Retreats;
Now fix'd to wait the coming Force, he seems
Secur'd by freepy Banks and rapid Streams;
While River-Gods in vain Exhaust their Store,
From plenteous Urns the gushing Torrents pour,
Rise o'er their utmost Margins to the Plain,
And strive to stay the Warrior's Hafte in vain;
Alike they pass the Plain and closer Wood,
Explore the Ford and tempt the swelling Flood,
Unfhaken still pursue their steadfast Course,
And where they want their way, they find it or they force.

But anxious Thoughts Savoy's Great Prince infeft,
And roll ill-boding in his Careful Breast;
Oft he revolves the Ruins of the Great,
And sadly thinks on loft Bavaria's Fate,
The hapless Mark of Fortune's cruel Sport,
An Exile meanly forc'd to beg Support
From the flow Bounties of a Foreign Court.
Forc'd from his loy'd Turir, his last Retreat,
His Glory once and Empire's ancient Seat,
He sees from far where wide Destructions spread.
And fiery Show'rs the goodly Town Invade,
Then turns to mourn in vain his ruin'd State,
And curse the unrelenting Tyrant's Hate.

But great Eugene prevents his ev'ry Fear,
He had resolv'd it, and he would be there;




Not Danger, Toil, the tedious weary Way,
Nor all thc Gallick Pow'rs his promis'd Aid delay: -
Like Truth it self unknowing how to fail,
He scorn'd to doubt, and knew he must prevail.
Thus ever certain docs the Sun appear.
Bound by the Law of foue's Eternal Year;
Thus constant to his Course sets out at Morn,
Round the wide World in twice Twelve Hours is born,
And to a Moment kçeps his fix'd Return.

Strait to the Town the Heroes turn their care,
Their Friendly Succour for the Brave prepare,
And on the Foc united bend thc War.
O'er the steep Trench and Ramparts guarded Height,
At once they rush and drive the Rapid Fight;
With idle Arms the Gallick -Legions seem
To stem the Rage of the resistless Stream,
At once it bears 'em down, at once they yield,
Headlong are pulh'd and swept along the Field;
Resistance ceases, and 'tis War' no more,
At once the Vanquish'd own the Victers Pow'r;
Throughout the Field, where-e'er they turn their Sigly,
Tis all or Conquest or Inglorious Flight;
Swift to their rescu'd Friends their Joys they bear,
With Life and Liberty at once they Chear,
And save 'em in the Moment of Despair.

So timely to the Aid of sinking Rome,
With active Hafte did Great Camillus come:
So to the Capitol he forc'd his Way,
So from the proud Barbarians snatch'd the Prey,
And fav'd his Country in one Signal Day.

From impious Arms at length, Louis, cease!
And leave at length the lab'ring World in Peace,


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