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What can her fond Ambition ask beyond
A Soul by Wisdom's noblest Precepts crown'd?
Toʻthis, fair Speech, and happy Ucrerance join'd,
To unlock the secret Treasures of the Mind,
And make the Blessing common to Mankind. .
On these tet Health and Reputation wait,
The Favour of the Virtuous and the Great.. ,
A Table chearfully and cleanly spread,
Stranger alike to Riot and to Need:
Such an Estate as no Extremes may know,
A free and just disdain for all Things else beloy.
Amidst uncertain Hopes, and anxious Cares,
Tumulous Strife, and miserable Fears
Prepare for all Events thy constant Breaft,
And let each Day be to thee as thy last.
That Morning's Dawn will with new Pleasure rise,
Whore Light shall unexpected bless thy Eyes.
Me, when to Town in Winter you repair,
Bate’ning in Ease you'll find fleek, fresli, and fair,
Me, who have learn’d from EPICURUS Lore,
To snatch the Blessings of the Aying Hour,
Whom every Friday, at the Vine you'll find
His true disciple, and your

faithful Friend.

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UM Rofa purpureo fuffunditur ora rubore.

Spina gravis nitidi Aoris amore calat. Protinus armorum ponit pacatior iras,

Et jam blanda suæ porrigit ora Rosx. Ut videt alternis ambas concurrere votis,

Quæ regit hortorum maxima FLORA, vices Fælices jubet hinc coeant in fædera, utrisquc

Unus, & ex Uno stemmare furgat honos. Tu decus æternum, dixit, inea, da, Rofa, Spina,

Et tu perpetuam protege, Spina, Rolam.

English'd by the AUTHOR.


Hile rich in brightest Red, the blushing Rofc

Her freshest op’ning Beauties did difclose;
Her, the rough Thistle, from a neighb'ring Field,
With fond defires and Lover's Eyes beheld :
Strait the fierce Plant lays by his pointed Darts,
And woes the gentle Flow'r with foftes Arcs.
Kindly she heard, and did his Blame approve,
And ownd the Warrior worthy of her Love.
FLOR A, whose happy Laws the Seasons guide,
Who does in Fields and painted Meads prefide,
And crowns the Gardens with their

How'rý Pride,
With Pleasure saw the wishing Pair combine,
To favour what their Goddess ‘điď defign,
And bid 'em in eternal UNION join.
Henceforth, the faid, in each returning Year,
One Stem the Thistle and the Rose shall bear :
The Thistle's lasting Grace, Thou, O my Rose! thalt be
The waflike Thistle's Arms; a fure Defence to Thee.


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Hile SAPPHO with harmonious Airs

Her dear PHILENIS charms, With equal Joy the Nympb appeaçs ,

Diffolving in his Arms.


Thus to themselves alone they are

- What all Mankind can give; Alternately the happy Pa'ir All grant; and All receive.

:!soy Like the: Twin-Stars, fo fam'd for Friends it sal Who set: by Turns, and rise ;

WE When one to THETIS Lap descends; ; . His Brother mounts the Skies.


With happier Fatc, and kinder Caredu

These Nymphs by Turns do reign, ast;20409A While still the falling, does prepare .?8511 1'11/ The rising, to fustaina

is 11" TUT The Joys of either Sex in Love, . In each of them we read,

2go Successive éach, to each docs prove,

Fierce Youth and yielding Maida

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EPIGRAM To the Two New Members for BRAMBER 1708.

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HO' in the Commons House you did prevail,

Good Sir CLEEVE MOORE, and gentle Master HALE; Yet on good Luck be cautious of relying, 's Burgess for Bramber is no place to die in. Your Predeceffors have been oddly fared ; ASGILL and SHIPPEN have been both tranlated,


Done from the Latin of 7. Gerhard.


Any that once by. Fortune's Bounty reard,

Amidst the Wealthy and the Great appear'd, Have wisely from those envy'd Heights declin'd, Have funk to that just Level of Mankind, Where nor too little, nor too much gives the true

Peace of mind.

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