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HO. Onec gratus eram tibi,

Nec quisquam, potior brachia candida Cervici juvenis dabat,

Perfarum vigui Rege beatióra


Lt. Donec non aliam magis

Arfifti, neque erat Lydia poft Chloén,
Multi Lydia nominis
Romanâ vigui clarior Ilid.


The RECONCILEMENT between Jacob Tonson and Mr. Congreve. In Imitation of HORACE. Book III. Ode IX.


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HILE at my House in Fleet-street once

you lay, How merrily, dear Sir, Time pass’d away? While I partook your Wine, yoür Wit, and Mirth, I was the happiest Creature on God's Teartb.

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Congreve.] While in your early Days of Reputation; You for blue Garters had not such a Paffion; While yet you did not use (as now your Trade is) To drink with noble Lords, and toast their Ladies ; Thou, JACOB TONSON, wer't, to my conceiving, The chear fullest, best, honeft Fellow living.

Tonson (Ser), bis Diale&.

Tonfon.) HO. Me nunc Creffa Chloë regit,

Dulces docta modos, & citharæ fciens: Pro qua non metuam mori,

Si partent animæ fata fuperftiti.

Ly. Me torrer face mutud

Thurini Calais filïus Ornithi:
Pro quo bis patiar mori
Si parcent puero fata superstiti.


HO. Quid, fi prisca redit Venus?

Diductosque jugo aheneo ? Si flava excutitur Chloë,

Rejectæque patet janua Lydix ?

17. Quanquam fidere pulchrior

Ille eft, tu levior cortice, & improbo
Iracundior Adria,
Tecúnı yiyere amem, tecum obeam libens.

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Tonson. ] I'm in with Captain VANDRUGH at the

present, A most sweet-natur’d Gentleman, and pleasant ; He writes your Comedies, draws Schemes, and Models, And builds Dukes Houses upon very odd Hills: For him, so much I doat on him, that I, If I was sure to go to Heaven, would die.

outdoor Congreve. ] TEMPLE and D ALAVAL are now my Party, Men that are tam Mercurio, both quam Marte; And tho’for them I måll scarce go to Heaven, Yet I can drink with them fix Nights in seven. Tonson.] Whđt if froin V AN’s dear Arms I should

retire, And once more warm iny † Bunnians at your Fire If I to Bow-street should invite you Home,

', y Ånd fet a Bed up in niy Dining Roon, Tell

me, dear Mr. CONGREVE, would you come? Congreve. ] Tho' the gay Sailor, and the gentle Knight, Were ten times 'nore my Joy and Heart's Delight; Tho' civil Persons they, you ruder were; s.

1:1 And had more Humours than a a Dancing-Bear; Yet for your Sake I'd bid 'em both adieuy?! 196,45 And live and die, dear Coß, with only you.

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Nata mecum Consule Manlio,

Seu tu querelas, five geris joces, Seu rixam, & infanos amores,

Seu facilem, pia tecta, fomnum:
Quocumque lectum nomine Mallicum:
Servas, moveri digna bono die:
Defcende, Corvino jubente,

Promere languidiora vina.
Non ille, quamquam Socraticis mader
Sermonibus, te negliget horridus :
Narratur & prisci Catonis

Sæpè mero caluiffe virtus.
Tu lene tormentum ingenio admoves
Plerumque duro: tu sapientium
Curas, & arcanum jocoso

Confilium retegis Lyxb



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