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HERE give me leave, My LORD, to add one Reafon, which may seriously recommend this Work of mine to the Perufal of Kings, and Governours of Kingdoms. For since their Empire, and Administration of it, is not so immediately concern'd with the Care of Corni' or Cattel, as in a more proper and peculiar Manner, with Men themselves; who 'will not readily grant, that these Precepts of ours, concerning the Generation of a beautiful human Offspring, are conducive to the Strength and Glory of Kingdoms, and deferving to be annex'd even to the Salic Laws?

ACCEPT therefore, Most Eminent Cardinal, this genuine Progeny of my Mufe, which may lay some Title to Commendation, if not on account of the Elegance of the Style, yet certaiply for the Dignity of the Subject ;

[blocks in formation]

Et jam nunc votis assuesce vocari.

IT would indeed be necessary here, that I, who have undertaken to manage so nice and delicate an Argument, should have done it in a suitable and extraordinary Way, with the utmost Vigour of Spirit, and in a Style above the Relish of the Vulgar : But I must plead the Narrowness of too circumscrib'd a Genius. However, My LORD, You, I hope, will youchsafe to supply the Place of Metænas to me; and as You infinitely excol him in the skilful Administration of Government, and the other Arts both of Peace and War, so is it agreeable to the Greatness of Your Eminency's Soul, not only to imitate, but overcome him, in Affability, Gentleness, Condescension, and a profuse and undisguis'd Affection for the Lovers of


the politer Learning. So live, and enjoy the Favour of all good Men, and continue Yours, to,

[blocks in formation]

Monsieur * BAYLE's




LAUDIUS QUILLET, a С Native of Chinon in Touraine,

was one of the most celebrated Poets of the XVIIth Century. I have

* See Bayle's Dictionary, laft Dutch Edition, Articles of Grandier and Quillet,


* A 5

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