The Poetical Works of Nicholas Rowe

J. Tonson, E. Curll [and others], 1720 - 132 páginas
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Página 72 - DESPAIRING beside a clear stream, A shepherd forsaken was laid ; And while a false nymph was his theme, A willow supported his head : The wind that blew over the plain, To his sighs with a sigh did reply, And the brook, in return to his pain, Ran mournfully murmuring by.
Página 74 - Tis mine to be constant and die. " If while my hard fate I sustain, In her breast any pity is found, Let her come with the nymphs of the plain, And see me laid low in the ground.
Página 78 - Secrets to difcover, -"Tis what we never look for in a Lo-ver, Let but the Bridegroom prudently provide All other Matters fitting for a Bride, So he make good the Jewels and the Jointure, To mifs the Heart, does feldom difappoint her.
Página 3 - Still the prevailing faction propt his throne, And to four volumes let his Plays run on; Then a lewd tide of verfe, with vicious rage, Broke in upon the morals of the age.
Página 91 - Will; Pliant to all his Admonitions prove, And yield to all his Offices of Love : Him, from thy Heart, so true, so justly dear, Let no rash Word nor light Offences tear.
Página 91 - And reason e v'n thy meanest actions guide: For know that death is man's appointed doom. Know that the day of great account will come,
Página 91 - If Evil were thy Deeds, repenting mourn, And let thy Soul with strong Remorse be torn. If Good, the Good with Peace of Mind repay, And to thy secret Self with Pleasure say, Rejoice, my Heart, for all went well to Day.
Página 91 - Perform thy vows, observe thy plighted troth, And let religion bind thee to thy oath. The heroes next demand thy just regard, Renown'd on Earth, and to the stars preferr'd, To light and endless life, their virtue's sure reward.
Página 73 - And when she looks down on my grave, Let her own that her shepherd was true. Then to her new love let her go. And deck her in golden array ; Be...
Página 81 - Majefly and great renown Wait thy beamy brow to crown. Parent of our hero, thou, George on Britain didft beftow.

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