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be fitted to promote and extend these de on the nation byl is having to witness, the sivable objects. After the conference absolute profligacy of a government qupbold. with the sessions, the presbytery disposed ing, jat, the public expense, simultaneously, of some other business connected with the and among the same people, bostite and con students within their bounds. It was also ficting religious systems, each claiming to be

divine in its origin, and each denouncing the agreed to recommend to. sessions to set

other as hateful to Ciod, and ruinous to the apart an early day, or part of a day, for souls of those who embrace it 12 conduct than offering up special thanks to Almighty which we can conceive nothing more calett God for his great goodness in the late har- lated to destroy in the minds of the people all vest. In accordance with appointment of reference for religionice il tu torniol presbytery, held on 19.h September, Dr * *4. That aware of the existence sef grave Taylor subtaitted the following resolutions doubts respecting the proprietf:of religious against the contemplated endowment of bodies, as such, holding intercourse with the the Roman Catholics in Ireland, which were civil powers, especialis

bodies refusing to a unanimously adopted:-!

mnit the right of the state to take cognisance “Í. That we have observed with the utmost that sort," and offer no recommendationen

of religion, we refrain from any measure of anxiety that there is a general, and apparent the subject to the congregations under our ly well-founded, apprehension, that it is the inspection, but express our earnest hope that intention of her Majesty's government shortly the members and adherents of our churches to propose to the legislature a measure for will, in their evil capacity, and in conjunction the endowment of the Roman Catholic priest- with such of their fellow citizens as may be hood in Ireland; that we are griered to un- like-minded with them on this point, srail derstand that a great majority of the mem- themselves of their undoubted privilege, and bers of both houses, as well as of the aristo- disebarge what we conceise, to be their incracy, and of politicians generally, are per- perative dnty, by a dressing at this crisis, sonally favourable to the object; and that their several representatives, the legislature, we especially regret to learn, from the com- and the mon and uncontradicted reports of the public ous oppovernment measureul but strenu

which prints, that the prime minister lately inti- with respect to the baleful influence

ip is fitmated," in his place in parliament, that he ted to exeré on religion, or to its inevitable would regard the unfavourable opinion of the effect in augmenting tuzation, or to its direct people of Britain as no bar to the measure, il and powerful tendency too subserçe the purI "2. That while we iregard Popery asna poses of politicalo corruptionqisi uite of the hureible perversion of Christianity, as highly most reprehensible and alarming that ever pernicious to men's spiritual and eternal in- was proposed to be porpetrated by parliaterests, while we consider it decidedly, unfa- ment. Prompt and fesalute opposition of yourable to the development of the intellec- conceive to be demanded as the only means tual and moral faculties, by reason of the eu- fitted to be of use for preventing so obnoxious ervating and often polluting sicerdotal in- a deed, or, should that be impracticable, for Auence it exerts, while we hold it to be hostile making it apparent, in the event of members to civil liberty, and, in many ways, prejudicial of the legislature being determined to follow to the temporal prosperity and well-being of out their own private views, and set públic a country in which it prevails, we neverthe- opinioni at defiance, that they alone have the less deprecate every thing approaching to the responsibility for the consequences, be these persecution or coerciow of Roman Catholics what they may."! tib ulur bizno 7793 on account of their religion, and contend 5!'Next meeting to be held in West Port that

they, in: cgmmon with all other classes Session Housey on the Tuesilay after thbfirst of her fajesty's subjects free from crime, are -Sabbath of January 1819. 9n--bejjimdus irrespect to be relig pris per ne ipfecitizenship

, Dundee:te This presbytery met ono kke religious principles or profession.

< -14th November, Rev. Jas. Reid M Gavin, **3. That regarding ecclesiastical establish

moderator, wpro tempore. Sastaimedenan 'ments as not only unscriptural and inimical

sunanimous call from Wishart Church Dan. to the interests of religion, but also, in a civil det, addressed to Mr John Baxter, prenos point of view, unjust, impolitic, and in eruryer, signed by 377 members, and HQs Adbespect inexpedient, we are strongly of opi-hérents : Granted supplyf of sermon to the imion that all legitimate and constitutional first congregation, Kirriemwitamin yviewi of means ought to be diligently and persevering- obtaining a colleague to their piresents aged 1x used for effecting a dissolution of the en- ministen) Entered on consideration of the nection between church and state, and espe- reinits of Synod. 1sAppointed aismall.comments from being granted to any sect of party port at next meeting ofrpresbyteszik lehe scarcely disguised that one"-main utbiect RevissRobent, Gemmell, noonxenesu? The

presbytery was then loccupied ;f6 2A0N"templated, is the preservation and consolida 9-siderable time in answeriag dhe queries restion of existing establishinents; while fiere suspectinge then constitution ofgredplngated

seems ita be the most islaineless disregard of supreme courto valhe remise on the distribu1, tha demorklizing effects likely tecbe produced ion of probationens was defervedbull.Nees

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day, the 16th January 1849, the next meet sons for translation, and answers to the ing of presbytery, 10 yosgiftorq etuloede same, were read. The commissioners froin exleEdinburgh.This presbyterytmiet con both churches were heardo-Mr Edmond Tuesday, 7th November Dr Ritchie, mode. was called upon to state his own views and rator. A petition for a moderation was feelings in reference to the matter, which he presented from Union Church, Musselburgh. did at considerable length, and concluded The presbytery appointed a moderation to by intimating his determination of abiding take place, there on Thursday, the 230 No- by his present eharge. Whereupon the presvember, Mr Smart, Leith, to preside. Mr bytery declared the call to be set aside.) Johnston of Nicholson Street, who, by ap- o Galloway. This court met at Wigtown pointment of presbyterygıhad long taken on the 15th November, sustained a call echarge of the students connected with the from the congregation of Wigtown to the church, while prosecuting their studies at Rev. Peter Hannay of Creetown, and sumthe university, expressed his desire that an- moned the parties interested to appear at other should now be appointed in his room. next meeting. Took up the Synod's remit Mr Thomson, Broughton Place, was unani- respecting a delegated assembly, when, mously, chosen. . Mr. Johnston reported after lengthened discussion, the two folmost favourably of the students under his lowing motions were made; first, that the acare last session; and received the thanks presbytery, in obedience to the remit of

of the presbytery for his services. A peti- Synod, proceed now to answer the queries otionesfrom the EdinburghiYoung Men's Mu- transmitted by the Synod regarding the tual Improvement Association, praying the composition of a delegated courts second, bpresbyterý to enjoin its members to counsel that any change in the present constitution

young men within the bounds of their re- of the supreme court is, in the mean time, espective congregations to join the society, incalled for. The second motion was prevas read; but the presbytery, while as in- ferred to the first by a majority of seven dividuals highly approving of the objects to five, and that for such reasons as the contemplated by the petitioners, determined following: -1, The great diversity of opithat, as the association was not under their nion in the church on the subject, as manicontrol; they could not, asset court, comply fested by the reports given in at last with the prayer of the petitioni 1 The pres- meeting of Synod, shows that, while it byterysthene i proceeded to the consideration may be proper to discuss the question, the Tof the list of queries regarding a delegated church is not yet ripe for such a change.

court, sent down from the Synod to be re- 2. The difficulty of attaining such a system ported upon before next meeting. To the of delegation as will afford general satisfirst query, as to whether or not there should faction, and work beneficially: ; 3. The be a delegated supreme court, the presby- felicitous' condition of the Synod at last

tery, resolved to return an answer in the meeting for the dispatch of business was waltirmative and regarding the second ques- such, as, to render it doubtful whether any otion, relating to the number of members, conceivable change in its constitution would

it was hgreed to recommend that the pro- be an improvemont.ji tilhe confidence e portion shonld be one-third of each presby- wybieh the church reposes in the Synod, tery. Considerable discussion took place and the deference which the church pags upon the third iquestion; which refers to the Ito the decisions of the Synod, are at pre-modet of selections:Tand two motions were sent, perhaps, unparalleled: and therefore submitted,--the first proposing that the very great caution should be exercised in mode of election should be partly by rota- attempting any change which might in the

tion and partly by election, as presbyteries least shake that confidence, and diminish nmay from time to time determine ze and the that deference. 5.5. The, deep interest in

second, that it be by rotation Ons a the missionary cause, which is generated division, the first motion was carried by a and cherished by the Wednesday evening majority of 121 to 101 The presbytery, de- meetings of Synod, instead of being sus

flayed the consideration of the bther points tained and inereased, would be damaged 1otill next'meeting to the subject of the pro- leby restricting the constitution of the Synod, bposed endowment of thd Irish Catholic - and thus the missionary efforts of our spriesthood was brought before the presby- -church Twould be érippled in proportion.

Beryl by Mr Laing, elder. boltvwas resolved 6? We see no ground for believing that, - Stol postpone consideration of the subject till according to its present constitution, the

next ordinary meetiog.990 $xon to troq supreme court, will often be more numer90T FalkStk.4 An extraordinary meeting of ous than it was at last meeting, except

this scourt was held in the East United when some vital principle of universal in--Church on the sist Oetober, for the purpose terest shall come before it; and then the bof disposing of the call from Regent Place ,-more numerous the better, in order to give - Church (Glasgow,"in favours of other ckev. toweights to its decision tee-a striking illustra-John Edmond of Denny Loanbeado Rea. b tion of what we mean itsas latély furnished

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in the procedure of the United Associate dow Popery in Ireland, were submitted, Synod, when the moderator dispatched a and unanimouslý adopted. The prest circular, earnestly requesting the attend- bytery afterwards held a conference ance of as many members as possible, and with the Sabbath school teachers within which procedure was followed by the hap the bounds, who had been invited to piest consequences: but were the constitu attend for this purpose. Addresses were tion of the supreme court to be restricted, delivered by the Rev. Messrs Smith and such an expedient, even in the greatest M Parlane. A familiar tconversation on emergency, would be altogether impraca the great subject of Sabbath-school eduticable ; and, 7. The times in which we live cation then followed, in which the teachers are stirring and momentous, nations and present were invited to take/a" part. They churches being placed in new circum- interesting, and it is hoped profitable serstances, and exhibiting new phases very vices, were closed with devotional exer unexpectedly: and therefore, if it be true cises. It was agreed to hold the next that,' “ in the multitude of counsellors meeting on the Tuesday after the secoadt there is safety," it follows that the consti- Sabbath of December.

"11" tution of the Synod should be as liberal as Newcastle.--- At a meeting of presbytery possible. Against the above decision held on the 1st October, on petition from several members dissented, for reasons to the congregation of Stockton, a moderad be lodged in due time. Some routine tion was appointed to take place there on business was transacted, and the next Thursday 26th October; Mr Houston to meeting appointed to be held at Wigtown preach and preside. On considering the on the 5th December.

Synod's recommendation as to presbyteriah Glasgow.--The presbytery met on the visitations, it was agreed that this presbysecond Tuesday of last month; the Rev. Dr tery take immediate measures for carrying Struthers, moderator. Messrs M‘Donald, this important object into effect that the Henderson, Morton, Fullarton, Ross, and series of proposed visitations be commenced Brown, having been examined, received in Sunderland, the ministers there to make trials for license. The committee for re- arrangements for this purpose, and to red? vising the rules and regulations for super- port to next meeting of the presbyterys intendence of students, gave in a report, The question of a supreme delegated court, which was adopted ; and the committee together with the queries remitted by the was re-appointed to have the rules and re- Synod as to the constitution of such a court, gulations printed and circulated amongst were considered, when, after some converministers and students of the presbytery. sation, it was agreed “that this presbytery From a minute of the presbytery of New holding the opinion that, in the present castle, it was learned that Mr Peter Ban- circumstances of the church, especially as natyne had been loosed from his charge of connected with the recent Union, it is not Hexham, and his induction at Blantyre expedient, for the present, to take meg.: was appointed for the 28th of November; sures for the formation of a delegated coart, Mr Hugh Stirling to preside, and Mr Wield decline giving any judgment concerning to preach, on the occasion. A call to Mr the questions submitted to them by the Robert Mitchell from the congregation of Synod in reference to the constitution of Drymen was sustained, and further time such court." The presbytery met again, granted to him to decide on this call, and October 17th, when the Rev. Dr Beattie, the call from Old Kilpatrick East. The being present, was requested to take his report of the committee on the constitu- seat as a corresponding member. The tion of Renfield Street Church was adopt- ministers of Sunderland having reported at ed, approving of it, and instructing the plan for the visitation of the congrea") clerk to certify accordingly. A committee gations there, it was agreed that the was appointed to draw up resolutions ex- presbytery should meet for general busipressive of the mind of the presbytery in ness at Sunderland on Tuesday 7th Nov. reference to the threatened endowment of and that the visitation should take places in Popery in Ireland, and to suggest whatever the evening. The ministers of Newcastle other measures may be expedient in pre- and Shields were appointed to make ap?. sent circumstances, and to report. Several rangements for their respective localities discourses delivered by students, at the at a time afterwards to be fixede: Dels meeting in the evening, were sustained, Beattie, by appointment of the presbytery and thereafter the presbytery adjourned. of Glasgow, having laid on the table a call to

Lanark.This court met on the 31st the Rev.Peter Bannatyne of Hexham from October, and was constituted by the Rev, the congregation of Blantyre, together. George Johnston. After the usual pre with a paper containing reasons for the liminary business, a series of resota- translation, it was agreed that motioenots tions, condemnatory of the contemplated this call be given to the congregation of proposal of her Majesty's ministers to ens' Hexham, that they may appear for sheid,

interests at next meeting of presbytery, on Shields, shall take plage. An adjpurned the 7th November. Appointed Messrs meeting was held in the evening at Sunders Pringle, Bell, and Houston a committee land, when the committees appointed to Mr Bell, convener to consider the plan visit the sessions and congregations there proposed in the Synod's rules for the dis reported their proceedings, which were aptribution of preachers, and report... Mp proved. These reports, expressing the corn Bell gave notice of a motion to memorialise dial feeling evinced among the parties who the Synod against the practice of reading had met on that interesting occasion, were discourses in the pulpits of the United welcomed as satisfactory and encouraging, Presbyterian Church, and also notice of a holding out a fair promise that the series of motion for reviewing the presbytery's de- visitations, thus auspiciously commenced, cision as to a fund for meeting its expenses. will prove, when completed, by the divine Mr Fraser, at the same time, gave notice blessing, a measure of great utility to all of a motion for reviewing the decision of the ministers and congregations concerned. the presbytery upon the question of a Paisley and Greenock. This presbytery supreme delegated court. The presbytery met on 7th November; Rev. Mr Meikle, met at Sunderland, November 7th, when moderator. A call from the congregation there was read a letter from Mr Young of of Gourock to Mr John Baxter, probaBellingham, stating that he had been for a tioner, was sustained. Reports were called considerable time under severe affliction; for as to the collection for the Liquidation it was agreed, in sympathy with Mr Young, Debt Board, and for the Synod Fund. to i provide supply for his congregation A motion on the minutes in reference to during the month of December. Mr Hous- presbyterial visitation was taken up, and ton reported his proceedings in the mode- a committee appointed to consider the deration at Stockton, and laid on the table a tails of a plan according to which the concall from the congregation there to the gregations may be visited. Students in the Rev. Thomas Bowman, late of North bounds were examined, and a committee Shields. The call, which was unanimous, appointed to superintend their studies. A was unanimously sustained. The clerk was committee was appointed to consider the instrueted to ascertain Mr Bowman's de- proposed hymn-book. Entered on the rea cision in due course. Mr M Innes, com- mit of Synod respecting a delegated as missioner from Blantyre, was heard in sembly, but adjourned the consideratione support of the call to Mr Bannatyne; and of it till next meeting, to be held at Pais. Messrs J. Chatt and Dodd, commissioners ley on the third Tuesday of December. from Hexham, were heard in reply. Mr Perth.--This presbytery met on the 14th Bannatyne was also heard, stating that he November. A call from the congregarioni felt it his duty to resign his present charge, of Lethendy to Mr Joseph Hay, preacher, and to accept the call from Blantyre. was sustained, and subjects of trial for orm Upon which it was agreed to dissolve the dination appointed to him. Mr D. Young relation between Mr Bannatyne and the of Kinclaven was appointed to presidev congregation of Hexham. The presbytery in the moderation of a call, Mr Maru agreed to record the unanimous expres. shall to assist, in the second congregation, sion of their warmest affection and Coupar-Angus. The presbytery agreed to esteem for Mr Bannatyne, and their consider the question of a delegated asti deep sympathy with the congregation of sembly at next meeting, on Tuesday, the Hexham. Mr Pringle was appointed to 9th of January. preach at Hexham, to intimate this decision to the congregation, and give them such counsel as their present circumstances might regnire. Read a memorial from the Wooler.-On Wednesday, 13th Novem.. session of Carliol street 'congregation in ber, Mr Peter White was ordained as colNewcastle against any ehange in the con- league to the Rev. James Robertson, Woolstitution of the Synod. The presbytery er; Messrs Anderson of Norham, Peden agreed to transmit the memorial to Synod. of Berwick, Robertson of Wooler, Mearns As to the question of a supreme delegated" of Coldstream, and Miller of Dunse, officourt, it was moved, according to notice, ciated. that the presbytery review its decision

pon that subject. It was also moved that the presbytery adhere to its former decision. The second motion was adopted by Dundee --- Wishart Church: Mr Jolin a large majority. Upon which Mr Fraser Baxter, probationer, called 30th October; digsented, for reasons

to be given in if deem Mr Geinmell of Dundee presiding: ed necessary. Next meeting to be held at Wigtown.-Rev. Peter Hannah of CreeNorth Shields on which day the visitation town, called 30th October; Mr Reid of of i the congregations there, and at South Newtown-Stewart presiding.




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6 Stockton: -Tees. Rev. Thomas Bow by the presbyterý of Glasgow 14th Net man, formerly of North Shields, called 26thvember.inbq sat slidw 2900 i ISV211 Tiedt October; Rev. J. C. Houston of Newcastle blibro 1911ło dtziz-900 9019991 Jon ob presiding.'

tíua vi.. :1990-90BITUARY! biwow I .2905 Keith. The Rev. A. Millar of South - Died at Mount Horeb, "Jamaica, 27th Ronaldsháy, Orkney, called November 13th; September," the Rev. "James Caldwell, of Rev. J. White of Boghole presiding. Drymen. --Mr Robert Mitchell, probao the second year of his ministry: IMr Cald:

the United Presbyterian Church there, in tioner, called 25th October ; Mr Burgess of well was ent off by the fever of the coun Glasgow presiding.

try, after a very brief illness. Samant 1990S

991091 ari d969—10930 NOTANDUM FOR



By appointment of Synod, objections to Mr William Drummond, licensed by the any of the hymns in the draught hymn+ presbytery of Edinburgh Ist October. book must be sent to the committee before

Messrs Donald M‘Donald, James Hen. Ist January 1819; and hymns which req derson, Andrew Morton, Thomas Fullar- main unchallenged at that date, are to be ton, Ebenezer Ross, and George Brown, held as approved by the church, il godt

...: 2.11 bis goiniqo to

Men i seomodi djib be Monthly Retrospect. di u Andi sw d900

itrus ons j49998 nedi 19d1RT

declaration in favour of the voluntary sysa ENDOWMENT OF ROMANISN - PROGRESS OF. tem, with his subsequeñt scramble

for ihirty TRE QUESTION.

thousand annually wrung from Protestant

dissenters and others to support Rompianism We referred last month to a declaration at Maynooth, should be enough to keep issued by the Romish hierarchy of Ireland, the country awake in spite of the sleeping deprecating a state provision for their dose compounded for it by the united skilt clergy and themselves; and-as if potice of the archbishops and bishops imei ca€ had been regularly given of a parliamen- Dublin,' on the 11th Oetober last): The tary motion on the subject-announcing agitation, accordingly, goesi on tas svigortheir determination to resist the project. ously as if the right reverend fathers bad Nobody acquainted with the nature of Jesuit held their peace. 5. Jd; user aqodeid tacties, and the principles of the Romish A letter published last month by king faith, will regard this announcement as any priest of the archdiocese of Tuam, furai thing else than an indirect move in the game nishes us with additional means of appraisi in which endowment is the stake played for. ing the patriotic professions of the Romiskt O'Connell's plan was to take an instalment dignitaries. It discloses also in a light in the mean time, and continue his impore, which leaves no room for doubt, the secret tunity till the whole claim should be dis- history of the ministerial projecto The charged; but a different system is some-: idea of closing the clamorous mouth of times deemed more expedient, and the Irish patriotism, by buying up the priests, priests, like skilful players, decline to pick had long been in favour with political up a chessman of inferior value, when coteries, both Whig and Tory; but the exd they think that, by their forbearance, they pounding of it in parliament, at the time are likely to make a better capture at the and in the circumstanees ehosen by thei next move. Nolo episcopari is a phrase premier, was a stroke of policy adapted to which has come down to ns by tradition, a crisis. The priests' necessity was to be as having been used by Romish clergy; but Lord John's opportunity;il and that the nolo dotari, or any thing, equivalent, would, 1 hour of necessity had come, there was adde in their mouth, be something new under cording to the letter referred to, good' the sun All the principles of a Romish ground for his Lordship to believe. Lëtt priest lead him to regard the civil magis-i us chear--the Tuam priest Without trate and the national purse as, by divine speaking of the other provinces, I cant statet right, the servant and the property of with truthy that there is not a bishop in! mother" church, and for kings and pre- this province - who had not, in ordinary miers to hold a priest's stirrup, or kiss a times, an annual income of from L.2000 priest's toe, is, according to him, the true L.1200. In their menial livings, as in other model of church

and state

connexion. It parishes, their revenues have suffered sophie would be the height of folly, therefore, if decrease in But in their igreat sources of the enemies of Romish endowment were income-such as clerical dies and dispenser put off their guard by the

manifesto of the tion fees there has been searcelylany dior bishops. The recollection of O'Connell's minution. On lantavétage, the bishop

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