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members of our body, although these schools of a motion for next meeting regarding the must now be dispersed unless the matter propriety of taking some steps for the purbe promptly looked to. The property had pose of extending, regularly and systematibeen erected at an expense exceeding L.2000, cally, the number of their churches in Glasand the whole was offered for L.1200, there gow. The presbytery then proceeded with being no feu-duty payable. Seeing they had

the examination of students, with a view to the offer of a property so eligible, at a price licence them as preachers, and the followso moderate, and that the district in which ing delivered part of their trial discourses: it was situated offered a most inviting field

-Messrs John P. Bell, John Baxter, John for quickly gathering a new congregation, Smith, and Robert Mitchell. In reference the memorialists felt that they would not

to a question proposed by a member of have been acting up to the emergency, and

court as to a disappointment of the Kirkwould scarcely have been guiltless in the

intulloch congregation on two successive matter, had they not attempted to secure

Sabbaths, in consequence of the non arriv

al of the preachers appointed, a committee the property for the United Church. Mr

was named to correspond with the Synod's James Young and Mr Taylor, other two of

committee for distributing preachers, rethe memorialists, having also been heard in quiring an explanation. its support, and the members of presbytery

Kirkcaldy.--This presbytery met in Bristo having delivered their sentiments, it was Street Church, Edinburgh, 5th October. agreed to send the memorial down to the The Rev. William Harper, moderator, p. t. sessions in the city for their considera- Mr R. Brown, preacher, went through trials tion—the presbytery to meet on Tuesday for ordination, which were sustained, and next to receive the reports, and take further the ordination appointed to take place steps in the matter. At the adjourned meet- on 28th October; the Rev. William Cowan ing, on Tuesday 14th November, the reports to preach, and the Rev. D. G. Crawford to from sessions were received, and, after deli- ordain and to give the charge to the minister beration, the presbytery granted the desire and the congregation. Testimonials from of the memorialists, for a church in Newing. the professors in favour of Messrs Greig ton.

and Cooper, students of divinity, were Glasgow. This presbytery met on the received and read, and Mr Cooper, at 14th December. The moderator, Dr Beat- his own request, transferred to the prestie, stated that he had received an applica- bytery of Edinburgh. — Markinch, 28th tion from a minister in Glasgow, request.

October. - The presbytery met, the Rev. D. ing admission to the office of the ministry G. Crawford, moderator, pro die. Besides in connexion with the United Church. A considerable attendance of members committee was appointed to consider the of presbytery, the following corresponding application and report. A memorial was members were present ; viz. the Rev. Dr read from the church at Govan, containing M*Kelvie of the

presbytery of Dunfermline, a statement of their affairs, with a view of Rev. William Halley of the presbytery of its being transmitted to the Mission Board. Paisley and Greenock, and the Rev. A. GarA committee was appointed to inquire into diner, and A. M'Farlane of the presbytery the facts stated in the memorial, before of Falkirk. The clerk intimated that Mr transmitting it. Dr King read a memorial Daniel Douglas had accepted the call from from the Glasgow association for the early the congregation of Kennoway. The presclosing of shops and other places of busi. bytery having removed to the church, the

It was agreed that the presbytery Rev. William Cowan, preached, and the Rev. express their entire approbation of the ob- D. G. Crawford put the questions of the ject, and their great satisfaction at the formula. The question which follows the movement now made to induce merchants,

6th in the formula was also put to the conmanufacturers, shopkeepers and others, to gregation, and satisfactorily answered. Mr close their places of business earlier in the Brown was then, by prayer and the laying evening, and especially on the evening pre- on of the hands of the presbytery, ordained vious to the Sabbath, the presbytery being

to the office of the holy ministry and pasconvinced that the change would be bene- toral oversight of the congregation of Markficial to the moral, intellectual, and physi- inch. Mr Crawford exhorted Mr Brown cal character, both of employers and em- and the congregation to their respective ployed; and they recommend to all minis- duties, and concluded the solemn services ters within the bounds of presbytery to

of the day. bring the subject before their congrega

Lanark.—The presbytery of Lanark met tions, especially dissuading families from on the 23d November. It was intimated, making their purchases at late hours, ex- that since last meeting the Rev. George cept from necessity, and to take such other Campbell, senior minister of Roberton, had steps as would tend to attain the object of been removed by death, after a lengthened the memorialists. Dr Taylor gave notice ministry forty-five years. Mr Alexander



Banks, preacher, under call to the vacant tunity, and the presbytery's missionary comcongregation of Braehead, and who las ac- mittee to make arrangements for such decepted said call, was present, and delivered putation, and to report at next meeting. part of his trials for ordination. Next meet- The position of the Free Bible Press Coming is to be held on Tuesday, 21st December. pany at Coldstream was considered, upon Newcastle.This presbytery met on the

which a resolution was unanimously adopt20 November. There was produced a tes

ed, expressive of the presbytery's conviction timonial from the professors of Mr W.Turn

of the value of Dr Thomson's devoted and bull's attendance on the Divinity Hall, and persevering efforts in the great cause of of his performance of the exercises there Bible circulation, and of their sympathy prescribed to him. Mr James Robertson an- under the present pressure on the affairs of nounced his acceptance of the call from North the Bible Printing Company at Coldstream, Middleton. Mr Cooper having declined the

and recommending to the congregations in call from Walker, that call was laid aside.

the bounds of the presbytery to co-operate Another moderation was granted to the

in lightening that pressure, by purchasing congregation there, to take place on the

for circulation a portion of the large stock 18th Nov. A resolution was passed for

of Bibles now left, by various opposing inproviding a fund to defray travelling ex

fluences, on the Company's hands. penses of members of the presbytery in at

Paisley and Greenock.—A meeting of this tending its meetings, and other incidental presbytery was held on Tuesday, 16th Noexpenses connected with these meetings. veinber. The letters from the professors A resolution of the presbytery's cordial were read, certifying Mr David Duff as a thanks to John Henderson, Esq. of Park, student of the fifth year. In the case of the for his generous donation of a copy of second congregation at Largs, the report of “ James' Earnest Ministry” to all the mini- a committee was received, with various dosters and preachers of the United Preshy- cuments. After a lengthened conversation, terian Church was unanimously carried, it was agreed that all the papers connected and the clerk was instructed to communi- with the cause be transmitted to the Synod's cate that resolution in due course to Mr committee on small congregations in the Henderson. Mr Drysdale's trials for ordi- same locality. Mr Allison of Kilbarchan nation having been given in and sustained, was elected treasurer to the presbytery. his ordination was appointed to take place Next meeting was appointed to be held in

Houghton-le-Spring on the 17th Nov. Greenock, on Tuesday 4th January. Next ordinary meeting to be held on 7th Perth.At the November meeting of this December. At the meeting of presby- presbytery, Mr Bow of Perth was elected tery on 7th December, Mr Pringle's pro- moderator in room of Dr Jamieson, whose ceedings in the moderation at Walker were term of office was completed. A letter approved, and there was laid on the table a was read from Mr Robert Gardner, preachcall which had been unanimously given by er, declining the call from Comrie. A comthe congregation there to Mr Matthew munication from the presbytery of Elgin inDickie, whose intentions regarding it were timated that they were taking the usual steps directed to be ascertained in due course, the for presenting the call from Lethendy to Mr usual trials for ordination being meanwhile Bisset, Nairn Letters were read from the assigned to him. After a brief and general law-agents of the church, giving advice in conversation on the subject of Sabbath ob- regard to the case of the second congregaservance, and the best means of promotingit, tion, Errol. Messrs Mailer and Taylor, it was agreed that that important subject be students, delivered discourses, with a view taken under special consideration at next to their being licensed as preachers. meeting on 20 January 1848; the ministers Stirling.This presbytery met on the of Sunderland being now appointed a com- 23d of November. Mr Fraser having been mittee for bringing that matter before the moderator for half a year, proposed that presbytery, in such a form as may be best another be appointed to fill the chair, when fitted for securing the efficient prosecution the presbytery agreed that the term of of the great object in view. The committee office shall be annual, as was the practice on for the presbytery's fund reported their pro

both sides before the late Union. The presceedings, and recommended a plan for ac- bytery appointed the clerk to express to complishing the measure proposer. The John Henderson, Esq. of Park, their correport was adopted, and the committee re- dial thanks for his kindness in presenting appointed to prosecute their measure by each minister with a copy of James's remitting to sessions and congregations. “ Earnest Ministry, the Want of the Times.” After some conversation, it was deemed Reports were given in by the members premost desirable that a deputation from the sent as to the collections for the Synod Synod's Board of Missions should be in. Fund and Synod House, when it was found vited to visit all the congregations in this that in almost every case these collections presbytery at the first convenient oppor- had been made. The question of a dele.

gated court was taken into consideration United Church there. The call was unanithe principle approved of—and sessions mously in favour of Mr Matthew Dickie, were requested to have their reports on preacher of the gospel. the subject forwarded to next meeting of presbytery. The presbytery appointed CENTENARY MEETING-BOGHOLE, ELGIN. their students who have not finished their On the evening of Wednesday, the 17th course at the Hall, to be examined in March November, a meeting of this congregation and July. Mr Robert Robertson, certified was held, for the purpose of celebrating its from the presbytery of Berwick, had a sub- formation, one hundred years ago. This ject assigned him for a discourse to be event derives a peculiar interest from the given at next meeting, which was fixed or fact of its having been the first Secession the 13th of January 1848. Deferred con- Church, in conjunction with the first consideration of the subject of a communica gregation of Elgin, which was organized in tion from the clerk of the Synod's committee the north of Scotland. The following facts, for effecting the junction of congregations. gathered from authentic sources, formed


data on which the meeting proceeded : INDUCTION AT KILMARNOCK.

-The individuals with whom this congreOn Monday, the 14th December, the gation originated were greatly dissatisfied Presbytery of Kilmarnock met in King with the proceedings of the prevailing party Street Church there, for the purpose of in- in the Church of Scotland towards the four ducting to it the. Rev. John Symington, brethren, the Fathers of the Secession ; but formerly of Bread Street, Edinburgh ; Rev. as they were so few in number, and so Mr Christie, Kilmaurs, preached ; Rev. Mr far distant from the scene of action, they Drummond, Irvine, presided, and offered could do nothing more than afford them up the induction prayer : and the Rev. Mr their sympathy in their sufferings in behalf Matheson, Galston, addressed the minister of the truth. Meanwhile, the workings of and people. On the Sabbath thereafter, the law of patronage, and the measures of Mr Symington was introduced to his peo- the General Assembly in forcing the setple by the Rev. James Kirkwood, Edin- tlement of ministers against the will of the burgh, moderator of the United Presby- people, caused a number of the more intelterian Church.

ligent and religious inhabitants of Elgin and

the adjacent parishes to write a memorial ORDINATION.-HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING. to the Associate Presbytery in the year The United Presbytery of Newcastle met 1741, representing their circumstances, and at Houghton-le-Spring on Wednesday, the craving to be taken under the presbytery's 17th November, for the ordination of Mr inspection. The presbytery, for want of Anderson Drysdale. Mr Bruce of Edin- preachers, were unable to supply them with burgh preached, Mr Muir of Sunderland sermon till 1745, when Mr Troup, who presided in the ordination, Mr Parker of could speak the Gaelic language, was locatSunderland addressed the minister, and Mr cd as a missionary among them, paying, at Douglas of Hartlepool the congregation. the same time, occasional visits to the SeNotwithstanding the unfavourable weather, ceders in Ross-shire. In the year 1747, a very respectable audience assembled, and Mr Gordon having been presented to the a number of friends from Newcastle and parish of Auldearn, in which Boghole is Sunderland were present to give their coun- situated, and being very obnoxious to the tenance to this church. The state of mat- parishioners, who attempted to oppose his ters here is said to afford a striking proof

of induction by every constitutional means, but the value of the liquidation board to the without success, a number of his opponents United Presbyterian Church. But for its withdrew, and acceded to the Associate deputation, and aid, and encouragement, Presbytery, when they and the people of no sach scene could have been witnessed Elgin were formed into a joint congregain so short a time.

tion, under the pastoral care of Mr Troup, who was ordained over them in the follow

ing year, 1748. As a proof of the firmness Nigg.-On Thursday, 18th November, of their principles, as well as their deterthe United Presbyterian Church of Nigg, mined opposition to the corruption of the gave a unanimous call to the Rev. J. B. times, it may be mentioned, that for the Munro, to be their pastor. Mr Munro is first six years of his ministry, Mr Troup son of the late Rev. John Munro, who for continued to preach within the ruined walls a number of years was minister of that con- of an old castle about a mile from the pregregation.

sent place of worship, while his flock were Walker.—On Thursday 18th November, exposed to all the inclemencies of the weath Rev. James Pringle preached at Wal- ther. Mr Troup laboured here until the ker, Northumberland, and presided in the

year 1763, when he was translated to the moderation of a call for a pastor to the

North Congregation, Perth, one of the first


four churches with which the Secession congregation, which, situated though it be commenced, where he continued to preach in a rural and sequestered spot, yet may till 1773, when he was removed by death. be regarded as the mother of all the SecesHe is reported to have been an excellent sion churches in this part of the country. man, and an eminent preacher of the gos- In this notice it is but proper to mention pel. To this day his name is spoken of by the obligations under which the congregathe older inhabitants of this place with the tion lie to the Earl of Cawdor and his angreatest respect and esteem. After the cestors, who have not only granted them a translation of Mr Troup the united congre- site free of expense, but have showed them gation of Elgin and Boghole was disjoined, no small kindness in various ways. It and constituted

separate charges. The for- should also be mentioned that the congremer obtained for their minister the Rev. gation are greatly indebted to the Rev. Mr Mr Duncan, and the latter the Rev. Mr Stark of Forres, who, when the interest had Clark, who was ordained in 1763, the same fallen into a low condition during the vayear in which Mr Troup had left. During cancy between 1809 and 1815, preached no the earlier period of his ministry, Mr Clark fewer than from eighty to ninety times also supplied the people of Nairn with ser after labouring among his own people durmon until they obtained Mr Kitchen as a ing the day, so that it may be said, that minister of their own. Mr Clark was from under God, the congregation owes its prethe congregation of Abernethy, and con- servation to his gratuitous services. The tinued to labour here till 1809, when he died present place of worship, which was lately in the 76th year of his age and 46th of his erected, has a fine appearance, standing, as ministry: After a vacancy of six years, it does, on the high green bank of a stream Mr Anderson was settled in the charge in which sweeps past in the valley below. 1815, but left a few years ago for America, The centenary meeting, notwithstanding where he died. Such are a few facts con- the unpropitious state of the weather, was nected with the origin and history of this attended by a numerous audience.


Enjoying all the advantages for proseTHE Rev. George Jerment Mackenzie, cuting his studies which the schools and minister of the United Presbyterian Church, university of Edinburgh afforded, Mr MacCarnoustie, died there on the 18th Novem- kenzie gave evidence, in the variety and ber, in the 27th year of his age, and first extent of his attainments, that these had of his ministry. Mr Mackenzie was born been faithfully improved by him. From the in India, and at a very early age was sent time he was six years of age he was brought to Edinburgh, where he continued to re- up under the ministry and affectionate care side till he became a probationer in the of the Rev. Dr John Ritchie, to whose United Secession Church. Though his counsels, he, as well as the other members birth-place was so far away from the more of the family, was in no ordinary degree immediate sphere of that church, yet he had indebted, and whom he respected and loved peculiar ties binding him to her, and these as a father. He was licensed to preach were strengthened as his affections, under the gospel by the United Associate Presthe influence of maturer judgment, led him bytery of Edinburgh in February 1843, to embrace her principles and communion. and was highly esteemed as a preacher His paternal grandfather, who died a few when going about among the churches. Of years ago at the advanced age of ninety- this there was evidence in the call which he seven, was long an honoured elder in the received from the congregation of Nairn, late Mr Munro's congregation, Nigg, Ross- which, however, he felt it his duty to deshire ; while his father, the late Alexander cline, and in other substantial tokens of Mackenzie, Esq. of Goamatty, Bengal, who the affectionate regards of some of his was twenty-four years in India, maintained hearers. all the time his principles and consistency, Having accepted a call to become pastor and returned home as devotedly attached of the church at Carnoustie, he was orto the Secession Church as when he went dained there on the 24th November 1846. away. Mr Mackenzie's mother's father, The settlement was in all respects a happy whose name he bore, was the Rev. George The young minister set himself to Jerment, D.D., of Oxendon Chapel, Lon- do the work of an evangelist in all its deđon, the author of several interesting works partments, with the utmost energy and zeal, in the department of practical religion, and and by his prudent and dignified, yet kindly one of the founders of the London Mission- and affectionate deportment, entwined ary Society.


around him the love and esteem of old and


young. How mysterious the providence after his ordination he was introduced to which has removed such a promising and the people of his charge in the most happy successful labourer from the vineyard ! and hopeful circumstances by the Rev. Dr Comparatively sudden and unexpected as Ritchie of Edinburgh. After the lapse of was his death, there is reason to believe, a year, the Rev. Doctor had to ascend the from what has since come to the knowledge same pulpit and preach his funeral sermon of his friends, that he himself bad strong to a deeply affected and mourning people. presentiments of an early departure. Sub- How affecting is this ! May he who has so ject to attacks of palpitation, sometimes of severely wounded the hearts of surviving considerable violence, and producing great relatives and friends, heal them, and grant excitement, he had on several occasions all needed direction and sympathy! May expressed his apprehension that it was the the great Head of the Church make the result of organic disease, and might sud- bereavement conducive

to the spiritual good denly and soon prove mortal. This was not, of the congregation of Carnoustie, all whose however, the immediate cause of his death. office-bearers and members so cordially coOwing to continued and indefatigable ex- operated with their late pastor while he was ertions in the duties of his office, his nervous with them, and so sincerely sorrow over system became considerably affected ; his their loss, now that he is taken away ! May usual flush of health and buoyancy of spirits our young and rising ministers, to so many gave way, and after a few weeks, a severe of whom Mr Mackenzie was endeared by bilious attack, operating powerfully on his personal acquaintance and mutual regard, already weakened constitution, produced listen to the voice which comes to them nervous fever, under which he was remov- from the new made grave of this excellent ed. From the multiplicity and constancy and promising young brother:" Whatsoof his exertions, previous to this, it would ever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all seem as if his own anticipations had led thy might ; for there is no work, nor device, him to hear more audibly the voice of his nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave, Master, “Occupy till I come,” and to work whither thou goest.” while it was to-day, as knowing that the night was coming when he could not work.

REV. JAMES YOUNG, There was a remarkable increase of chris

Died at Edinburgh on the 16th November. tian experience in his discourses subse- Mr James Young, sometime minister of the quently to his entering upon the more prac- United Associate Congregation, Ellon, and tical work of the ministry; and this expe- lately city missionary to the United Presrience was sweetly and powerfully diffused byterian Church, Rose Street, in the 49th throughout all his more private and public year of his age. engagements. This is all the more pleasing Mr Young was born in the parish of that, after his disease assumed a serious Monedie, Perthshire, of pious and respect. character, there was not much scope for able parents. His father was a farmer in intercourse with him. Still, even in the

comfortable circumstances, and was an delirium of fever, his wanderings were all elder in the Associate Congregation of in the right direction. He was in the Sab- Pitcairngreen. After receiving the rudibath school or at the prayer meeting—now ments of his education at the parish school, holding conversation with Mr Waddell at

he was sent to the University of Edinburgh, Calabar, and then visiting some of the in November 1812. Having passed through churches in Canada. On several occasions, the ordinary college curriculum with much and seemingly in composed intervals, he approbation, he entered the Divinity Hall

, prayed audibily for himself in a very suitable

then under the care of the late Rev. Dr Paxand earnest manner; and to one dear friend

ton, in August 1815. After attending the by his bed-side, he said a day before his

usual period of theological study, he was lideath, “I have no hope but in the faithful- censed to preach the gospel by the Associate ness of God.” When reminded that every Presbytery of Perth, in connexion with the christian had that to rely on, and that it General Associate Synod, in March 1820. was all-sufficient, he somewhat interrupted Mr Young was greatly esteemed by the the reply as if his statement' had not been

ministers of the presbytery, under whose understood, or as if he had not fully ex

superintendence he passed through his theopressed his meaning, and then intimated his logical course, as a pious and talented

liance on, and experience of, the divine faithfulness. The day before his death and consequent timidity of manner, arising

young man; but from an excess of modesty he was unable to hold any intercourse with from diffidence of his own abilities, comhis friends.

bined with a weakness of voice, he was perMr Mackenzie was ordained, we have mitted to pass several years of probation, said, on the 24th November 1846, and at the before his talents as a preacher were appreyear's end, 230 November 1847, his body ciated, so as to procure him a call to the was interred at Edinburgh. The Sabbath ministry. At length the members of the


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