Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry, Volúmenes1-2

John Bell, 1789

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Página 148 - And zeal, when baffled, turns to Spleen. Happy the man, who, innocent, Grieves not at ills he can't prevent ; His skiff does with the current glide, Not puffing pulled against the tide.
Página 150 - By reason quell'd, was forc'd to yield. This nurse of arts, and freedom's fence To chain, is treason against sense ; And, Liberty, thy thousand tongues None silence, who design no wrongs ; For those, who use the gag's restraint, First rob, before they stop complaint.
Página 157 - ... goddess, in what happy place Mortals behold thy blooming face ; Thy gracious auspices impart, And for thy temple choose my heart. They, whom thou deignest to inspire, Thy science learn, to bound desire ; By happy...
Página 144 - I'm quite undone ; And han% by vent'ring on a wife, Yet run the greatest risk in life. Mothers, and guardian aunts, forbear Your impious pains to form the fair, Nor lay out so much cost and art, But to deflow'r the virgin heart ; Of every folly-fost'ring bed By quick'ning heat of custom bred. Rather than by your culture spoil' d, Desist, and give us nature wild, Delighted with a hoyden soul, Which truth and innocence control.
Página 150 - I hate. And bite not at projector's bait. Sufficient wrecks appear each day, And yet fresh fools are cast away. Ere well the bubbled can turn round...
Página 38 - As it pleases your mind to your health 'twill redound. After dinner two glasses at least, I approve; Name the first to the King, and the last to your love: Thus cheerful, with wisdom, with innocence, gay, And calm with your joys, gently glide through the day.
Página 159 - Till old Silenus puts them out. There see the clover, pea, and bean, Vie in variety of green ; Fresh pastures speckled o'er with sheep, Brown fields their fallow sabbaths keep, Plump Ceres golden tresses wear, And poppy topknots deck her hair, And silver streams through meadows stray, And Naiads on the margin play, And lesser nymphs on side of hills From plaything urns pour down the rills.
Página 159 - Here stillness, height, and solemn shade Invite, and contemplation aid : Here nymphs from hollow oaks relate The dark decrees and will of fate, And dreams beneath the spreading beech Inspire, and docile fancy teach ; While soft as breezy breath of wind, Impulses rustle through the mind : Here Dryads, scorning Phoebus' ray, While Pan melodious pipes away, In measured motions frisk about, Till old Silenus puts them out.
Página 138 - To cure the mind's wrong bias, Spleen ; Some recommend the bowling-green ; Some, hilly walks ; all, exercise ; Fling but a stone, the giant dies. Laugh and be well. Monkeys have been Extreme good doctors for the Spleen ; And kitten, if the humour hit, Has harlequin'd away the fit.
Página 159 - I enjoy a calm through life ; See faction, safe in low degree, As men at land see storms at sea, And laugh at miserable elves Not kind, so much as to themselves...

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