Five Years in China: From 1842 to 1847

R. Bentley, 1848 - 405 páginas
This is an account of the occupation of Labuan and Borneo by her Majesty's forces.

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Página 397 - Article 12 recognized the duty of foreign land renters to "build and repair the bridges, maintain and cleanse the streets, put up and light the street lamps, establish fire engines, plant trees to protect the roads, open ditches to drain off the water, and hire watchmen.
Página 391 - On merchants renting ground, the local officers and the Consul must in communication with each other define its boundaries, clearly specify the number of poo and mow, and put up stone land-marks ; where there are roads, or paths, these...
Página 212 - China, in order to restore their brotherly harmony as of old, it will be necessary for quiet, peaceable people to be continually coming and going between both parties for the purpose of speaking kind words, or delivering letters or such like. These people go utterly unarmed, and carry a white flag, which, with the exception of savages, is looked upon by all nations as a sacred sign. No violence is ever offered to their persons : on the contrary, all mankind look upon them as good men, and treat them...
Página 125 - Lieutenant Forbes asserts that the number of temples erected to the memory of Confucius is " upwards of 1560." These temples, he says, "usually cover an enormous area; one establishment at Ningpo occupies about ten acres of land, laid out in ornamental temples of all sizes, triumphal entrances, fountains, and tanks, and courts planted with trees, mostly yew. But, except on occasion of a festival, these are rarely or never visited, and the grass grows in abundance through the interstices of the pavement....
Página 10 - A fno is a large portion or department of a province, under the general control of one civil officer immediately subordinate to the heads of the provincial government. A ting...
Página 391 - Consul, both acting in conformity with the feelings of the local inhabitants, so that mutual and perpetual harmony might be attained. Hence it has been determined, in conformity with the feelings of the...
Página 230 - ... the wind. He must know, like a god, how to break through the billows, handle his ship, and be all in regular order for action. Then, when his spears are thrown they will pierce; and his guns will follow to give them effect. The spitting tornadoes of...
Página 389 - British official return of the number and tonnage of merchant Vessels which arrived at and departed from the port of Shanghai, during the year ending the 31st December, 1846, distinguishing the countries to which they belong, viz: — Arrived.
Página 62 - This silver is formed into ingots (by the Chinese called shoes'), which are stamped with the mark of the office that issues them, and the date of their issue. The ingots are of various weights, but most commonly of ten taels each. Sycee silver is divided into several classes, according to its fineness and freedom from alloy : the kinds most current at Canton are the five following : — 1st. Kwan-heang, 'the Hoppo's duties,' or the silver which is forwarded to the imperial treasury at Peking.
Página 255 - J cable, which will be avoided by keeping the joss house on the hill, open of the west point of the inner Triangle ; pass as before a cable to the eastward of the latter, which must not be approached nearer than half, or receded from further than 14 cable.

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