Novum Organon Renovatum

J. W. Parker and son, 1858 - 370 páginas

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Página 254 - ... towards divine mysteries. But rather, that by our mind thoroughly cleansed and purged from fancy and vanities, and yet subject and perfectly given up to the divine oracles, there may be given unto faith the things that are faith's.
Página 77 - In the next place, we may venture to say, that advances in knowledge are not commonly made without the previous exercise of some boldness and license in guessing. The discovery of new truths requires, . undoubtedly, minds careful and scrupulous in examining what is suggested ; but it requires, no less, such as are quick and fertile in suggesting.
Página 253 - This also we humbly and earnestly beg, that human things may not prejudice such as are Divine ; neither that from the unlocking of the gates of sense, and the kindling of a greater natural light, anything of incredulity, or intellectual night, may arise in our minds towards Divine mysteries.
Página 314 - It is not necessary here to give any detailed account of the terms of botany. The fundamental ones have been gradually introduced, as the parts of plants were more carefully and minutely examined. Thus the flower was...
Página 253 - This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called Lord God...
Página 86 - Gravitation, which had been inferred from the Perturbations of the moon and planets by the sun and by each other, also accounted for the fact, apparently altogether dissimilar and remote, of the Precession of the equinoxes.
Página 45 - Such accidents never happen to common men. Thousands of men, even of the most inquiring and speculative men, had seen bodies fall; but who, except Newton, ever followed the accident to such consequences?
Página 93 - There is here no unexpected success, no happy coincidence, no convergence of principles from remote quarters : the philosopher builds- the machine, but its parts do not fit ; they hold together only while he presses them : this is not the character of truth. In the undulatory theory, on the other hand, all tends to unity and simplicity. We explain reflection and refraction by undulations ; when we come to thin plates, the requisite
Página 22 - The class is steadily fixed, though not precisely limited ; it is given, though not circumscribed ; it is determined, not by a boundary line without, but by a central point within ; not by what it strictly excludes, but by what it eminently includes ; by an example, not by a precept ; in short, instead of Definition we have a Type for our director.
Página ii - It is to our immortal countryman Bacon that we owe the broad announcement of this grand and fertile principle; and the development of the idea that the whole of natural philosophy consists entirely of a series of inductive generalizations, commencing with the most circumstantially stated particulars, and...

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