Equinox at Hilltop

Xlibris Corporation, 2005 M12 1 - 128 páginas
Equinox at Hilltop is about a village atop a hill that has no bottom. Its sides, rich with forests, spill on downward forever. Mayor Angstrom, the village's head official, hires four wizards, the young mathematician Isosceles, the beautiful violinist Andante, the cryptical Chrysyphus, and the boistrous Wonderhorn Jones, to fight flying bicycles from the moon which periodically attack the village. With the help of Jones' ravenous antique car and Chrysyphus' passenger balloon, the wizards devise ways to fight not only the bicycles in the sky but also the ominous black telephones attached to almost all the trees in the forest on the hill's lower slopes, self-voiced phones which besiege the village with mad voices. In the midst of this confusion Isosceles falls in love with Andante, but she has been taken away by the arrogant dandy Vindrosen. Only after the villagers are dispersed into the forests for the equivalent of thousands of years and then reassembled in the long-empty village under new rules does Isosceles get to inherit Andante, and share love with her in a way he didn't expect.

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