Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, Volumen28

Beginning with v. 31, the proceedings and papers of the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast are included.

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Página 33 - Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.
Página 66 - ... saepe etiam pertriste canit de pectore carmen et matutinis acredula vocibus instat, vocibus instat et assiduas iacit ore querellas, cum primum gelidos rores aurora remittit. fuscaque non numquam cursans per litora cornix demersit caput et fluctum cervice recepit.
Página 39 - Lucretii poemata ut scribis ita sunt : multis luminibus ingenii, multae etiam artis ; sed (cum veneris) virum te putabo, si Sallustii Empedoclea legeris, hominem non putabo.
Página xxviii - In all written exercises the long vowels should be marked, and in all oral exercises pains should be taken to make the pronunciation conform to the quantities. The student should be trained from the beginning to grasp the meaning of the Latin before translating, and then to render into idiomatic English ; and should be taught to read the Latin aloud with intelligent expression.
Página 43 - would be a very easy [sic] correction : Lucretii poemata, ut scribis, ita sunt multis luminibus ingenii : multae tamen artis esse cum /«veneris, virum te putabo ; si Salustii Empedoclea legeris, hominum non putabo.
Página xxix - Committee further recommends heartily a thorough and methodical study of Greek grammar as the necessary basis of accurate reading. No one proposes to return to the former practice of committing to memory all of the rules of Greek grammar before applying them in reading ; but pupils cannot be expected to prove fair scholars unless they know Greek forms and the elements of Greek syntax well before they are sent to college.
Página 50 - Memmi, qui princeps vitae rationem invenit eam quae nunc appellatur sapientia, quique per artem "> fluctibus e tantis vitam tantisque tenebris in tam tranquillo et tam clara luce locavit.
Página xxvi - Under exceptional circumstances, with earnest scholars and skilful teachers and long school years, the work of preparation for college in Greek may be done well in two years ; but in general, with less earnestness and skill, this work is likely to be superficial if it is so hurried, and the Committee of Twelve still (and more earnestly than ever) urges the maintenance of a three-year preparatory course of study in Greek.
Página xxv - The problem had been still further simplified by the discussions and actions of recent conferences, particularly the Greek Conference of the Committee of Ten, the Commission of New England Colleges, and the Greek Conference held at Columbia University in the spring of 1896 — all of these being in substantial agreement, and already approved by many of the most able teachers of the country. The replies to the Committee's circular of inquiry gave abundant information, both as to what is actually done...
Página 68 - Sed heus tu ! celari videor a te. Quomodonam, mi frater, de nostris versibus Caesar ? Nam primum librum se legisse scripsit ad me ante et prima sic ut neget se ne Graeca quidem meliora legisse ; reliqua ad quendam locum paöv/хоге/эа ; гс hoc enim utitur verbo.

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