Animal Magick: The Art of Recognizing and Working with Familiars

Llewellyn Worldwide, 1995 - 277 páginas

Receive direction, inspiration, and healing when you take the collar off a favorite animal's natural powers!Animal Magick is the first book to present familiars from a European Pagan viewpoint. It shows you how to access the unique power of familiars—real or imagined animals—for magickal assistance, enhanced health, and spiritual growth. You don't need a pet or companion animal to have a familiar. Whether you collect glass animals, dream about snakes, or “talk” with an animal already, you can further develop this connection for extraordinary magickal results.

Animal Magick presents practical meditations, rituals, and power chants for enticing, befriending, understanding, and collaborating with familiars. You'll learn ways to attract a familiar, explore various types of familiars and discover which one works best for you, and learn how to recognize messages and guidance from your magickal companion.

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This book is a fairly good book to get somewhat of a general idea of some ways that animal magick can be practiced, but it should not be the only book either. This book does have some factual errors ... Leer comentario completo

LibraryThing Review

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I have occasionally used this book as a resource, but mostly I find Conway's unwillingness to provide clear resources for her research, and her sometimes blatant historical, cultural, or animal ... Leer comentario completo


Familiars Humans
How to Attract a Familiar
Animal Familiars Magick
The Beauty of Friendship
Land Creatures
Birds Winged Creatures
Amphibians Reptiles
Aquatic Creatures
Spiders Insects
Mythical Creatures
Part IV
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A native of the Pacific Northwest, D.J. Conway (1939 - 2019) studied the occult fields for over 35 years. Her quest for knowledge covered Paganism, Wicca, New Age, and Eastern philosophies as well as history, the magical arts, mythology, and folklore. Conway wrote more than 20 nonfiction books, including Celtic Magic (Llewellyn), Dancing with Dragons (Llewellyn), Mystical Dragon Magic (Llewellyn), The Ancient Art of Faery Magick (10 Speed Press), and The Little Book of Candle Magic (10 Speed Press).

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