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Página 300 - It is agreed that either of the High Contracting Parties to this Treaty may demand a further revision of the Tariff, and of the Commercial Articles of this Treaty, at the end of ten years, but if no demand be made on either side within six months after the end of the first ten years, then the Tariff shall remain in force for ten years more, reckoned from the end of the preceding ten years; and so it shall be, at the end of each successive ten years.
Página 302 - British ships of war coming for no hostile purpose, or being engaged in the pursuit of pirates, shall be at liberty to visit all ports within the dominions of the Emperor of China, and shall receive every facility for the purchase of provisions, procuring water, and, if occasion require, for the making of repairs. The Commanders of such ships shall hold intercourse with the Chinese authorities...
Página 328 - Council, to impose such Prohibitions or Restrictions upon the Ships of such Foreign Country, either as to the Voyages in which they may engage, or as to the Articles which they may import into or export from any Part of the United Kingdom or of any British Possession in any Part of the World...
Página 361 - All articles in this class shall be free of duty : — Gold and silver, coined or uncoined. Wearing apparel, in actual use. Household furniture and printed books, not intended for sale, but the property of persons who come to reside in Japan.
Página 299 - British subjects may hire whatever boats they please for the transport of goods or passengers, and the sum to be paid for such boats shall be settled between the parties themselves, without the interference of the Chinese Government. The number of...
Página 300 - It is distinctly understood, that the payment of transit dues, by commutation or otherwise, shall in no way affect the tariff duties on imports or exports, which will continue to be levied separately and in full.
Página 300 - Consul, to declare the amount of duties leviable on produce between the places of production and the port of shipment, and upon imports between the consular port in question and the inland markets named by the Consul, and that a notification thereof shall be published in English and Chinese for general information.
Página 358 - I am directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 31st ultimo, enclosing a copy of a letter from Mr.
Página 298 - So soon as peace shall have been restored, British vessels shall also be admitted to trade at such ports as far as Hankow, not exceeding three in number, as the British Minister, after consultation with the Chinese Secretary of State, may determine shall be ports of entry and discharge.
Página 371 - Bank) ; it is raised 98 feet above the sea, and should be visible in clear weather from a distance of 11 miles.

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