The Second Funeral of Napoleon: In Three Letters to Miss Smith of London. And the Chronicle of the Drum

H. Cunningham, 1841 - 122 páginas

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Página 120 - ... in foremost rank: You wonder at his cap of hair ; You hear his sabre's cursed clank, His spurs are jingling everywhere. Go to ! I hate him and his trade. Who bade us so to cringe and bend, And all God's peaceful people made To such as him subservient ? Tell me what find we to admire In epaulets and scarlet coats — In men, because they load and fire, And know the art of cutting throats...
Página 114 - And a curse on those red-coated English, Whose bayonets helped our undoing. " A curse on those British assassins Who ordered the slaughter of Ney ; A curse on Sir Hudson, who tortured The life of our hero away. A curse on all Russians — I hate them — On all Prussian and Austrian fry ; And, O ! but I pray we may meet them, And fight them again ere I die.
Página 55 - ... étaient bouffies. Les téguments de cette partie de la face se faisaient remarquer par leur toucher doux, souple et leur couleur blanche; ceux du menton étaient légèrement bleuâtres. Ils empruntaient cette teinte à la barbe, qui semblait avoir poussé après la mort. Quant au menton lui-même, il n'offrait point d'altération et conservait encore ce type propre à la figure de Napoléon; les lèvres amincies étaient écartées; trois dents incisives, extrêmement blanches, se voyaient...
Página 121 - Tis twelve o'clock, and time to sup, Bid Mary heap the fire with coals. He captured many thousand guns ; He wrote "The Great" before his name ; And dying, only left his sons The recollection of his shame. Though more than half the world was his, He died without a rood his own ; And borrowed from his enemies Six foot of ground to lie upon.

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