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death, when the Roman empire was overturned by the northern nations, and an end was put to the very name of


in Momyllus Augustulus : or rather, as the government' of the Gothic kings was (3) much the same as that of the emperors with only a change of the name, this head was more effectually wounded to death, when Rome was reduced to a poor dukedom, and made tributary to the exarchate of Ravenna: and Sigonius, who hath written the best of these times and of these affairs, includes the history of the Gothic kings in his hiftory of the western empire. But not only one of his heads was as it were wounded to death, but bis deadly wound was healed. If it was the sixth head which was wounded, that wound could not be healed by the rising of the seventh head, as interpreters commonly conceive; the fame head, which was wounded, must be healed: and this was effected by the pope and people of Rome revolting from the exarch of Ravenna, and proclaming Charles the great Augustus and emperor of the Romans. Here the wounded imperial head was healed again, and hath subfifted ever since. At this time, partly thro' the


a dracone traditam, &c. Mr. rii ex omni parte fimillimum. Mann's M. S.

Sigonius de Occidentali Impe(3)-regnum veteris impe- rio. Lib. 16. Ann. 494. VOL. III.


(4) See

pope, and partly thro' the emperor; supporting and strengthening each other, the Roman name again became formidable: and all the world wondered after the beast, and (ver. 4.) they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast, and they worskipped the beast, saying; Who is like unto the beat ? Who is able to make' war with him? No kingdom or empire was like that of the beast, it had not a parallel upon earth,' and it was in vain for any to resist or oppose it, it prevailed and triumphed over all; and all the world in submitting thus to the religion of the beast, did in effect submit again to the religion of the dragon, it being the old idolatry with only new names.

The worshipping of demons and idols is in effect the worshipping of devils.

Wonderful as the beast was, his words and actions (ver. 5–8.) are no less wonderful. He perfectly resembles the little born in Daniel. As • the little horn (Dan. VII. 8, 25.) had a mouth Speaking great things, and spake great words against the most High; so there was given unto the beast a mouth Speaking great things, and be opened bis mouth in blasphemy against God. As the little horn (Dan. VII. 21.) made wer with the saints, and prevailed against them; so it was given unto the


(4) See the Introduction to Barrow's Treatise of the Pope's


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beast to make war with the saints, and to over-
come them. As the little horn prospered (Dan.
VII. 25.) until a time, and times, and the divi-
ding of time, that is three prophetic years and a
half; fo power was given unto the beast to conti-
nue, to practise and prosper, forty and two months,
which is exactly the same portion of time as

and a half. We see that not only the same images, but almost the same words are employed; and the portraits being so perfectly alike, it might fairly be presumed, if there was no other argument, that they were both drawn for the same person ; and having before clearly discovered who sat for the one, we cannot now be at any loss to determin who fat for the other. It is the Roman beast in his last state or under his seventh head : and he hath a mouth Speaking great things and blafphemies; and what can be greater things and blafphemies, than the (4) claims of universal bishop, infallible judge of all controverhes, fouran of kings, and disposer of kingdoms, vice-gerent of Christ, and God upon earth! He hath also power 1019,821 to continue or rather to practise, to prevail, and prosper, forty and two months. Some read 70190C6 Torsjov, to make war, not rightly understanding, I suppose,



והעשתה (5)

what was meant by Toinas alone; but it signifies to practise, to prevail, and prosper, as the words 7y and tonoos are (5) used by Daniel and the Greek translators. It doth not therefore follow, that the beast is to continue, to exist for no longer a term, but he is to practise, to prosper and prevail forty and two months ; as the holy city (XI. 2.) is to be troden under foot of the Gentiles forty and two months, which are the 1260 days or years of the reign of Antichrist. But if by the beast be understood the Heathen Roman empire, the Heathen Roman empire, instead of subsisting 1260, did not subsist 400 years after the date of this prophecy.

After this general account of the blasphernies and exploits of the beast, there follows a specification of the particulars. He opened bis mouth in blasphemy against God. Blasphemy against God may be said to be of two kinds, not only speaking dishonorably of the supreme Being, but likewise attributing to the creature what belongs to the creator, as in idolatry; which is often the sense of the word in scripture; as in Isaiah (LXV. 7.) They have burnt incense upon the


za .והעשתה והצליחה (5)

εποιησε, ,

(5) . van wonosi. et profperabitur, et

xao evwdwon. et faciet, faciet. and shall prosper, and et profperabitur. and it practised, practis. ver. 24. Sija 1wyr and prospered. Dan. VIII. 12. pinn). rei Tarot Sy autobs, xas

κατευθυνει, κατισχυσει. et faciet in eis, et

.והצליה ועשו

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mountains, and blasphemed me upon the hills; and in several other places. He blafphemes the name of God by assuming the divine titles and honors to himself, and as it is expressed in the Wisdom of Solomon, (XIV. 21.) by ascribing unto stones and stocks the incommunicable name. He blafphemes the tabernacle of God, his temple and his church, by calling true Christians, who are the house of God, schismatics and heretics, and by anathematizing them accordingly. He blafphemes them that dwell in heaven, angels and glorified faints, by idolatrous worship and impious adoration; and disgraces their acts, and vilifies their memories, by fabulous legends and lying miracles.

So much for his blasphemies; nor are his exploits less extraordinary. It was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them : And who can make any computation, or even frame any conception of the numbers of pious Christians, who have fallen a sacrifice to the bigottry and cruelty of Rome ? Mede upon the place (6) hath observed from good authorities, that in the war with the Albigenses and

Walconfortabitur, and fall deal (6) Prima ejus expeditio inagainst them, and fall prevail. cubuitin Albigenses et WaldenDan. XI. 7. dwyi. xai Tromost. fes, et fi quo alio nomine tunc et faciet. and he shall do exploits. appellati fint veri Chrifti cultover. 28. See also ver. 30. res: quorum tanta ftrages edita 23


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