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dissenting minister, he adhered through life without wavering. Diversified and various as were his researches in other departments of literature, he never forgot that he was a Christian and a minister. How well he understood ;--with what acuteness and strength of reasoning he illustrated ;--and with what energy of language he enforced the doctrines and duties of Christianity, it is needless to state on the present occasion. The evidence is before the public; it is familiar to many who hear me; and it will, I hope, derive additional enlargement and confirmation from his posthumous publications. Although we have reason to regret that his death, considered by many of us as premature, and to most of us not long ago but little expected, terminated his labours before their completion ; we trust that survivors will accomplish the work which he had begun, and present to the public what he intended for its inspection.

It is to his religious principles and corresponding conduct; to his inviolable integrity


and successful labours for the public good; more than to his various other accomplishments, that we inust now recur for consolation under the affliction of his removal from us, which we deplore. From these sources, aided by the light and grace of the Gospel, we derive an antidote to the evil which we lament. « Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord; for they rest from their labours, and their works accompany them! The righteous hath hope in his death. To them who by patient continuance in welldoing, have sought for glory, honour, and immortality, there remaineth eternal life.” These assurances, partly suggested by reason, in the contemplation of improvable faculties and attainments, and authoritatively confirmed by revelation, dispose us to acquiesce in the event that has separated our friend from us, and animate our expectations of a reunion with him in a future world.

Christianity hath abolished the dominion of death and limited its empire, by bringing

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life and immortality to light. Thus aided in our inquiries concerning the unseen state; thus established in our belief of a future existence; we may adopt the triumphant language of the apostle: “This mortal shall

put on immortality : --This corruptible “shall put on incorruption :-0 death, « where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy “ victory? Thanks be to God, who giveth “ us the victory through our Lord Jesus “ Christ."

From these reflections, which it is needless to pursue, let the surviving relatives of the deceased deduce lessons of acquiescence and consolation! Let them adopt his principles, adhere to them with a steadiness like his, and imitate his general conduct; and they will share the esteem and respect, to which he was entitled, whilst they live, and renew their intercourse with him at the resurrection of the just.

May surviving ministers profit by his example ; retain in remembrance the amiable


and laudable qualities for which he was distinguished; and by being indefatigable in serving the cause to which he was devoted, aspire after a similar honour and reward ! And may we all be steadfast, and unmoveable, and always abounding in the works of the Lord; forasmuch as we know, that our labour shall not be in vain in the Lord!


Printed by R. Taylor and Co., London..

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