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by the irritation of stigmatizing and persecuting laws. But the question with every good man and with every good citizen will be, what is right, and what is just, and what is most conducive to public peace and to public utility. Fiat justitia, ruat cælum. If truth and right and good be pursued, the Dissenter, as the friend of God and man, can cheerfully leave the issue to the great Superintendant of the moral world. For assuredly there is not one honest or good end subserved by these laws, while many are the serious evils to which they constantly administer. All the religious, and much of the civil antipathy, which divide the subjects of these kingdoms, are derived from this foul

A patriot affection is diverted into the narrow walks of partiality and selfishness, injustice is associated with law, and our governors may be invited and encouraged to court a predominant party at the expense of their country's good, to bargain with the selfish leaders of a bigoted multitude for the quiet surrender of the constitu


tion and liberties of their country. At least religion is profaned, Christianity and its most sacred observances are prostituted to gain and power, and the state is

and the state is every day and every hour rendered the great instrument of religious and moral seduction.

In fine, if discord and jealousy and hatred be the salutary food of Englishmen, if it be the

part of good men and the wisdom of the legislature to pamper this depraved appetite, if the pleas of justice and of religion are but the dreams of the closet, if a cause can continue to be patronized in the defence of which the highest abilities are foiled; then these laws will be retained. If not, our Appeal will be regarded, and the disgrace of England will be done away.










Could the rich one's hoarded wealth
Buy the first of blessings, health;
Could it charm old age away,
Death persuade to quit his

Ev'ry hour should me behold
Careful for this precious gold.
But since wealth has no such art,
Why should wealth sit near my heart ?

I'll not waste the hours that are
In fruitless wishes, fruitless care :
Though no human power can save
This frail body from the grave;
Shall I sorrow's visage wear,
Heave the sigh, or pour the tear?
Shall I all the present kill
By broođing o'er the future ill?

Welcome ,mirth, and welcome, joy! If ye court, I'll not be coy.

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