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P. Hen. What, stand'st thou idle here? Lend me thy sword;

Many a nobleman lies stark and stiff

Under the hoofs of vaunting enemies,

Whose deaths are unrevenged. I pr'ythee, lend me thy sword.

Fal. O Hal, I pr'ythee, give me leave to breathe awhile. Turk Gregory 1 never did such deeds in arms as I have done this day. I have paid Percy; I have made him sure.

P. Hen. He is, indeed; and living to kill thee. I pr'ythee, lend me thy sword.

Fal. Nay, before God, Hal, if Percy be alive, thou gettest not my sword; but take my pistol, if thou wilt.

P. Hen. Give it me.

What, is it in the case? Fal. Ay, Hal; 'tis hot, 'tis hot; there's that will sack a city.

[the Prince draws out a bottle of sack. P. Hen. What, is 't a time to jest and dally now? [throws it at him, and exit. Fal. Well, if Percy be alive, I'll pierce him. If he do come in my way, so; if he do not, if I come in his willingly, let him make a carbonado of me.

1 Pope Gregory the Seventh, surnamed Hildebrand, was thus designated.

2 A carbonado is a piece of meat cut crosswise for the gridiron.

I like not such grinning honor as sir Walter hath. Give me life; which if I can save, so; if not, honor comes unlooked for, and there's an end.



Another part of the field.


K. Hen. I pr'ythee,

Harry, withdraw thyself: thou bleed'st too much :Lord John of Lancaster, go you with him.

P. John. Not I, my lord, unless I did bleed too. P. Hen. I beseech your majesty, make up, Lest your retirement do amaze 1 your 1


K. Hen, I will do so :-My lord of Westmoreland, lead him to his tent. West. Come my lord, I'll lead you to your tent. P. Hen. Lead me, my lord? I do not need your


And, Heaven forbid, a shallow scratch should drive The prince of Wales from such a field as this,

Where stain'd nobility lies trodden on,

And rebels' arms triumph in massacres !

P. John. We breathe too long. Come, cousin Westmoreland,

Our duty this way lies: for God's sake, come.

[Exeunt Prince John and Westmoreland.

Throw into consternation.

P. Hen. By heaven, thou hast deceived me, Lan


I did not think thee lord of such a spirit:
Before, I loved thee as a brother, John ;
But now, I do respect thee as my soul.

K. Hen. I saw him hold lord Percy at the point, With lustier maintenance than I did look for

Of such an ungrown warrior.

[blocks in formation]

Dou. Another king! they grow like Hydra's heads.

I am the Douglas, fatal to all those

That wear those colors on them. What art thou, That counterfeit'st the person of a king?

K. Hen. The king himself; who, Douglas, grieves at heart,

many of his shadows thou hast met,
And not the very king. I have two boys,
Seek Percy and thyself about the field:
But, seeing thou fall'st on me so luckily,
I will assay thee; so defend thyself.

Dou. I fear, thou art another counterfeit ;
And yet, in faith, thou bear'st thee like a king:
But mine, I am sure thou art, whoe'er thou be;
And thus I win thee.

[they fight the King being in danger, enter


P. Hen. Hold up thy head, vile Scot, or thou art


Never to hold it up again! The spirits
Of Shirley, Stafford, Blunt are in my arms:
It is the prince of Wales that threatens thee;
Who never promiseth, but he means to pay.

[they fight; Douglas flies.

Cheerly, my lord! How fares your grace?—
Sir Nicholas Gawsey hath for succour sent,
And so hath Clifton: I'll to Clifton straight.

K. Hen. Stay, and breathe awhile:

Thou hast redeem'd thy lost opinion; 1

And show'd, thou makest some tender of my life,
In this fair rescue thou hast brought to me.

P. Hen. O heaven! they did me too much


That ever said, I hearken'd for your

If it were so, I might have let alone


The insulting hand of Douglas over you;
Which would have been as speedy in your end,
As all the poisonous potions in the world,
And saved the treacherous labor of your son.

K. Hen. Make up to Clifton: I'll to sir Nicholas [Exit King Henry.


Enter HOTSPur.

Hot. If I mistake not, thou art Harry Monmouth.

1 Reputation.








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