Abbott's first reader, selected by Jacob & John Abbott

Jacob Abbott

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Página 72 - The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it.
Página 60 - THE moon is very fair and bright, And also very high : I think it is a pretty sight To see it in the sky : It shone upon me where I lay, And seemed almost as bright as day. The stars are very pretty too, And scattered all about — At first there...
Página 37 - MY God, who makes the sun to know His proper hour to rise; And, to give light to all below, Doth send him round the skies: When from the chambers of the east His morning race begins, He never tires, nor stops to rest, But round the world he shines.
Página 44 - He prosper'd in his ways ? No, wicked courses never can Bring good and happy days. Without a shilling in his purse, Or cot to call his own, Poor Thomas grew from bad to worse, And harden'd as a stone.
Página 127 - I should have been glad had you finished them, but you made so much bustle about it, and talked so much, that I could not go on with my reading. I have never spoken to you particularly about this fault, but it is one that you can easily overcome You are a very lively, active, little girl, I should be sorry...
Página 129 - Surely, Susan must have mislaid it when she swept the parlour. I wish she was not such a careless girl." She then went to another part of the room and looked under the sofa, continuing all the while to talk ; " Why, Henrietta, perhaps you left your thimble up stairs, did you not?
Página 71 - I wanted to tell you is, what became of him. Before he grew up he was taken very sick, and after many years of great suffering he died. The next boy was George. His mother indulged him very much. She used to let him do pretty much as he chose, and anything he wanted she was sure to do for him, but anything she wanted he was sure not to do for her. In fact, he seemed to have much less regard for his mother than for an older scholar, who used to be a leader in all our sports. He never minded anything...
Página 72 - ... mother. And what do you suppose became of Herbert? His end was more miserable than that of William or of George. I shall not tell you exactly what became of him, for it is a more dreadful story than 1 love to relate.
Página 71 - ... she looked as she went into the house. I never before saw a boy strike his mother, and it made me feel so badly that I could not play. I told the boys I believed I must go home. I walked away, thinking of what my mother had told me. I thought I would always remember William and see if he prospered. Perhaps it would have been better, if William's mother had spoken more kindly to him, but that was no excuse for William.
Página 78 - Two good little girls, Marianne and Maria, As happily lived as good girls could desire ; And though they were neither grave, sullen, nor mute, They seldom or never were heard to dispute.

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