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low mortal to close her eyes, in the pangs of dissolution.

" To restore to a virtuous and industrious course of life the unfortunate victims of seduction, is, no doubt, one of the greatest acts of mercy we are capable of performing. Several institutions, for this truly Christian purpose, are established in or near this metropolis--the Magdalen Hospital, the Lock Asylum, and the London Female Penitentiary. It is scarcely possible to imagine a situation more wretched, and more to be pitied, than that into which many of these unhappy sufferers are plunged, by the wicked arts of their seducers; and great indeed must be the joy of those persons who are inore immediately employed in bringing back these miserable young women to the paths of virtue, and restoring them to the arms of their afflicted parents and friends : but our endeavours should not only be exercised in reclaiming those who have fallen into such misfortunes, we ought likewise to do what lies in our power to protect the unwary feinale from the snares of the cruel seducer, the plunderer of virtue and innocence.”

The Contrast ; a Poem : including Comparative Views of Britain, France, and Spain, at ihe present Moment; in two parts; a:ldressed to an English Nobleman. By Mr. Pratt, Author ofSympathy, Gleanings,&c. &c. 3d Edit, corrected, 12mo. p. 28. Cradock and Joy, 1803.

The primary object of Mr. Pratt, in these lines, was to congratulate Lord Shaftesbury on his return to England from his continement in France, and to contrast the situation of the two countries; which he has done with great force and feeling: but the noble resistance to the Gallic yoke in Spain prompted him to enlarge his Poem, and “ build the lofty rhyme” in celebration of an occurrence which is worthy of the best offerings of the Muse, and, whatever may be the fate of the contest, will conduce to the everlasting glory of the Spanish character.

After dwelling on the atrocities of the French, and the state of wretched degradation to which Bonaparte has reduced his subjects, Mr. Pratt finely adverts to the noble efforts in Spain.

“ But, 0! what visions, awful and profound,
Pregnant with happier omens, crowd around : ,
What kindling glory bursts upon the sight,
Fair as when chaos bail'd the birth of light;
When the first sunbeam on the mass was shed,
And utter darkness from the radiance fled;
Swift as the light’ning's flash, the thunder's roll,
Th’ effulgence rushes on the startled soul.
Lo! as it spreads into more perfect day!
Exulting myriads bless th' expanding ray,
Pursue th' illumin'd track their fathers trod,
Rise to new life, avd feel the inspiring God.
From Heav'n from highest Heav'n, descends the flame,
To point and guide the way to gen'rous fame.
'Twas thus the pillar'd fire its beam display'd,
To gild tbe sacred path which Heaven had made.”

We have only room for one more extract. The brief recapitulation of some of the ancient exploits of the Spaxiards is highly animated. He urges the brave patriots to proceed in imitating the valour of their ancestors, and set the same brilliant example to their posterity.

& Hence may the captive nations nobly rise,
And take again the track where glory lies !
AUSTRIA renew'd, her spirit still unbroke,
Th’unblemish'd Charles may rescue from her yoke;
Deluded RussIA may redeem her fame,
And feel the tinge of mingled rage and shame.
Redeem'd from serpent GALLIA's loath'd embrace,
(For just revenge may arm her hardy race,)
DENMARK again may meet BRITANNIA's hand;
And even degraded PRUSSIA's fetter'd band,
As from the mould'ring mansions of the dead,
Haply may raise once more ber shrouded head.
Thrice noble SWEDE! of an undaunted line,
In this vast strife our hopes, our pray’rs, are thine !
Illustrious son of an illustrious sire,
Whom honour, virtue, and the Muse inspire !”

He concludes with panegyrizing Great Britain for lending its aid to the Spanish cause; an aid which we almost fear has been afforded too late ; at least, from what has recently occurred, without giving way to despondence, we have certainly more to apprehend than to hope or expect. Heaven prosper the right!

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