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JULY, 1808, TO DECEMBER, 1808.

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ANECDOTES OF HEROISM. · WHEN Thurot effected a landing in Ireland, in the seven years war, while the French and English troops were engaging in the streets of Carrickfergus, a young child got between the combatants; which a French sol. dier observing, quitted his rank, and led it out of danger; and while he was employed in this humane action, both parties suspended their fire*.

October 26, 1762, Captain Clark of the Sheerness, 24 guns, was chased iuto Villa Franca by a French ship of 64 guns, and two frigates. La Minervė, one of the French frigates, struck on a rock and was wrecked; but the whole crew, except 25 men were saved by the British seament.

When James II. was going by sea to Scotland, he was wręcked, but got ashore in the boat. The seamen on board when they saw him safe, gave three cheers, though the ship was sinking.

The same prince, when he was informed that the French fleet had beaten the English in Bantry Bay, though it was in his own cause, could not help exclaiming : • It is the first time then. And afterwards being a spectator of the burning of the French ships that were run ashore after the battle of La Hogue, he cried out, • None but my brave English could do this I.' What a

* Entick's History of the War, t Dobson's Annals of the War.

I Dalrymple. VOL. IV.

pity that such seeds of patriotism should have produced such bad fruit!

In the war for the Spanish succession, while the Earl of Peterborough was treating at one of the gates of Barcelopa about the surrender of that city, some of the Spanish troops on his side forced their way in, and began to pillage. The magistrates upbraided the earl with treachery. He answered, “Only admit the British troops, and you will see if we are perfidious enemies. They complied, He marched into the town, drove out the Spaniards, and, returning to the gate, finished the capitulation without taking any advantage of being in actual possession of the place.

In the hottest of the fire at Lincelles, General H saw a soldier standing out of the ranks, and firing at the enemy with an immense broad gold-laced hat and red feather on his head. He rode up to him, and made him very reluctantly, take it off. Some of the men being in want of cartridges, the same soldier produced his pockets full of them, which he had taken from the French soldiers, as he had the hat from an officer. After the battle was over, he asked permission of the general to wear the hat for a couple of days, which was granted; but before night he bartered his trophy for strong beer.

At the same battle, a soldier who had his leg shot off was carried off the field, by two of his comrades, on a hand barrow. One of them, on perceiving him motionless, said to the other, “Zounds! I believe it is all over with Jack.'-On which the wounded soldier roared out, • It's a dod lie,' and began singing God save the king!' Colonel S an, who was close by and heard it, got the king's letter for him.


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Collatis undique membris. -Hor.

DEATH OF THE RUSSIAN EMPEROR PAUL. The Emperor, from an aversion he had taken to those palaces, which formed the favourite residence of Catha

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