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1642 Five Members,' Jan. 3; Hull gates shut on Isaac Newton 6. Dec. 25, d. 1727; Publication Apology for Smectymnuus.

Charles, April 23; his standard at Notting-1 of Religio Medici by Sir Thomas Browne
ham, Aug. 22 ; Resolution of Houses against (1605-1682); De Cive by Thomas Hobbes
Episcopacy, Sept.; Battle of Edgehill, Oct. 23. (1588-1679).

-Galileo d. (78); Richelieu d. (57).
1643 Battle of Chalgrove and death of Hampden, June William Cartwright d. (32); George Sandys d. Milton marries Mary Powell.

18; Rupert takes Bristol, July 26; Falkland (66).
falls in the first Battle of Newbury, Sept. 20;
Solemn League and Covenant at St. Mar-
garet's.-Louis XIV (five years old) begins his

1644 Oxford Parliament, Jan. to April; Battle of William Chillingworth d. (42); Francis Quarles Areopagitica ; Doctrine and
Marston Moor, July 2; Skippon's surrender, 1 d. (52).

Discipline of Divorce ;
Sept. 2 ; Second Battle of Newbury, Oct. 27.

Martin Bucer's Judgment ;
-Grotius d. (62).

Milton's sight declining;

Sonnets 111-V.
1645 Laud beheaded, Jan. 10; Failure of Uxbridge William Browne d. (55); Publication of Quarles' Tetrachordon; Colasterion ;
Treaty, Feb. 22; Naseby, June 14; Rupert Emblems.

Sonnets VI, VII.
surrenders Bristol, Sept. 10.
1646 Charles surrenders to the Scots, May 5.- Sir Thomas Browne’s Vulgar Errors published.

Leibnitz b., d. 1716.
1647 Charles delivered to Parliamentary Commis- Earl of Rochester b., d. 1680.

Deaths of Richard Powell, sioners, Jan. 30; taken to Carisbrook, Nov.

Jan., and John Milton, 13.

1648 Royalist fortresses surrender; Cromwell victori- Lord Herbert of Cherbury d. (67); Herrick's Psalms lxxx-lxxxvii, April.

ous in Lancashire, enters Edinburgh ; Isle Hesperides published.
of Wight Treaty broken off, Nov. 27; Army
seize Charles, Nov. 30; ‘Pride's Purge,' Dec.
6; Charles taken from Hurst to Windsor,
Dec. 23.—Peace of Westphalia, Oct. 24;
Fronde' to 1653.


1649 Charles I beheaded, Jan. 30 (6. Nov. 19, 1600); Drummond of Hawthornden d. (64); Thomas Tenure of Kings and Magis-
House of Lords abolished, Feb. 5; Royalist Heywood d.

trates ; Observations on
nobles condemned by High Court of Justice;

Ormond's Peace ; Eikono-
Cromwell in Ireland, Aug. to May.

clastes; Begins History of
1650 Execution of Montrose, May 21; Charles II in Thomas May d. (55); publication of Hobbes' England.

Scotland, June; Battle of Dunbar, Sept. 3.- Human Nature, and of Taylor's Holy Living
Descartes d. (54).

and Dying.
1651 Charles II crowned at Scone, Jan. I; enters | Thomas Otway 6., d. 1685; Publication of Defensio pro Populo Angli-
England, Aug. 6; Battle of Worcester, Sept. 3. Hobbes' Leviathan and Rudiments (transla- cano.

tion of De Çive); Cleveland's Poems.
1652 Dutch War, June 30; Naval battles of Blake Filmer's Observations concerning the Original Correspondence with Sweden,
and Von Tromp.

of Government (against Milton, Hobbes, and Holland, Denmark, Spain,

and Savoy; Blindness.
1653 Long Parliament dissolved, April 20; Little or Publication of Complete Angler, by Izaak Death of Mary (Powell) Milton
Barebone Parliament, July 4 to Dec. 12; Walton (1593–1683).

(3); Psalms i-viii, Aug.
Protectorate, Dec. 16.–Saumaise (Salmasius)

d. (65). 1654 Peace with Holland, April 5; first Protectorate John Selden d. (70); William Habington d. Defensio Secunda.

Parliament, Sept. 3 to Jan. 22; Cromwell (49).

refused hereditary Protectorate. 1655 Republican conspiracy, Feb. 10; Penruddock Dugdale's Monasticon (publication was finished

executed, May 16; Liberty of Press re- 1673).

1656 Spanish War, March 12; Blake defeats the John Hales of Eton d. (74); Bp. Joseph Hall Milton marries his second wife,

galleons, Sept. 10; Second Protectorate Par- d. (82); Abp. Usher d. (76); Fuller's Church Catherine Woodcock, Nov.
liament, Sept. 17 to June 26.
History; Harrington's Oceana.

1657 | Death of Blake (after his victory at Santa Cruz), |

1 April 17; Cromwell refuses Kingship, May 8.
1658 Surrender of Dunkirk, June 17; Death of Richard Lovelace d. (40).

Death of Catherine Milton, Cromwell, Sept. 3, 6. April 25, 1599.

| Feb.; Sonnet XVIII.

1659 New Parliament, Jan. 27 to April 22 ; Rump John Cleveland d. (46).

Civil Power in Ecclesiastical restored, May 7 to Oct. 12 ; Richard Crom

Causes ; Way to Remove
well resigns, May 13; Rump restored, Dec.

Hirelings ; Letter to a
26 to March 16.-Peace of Pyrenees.

Friend; Brief Declaration

of Free Commonwealth.
1660 Monk enters England, Jan. 1, and London, Publication of Fuller's Worthies, and Jeremy Ready and Easy Way to Esta-
Feb. 3 ; Convention Parliament, April 25 Taylor's Ductor Dubitantium.

blish a Free Commonwealth ;
to Dec. 29; Restoration, May 29.

Notes on a Sermon.
1661 Episcopacy restored in Scotland, May 8; Argyle Thomas Fuller d. (53).

Accidence commenced Gram-
beheaded, May 27.

1662 Charles marries Catherine of Braganza, May Charter of Royal Society (founded 1645); Thomas Ellwood introduced to
20; Execution of Sir H. Vane, June 14; H. Lawes d.

Milton by Dr. Paget.
Dunkirk sold, Oct. 17.
1663 Impeachment of Clarendon fails, July 9. Publication of Hudibras, First Part.
1664 Dutch War.

Poems of Edmund Waller (1605–1687) first Milton marries Elizabeth Mins-

hull, Feb.
1665 Duke of York defeats Dutch fleet; Opdam

Paradise Lost in MS. shown
blown up, June 3 ; Plague of London, June

to Ellwood.
to Dec.
1666 Battle of Lowestoft, June 1 to 4; Rupert and James Shirley d. (70).

Monk defeat Dutch fleet, June 26; Fire of

London, Sept.
1667 Dutch sail up Medway, June 3; Peace of Breda, Abraham Cowley d. (49); Jeremy Taylor d. Sale of Paradise Lost, April
July 10; Clarendon resigns, Aug. 30.
(54); George Wither d. (79).

1668 Triple Alliance (England, Holland, and Sweden Sir J. Denham d. (53); Sir William Davenant

against France); Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle d. (62).
(France and Spain), April 22.

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1670 The Cabal' government; Treaty of Dover.

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Publication of Paradise

Regained, and Samson

Artis Logico.

1672 Exchequer shut, Jan. 2; Battle of Solebay,

May 27; Prince of Orange Stadtholder,
June 1 ; Shaftesbury Chancellor, Nov. 17.–

William III, Stadtholder.
1673 Test Act, March 29; Duke of York refuses

Test, and marries Mary of Modena, Nov. 29;
Shaftesbury dismissed, Nov. 9.

Of True Religion, Heresy and

Scbism ; English Poems and Latin Verses repub

lished. Familiar Letters ; Academic | Exercises ; Death, Nov. 8.

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