The Complete Letter-writer: Containing Familiar Letters on the Most Common Occasions in Life, Also a Variety of Elegant Letters for the Direction and Embellishment of Style, ...

W Darling, 1778 - 249 páginas

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Sun Vista is a very good park, its only a few steps from being a great park.
(1) The restaurant is not a very popular with residents, not because the food is bad, but because a lot of people are
not comfortable with the chef-promoter attitude of the cook. the park would be better served with a cook that focused on the kitchen and not the inner workings of the park.
(2) The residents also need a maintenance manager that is approachable and responds to residents problems, without situations escalating into a shouting match.

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Old school, but a terrific lesson in English
I had the hard copy of this book, and it has helped me so often when constructing letters for all sorts of purposes. The English is quite old, but the sentence structuring and paragraphing are excellent.

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