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How happy, how happy is she,
Hang the Presbyters Gill,
Honest Shepherd, since
How happý's that Husband who after
How is the World transform'd
Hub ub, ub, boo;
Had I but Love,
How happy are we,
Hear Chloe hear,
How happy's he who weds a Wife,
How Charming Phillis is, how Fair,

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If ever you mean to be kind,
Í know her false,
I am come to lock all fast,
In vain Clemene you bestow,
If Wine be a Cordial
I fain wou'd

find a passing,
If I should go seek the
I seek no more to shady coverts,
I tryd in Parks and Plays,
In a Flowry Myrtle Grove,
I am a Jolly Toper,
I'll tell you all, both great
I am a cunning Constable,
I Courted and Writ,
I'll tell thee Dick where I have
I am a poor Shepherd undone,
I Love to Madness, rave t enjoy,
I'll press, I'll bless thee Charming
I'm vext to think that Damon
I have a Tenement to Let,

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Let Mary live long,
Lerinda complaineth that
Lay by your Pleading,
Love's Powr in my Heart
Let's wet the whistle of the
Leťs Sing as one may say
Lucinda has the de'ei and all,
Love is a Bauble,
Lais when you
Lorenzo you amuse the Town,
Love's Passion never knew
Let those Youths who Freedom
Lavia would, but dare not venture,
Love, the sweets of Love,


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MARLBOROUGH's a brave Commander,

May her blest Example chace,
My Dear and only Love,
My Nose is the largest of all
My Nose is the Flattest of all
Mortals learn your Lives to
Mirtillo, whilst you patch
My Friend thy Beauty
Must Love, that Tyrant of the
My Theodora can those Eyes,

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N°W dry no thy Fears

No, no, poor suffering Heart,
New Pyramid's raise,
Never sigh, but think of kissing,
Now, now the Queen's Health,
Noble King Lud,
Now Pm resolv'd to Love no more
Not your Eyes Melania move me,
Now, now the Night's come,
Now Jockey and Moggy are ready,

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H! my Panting, panting Heart,


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Oh how Happy's he, who from,
Oh! the mighty pow'r of Love,
Oh the Charming Month of May,
Oh-Roger I've been to see Eugene,
Of all the handsome Ladies,

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HILLIS lay aside your Thinking,

Pish fye, you're rude Sir,
Phillis, I can ne'er forgive it,
Poor Sawney had marry'd á Wife,

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OOM for Gentlemen,

Retire old Miser, Richest Gift of lavish Nature,

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HE met with a Country-man,

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Sometimes I am a Tapster new,
She went Apparell’d neat and fine,
Say cruel Amoret, how long,
Such command o'er my Fate
Sit you merry Gallants,
Since Phillis swears Inconstancy,
Some in the Town go betimes
Suppose a Man does all he can,
Sors sine visu,
See bleeding at your Feet
Since Tom's in the Chair, and every one here
Such a happy, happy, Life,

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The World is a Bubble and full of
Through the cold shady Woods,
The gordian Knot,
There Dwelt a Widow in this Town,

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There was an Old Man,
There is a Thing which in the light
There's not a Swain,
Tormenting Beauty leave my Breast,
Tell me why so long,
'Tis a foolish mistake,
Tell me, tell me, charming
Tho' thou’rt ugly and Old,
Tho' you make no return,
The King is gone to Oxon Town,
Tho' I love and she knows it,
There was three Travellers,
Troy had a breed of brave
There's none so Pretty
The Ordinance a-board
That scornful Sylvia's Chains
Tom Tinker's my true love,
To you Fair Ladies now at Land,
Then come kind Damon come
The Night is come that will,

a new set of Rakes,
Thơ Begging is an Honest Trade,
The Rosey Morn lukes blith and Gay
The Restauration now's the Word,

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NDERNEATH the Castle Wall,

Unguarded lies the wishing Maid
Vobis magnis parvis dicam

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WHOST Phillisis Drinking,

War, War and Battle now no more,
What shall I do, I am undone,
When Wit and Beauty,
When Sylvia was kind,
What, Love a crime,
When I have often heard young Maids,
What state of Life can be,
When Jockey first I saw,
When Dido was a Carthage Queen,
We merry Wives of Windsor,

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Woas me poor Lass! what mun
When on her Eyes,
With sighing and wishing,
What sayest thou,
What shall I do, I've lost my Heart,
When I was in the low Country,
Walk up to Virtue Strait,
When first I lay'd Siege to my Chloris,
Why alas do you now leave me,
When Beauty such as yours,
When crafty Fowlers would
Who can Dorinda's Beauty view,
When embracing my Friends,
Why will Clemene when I gaze,

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