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My knight, quod he; I will the hele,
And the restore to parfite wele,
And for ech payne thou hast endured
To have two joies thou art enured:
And forth he passid by the rout,
With sobir chere walking about,
And what he said I thought to here;
Well wilt he which his servaunts were:
And as he passed anon he fond
My lady', and her toke by the hond,
And made her chere as a goddes,
And of Beaute called her Princes,
Of Bounty eke gave her the name,
And sayd there was nothyng to blame i
In her, but she was vertuous,
Saving she would no pity use,
Which was the cause that he her fought
To put that far out of her thought;
And fithin she had whole richesse
Of womanhed and frendlinesse,
He said it was nothing fitting
To void Pity his owne leggyng;
And gan her prech and with her play,
And of her beauty told her aic,
And said she was a creature
Of whom the name should endure,
And in bokis full of plesaunce
Be put for er in remembraunce;

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And as me thoughtin more frendly,
Unto my lady and godelily
He spake than any that was there;
And for the' applis I trow it were
That she had in possession,
Wherefore long in procession
Many a pace arme undir other
He welke, and so did with none other :
But what he would commaund or say
Forthwith nedis all must obay,
And what he desired at the left
Of my lady was by request:
And when they long together had bene
He brought my lady to the quene,
And to her said, So God you spede
Shew grace, and consent, that is nede.
My lady tho full conningly,
Righľ well avised and womanly,
Downe gan to knele upon the floures
Which Aprill nourished had with shoures,
And to this mighty lord gan fay,
That plesith you I woll obay,
And me restraine from othir thought;
As ye woll all thyng shall be wrought:
And with that word kneling she quoke.
That mighty lord in armes her toke,
And said, You have a ser vaunt, one
That truir living is there none,



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He will be yours


Wherefore gode were, feing his trouth,
That on his painis ye had routh,
And purpose you to here his fpech,
Fully avisid him to lech,
For of one thyng ye may be sure,

while he


And with that word right on his game
Methought he lough, and told my name,
Which was to nie mar vaile and fere,
That what to do I ne wist there,
Ne whethir was nie bet or none
There to abide or thus to gone,
For well wend I my lady wold
Imagin or deme I had told
My counfaile whole, or made complaint
Unto that lord, that mighty saint,
So verily ech thing unfought
He said as he had knowne my thought,
And told my trouth and mine unese
Bct than I couth have for inine ese,
Though I had studied all a weke:
Well wist that lord that I was seke,
And would be lechid wondir faine;
No man me blame, mine was the paine.
And when this lord had all ysaid,
And long while with my lady plaid,
She gan to smile with spirit glade;
This was the answere that fic made,







Which put me there in double peine,
That what to do ne what to seine
Wilt I not, ne what was the best;
Ferre was my hert then fro his rest,
For as I thought that smiling ligne
Was tokin that the hert encline
Would to requestis resonable,
Because Smiling is favorable
Te overy thing that fall thrive,
So thoughtin I tho anon blive
That Worldleffe answere in no toun
Was tane for obligacioun,
Ne callid surety in no wise
Amongst them that callid ben wise :
Thus was I in a joyous dout,
Sure and unfurist of that rout;
Right as mine hert ythought it were
So more or lesse wexin my fere,
That if one thought ymade it wele
Anothir fhent it everydele,
Till at the last I couth no more,
But purposed as I did before
To serve truly my lyv'is space,
Awaiting er the yere of grace,
Which may yfall yet or I terve,
If that it plese her that I serve,
And servid have, and woll do ever,
For thyng is none that me is lever

Volume XI.







Than is her service, whose presence
Mine heven is whole, and her absence
An hell all full of divers paines,
Whych to the deth full oft nie straines.
Thus in my thoughtis as I ftode,
That unneth felt I harme ne gode,
I saw the
quene a


Come where this mighty lord ywas,
And knelid downe in presence there
Of all the ladies that there were,
With sobir countinaunce avised,
In few wordis that well fuffised,
And to this lord anon present
A bill, wherein whole her entent
Was writtin, and how she hesought,
As he knew every will and thought,
That of his godhed and his grace
He would forgyve all old trespace,
And undisplesed be of time part,
For she would evir be stedfast,
And in his service to the deth
Use every thought while she had breth,
And sight and wept, and said no more,
Within was writtin all the fore:
At whychè bill the lord gan fmyle,
And said he would within that yle
Be lord and syre both est and west,
And cal'd it there his new conquesty




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