A Bastard's Refuge II Rejected by Man But Adopted by God

Gutter to Grace to Glory Ministries Int. Incorporated, 2009 M07 8 - 432 páginas
'ABR II' catapults you to a place where the fearful dare not tread. This book takes you on a riveting journey as it exposes "Pulpit Venom." A true "Firebrand", Prophetess J. Godley-Ramos puts it down way hard - so get ready! The 'Hirelings' have fleeced the sheep long enough. These "Imposters" have given God's "Good Pastors" a bad name. 'Bootleg Shepherds' & "Prophet Wannabes" often view themselves as God, thus leading the 'Sheep' to them, rather than to HIM. Unfortunately because so many sheep have fallen asleep, or lack sufficient Scriptural knowledge and because they are often afraid, many will not stand up for themselves; they continue to wonder in a blinding stupor being repeatedly raped, pimped, and spiritually assassinated by the very leaders, who claim to be watching for their souls. This book sends the 'Bootlegs' running for cover. After reading 'A Bastard's Refuge' your eyes will be thoroughly opened. Things will never be the same on the church circuit again!

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