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nature,) from the world, as in obtruding them: so in these particulars I have played myself the inquisitor, and find nothing to my understanding in them contrary or infectious to the state of religion or manners, but rather, as I suppose, medicinable : only I disliked now to put them out, because they will be like the late new halfpence, which though the silver were good, yet the pieces were small;, but since they would not stay with their master, but would needs travel abroad, I have preferred them to you that are next myself; dedicating them, such as they are, to our love, in the depth whereof, I assure you,

I sometimes wish your infirmities translated upon myself, that her majesty might have the service of só active and able a mind; and I might be with excuse confined to these contemplations and studies, for which I am fittest: so commend I. you to the preservation of the Divine Majesty.

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Your entire loving brother,


From my chamber at Gray's Inn,

this 30th of Januury, 1597




My last Essays I dedicated to my dear brother, Mr. Anthony Bacon, who is with God. Looking amongst my papers this vacation, I found others of the same nature: which if I myself shall not suffer to be lost, it seemeth the world will not, by the often printing of the former. Missing my brother, I found you next; in respect of bond both of near alliance, and of straight friendship and society, and particularly of communication in studies; wherein I must acknowledge myself beholding to you: for as

business found rest in my comtemplations, so my comtemplations ever found rest in your loving conference and judgment: so wishing you all good, I remain


Your loving brother and friend,



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A good name is as a precious " ointment;" and I assure myself such will your Grace's name be with posterity: for your

fortune and merit both have been eminent; and you have planted things that are like to last. I do now publish my Essays; which, of all my other works, have been most current: for that, as it seems, they come home to men's business and bosoms. I have enlarged them both in number and weight; so that they are indeed a new work: I thought it therefore agreeable to my affection and obligation to your Grace, to prefix your name before them both in English and Latin: for I do conceive, that the Latin volume of them, being in the universal language, may last as long as books last. My Instauration I dedicated to the king; my history of Henry the Seventh, which I have now translated into Latin, and my portions of Natural History, to the prince; and these I dedicate to your Grace, being of the best fruits, that, by the good increase which God gives to my pen and labours, I could yield. God lead your Grace by the hand.

Your Grace's most obliged

And faithful servant,


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