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Irving, Hawthorne, Holmes, Jefferson, Webster and Lincoln. The selections are arranged in groups so that they tell the fascinating story of the progress of civilization. The order in which the selections are read may, however, be suited to the special needs of the class. In the MANUAL accompanying this volume, many suggestions will be found for different arrangements.

The Sixth READER, like the others in this series, offers aids to guide and assist the pupil in the reading of literature. These Helps to Study aim (1) to give the pupil the information and suggestion so that his introduction to each selection may be easy and eager; (2) to guide him by questions to a right understanding and interpretation of each selection as a whole and in detail; (3) to coördinate each selection with his own experience and reading.

Proper names and the more difficult words and phrases have often been listed with their pronunciations after the lessons in which they occur.

Other words have been listed For Study with the Glossary.

The editors are greatly indebted to Miss Mary Leland Hunt for assistance on the Helps to Study and the Glossary.

The MANUAL which accompanies this Reader offers suggestions as to methods, and much additional matter for the teacher's use in the classroom and for her own reading. It contains whatever the authors have to offer the teacher. Everything in the Reader itself is addressed to the pupil.


F. T. B.,
A. H. T.

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