The Picture of Bristol, Or, a Guide to Objects of Curiosity and Interest in Bristol, Clifton, the Hotwells [etc.].

W. Sheppard, 1818 - 178 páginas

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Página 88 - Society do consist of life subscribers of ten guineas or upwards, and annual subscribers of one guinea or upwards ; and that the object of this Society be to grant relief to persons in necessitous circumstances, and also occasional assistance to other benevolent institutions in or near the city, to enable them to continue or increase their usefulness, and that especial regard be had to the Samaritan Society, of which Richard Reynolds was the founder. That the cases to be assisted and relieved be...
Página 23 - E'en from the grave thou shalt have power to charm. Bid them be chaste, be innocent like thee, Bid them in duties' sphere as meekly move : And if so fair, from vanity as free ; As firm in friendship, and as fond in love, Tell them, though...
Página 23 - TAKE, holy earth ! all that my soul holds dear ; Take that best gift, which Heav'n so lately gave ; To Bristol's fount I bore, with trembling care, Her faded form. She b(»w'd to taste the wave — And died.
Página 135 - Recorded honours shall gather round his monument, and thicken over him. It is a solid fabric, and will support the laurels that adorn it. I am not conversant in the language of panegyric. These praises are extorted from me; but they will wear well, for they have beendearly earned.
Página 30 - An historical and architectural essay relating to Redcliffe Church, Bristol, illustrated with plans, views, and architectural details.
Página 48 - Canynge1 s cofre ; this chest, it is said, was secured by six keys, two of which were entrusted to the minister and procurator of the church, two to the mayor, and one to each of the churchwardens. In process of time, however, the six keys appear to have been lost; and about the year 1727, a notion prevailed that some title-deeds and other writings of value were contained in Mr.
Página 35 - the said church having suffered much in a tempest, the above-mentioned William Canynge, a celebrated merchant and public benefactor, in the year 1474,* gave five hundred pounds to the parishioners of Redcliffe, towards repairing the church, and for the maintenance of two chaplains, and two clerks in St. Mary's chapel there, and of two chantry priests.
Página 108 - Go, happy soul, and in the seats above Sing endless hymns of thy great Maker's love. How fit in heavenly songs to bear thy part, Before...
Página 41 - A lantern clear sets forth a candle light, A worthy act declares a worthy wight. The buildings rare, that here you may behold To shrine his bones, deserves a...
Página 104 - He had foreseen for several months, that he could not hold out long ; and he foretold it again three days, and then two days, before his death. He died July 12, in the sixty-ninth year of his age ; and was buried in the cathedral church of Basil, where his tomb is to be seen, with a Latin inscription on the marble, of which a copy is inserted in the first volume of his works.

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