Transactions of the New-York State Agricultural Society for the Year ..., Volumen18


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Página 336 - With eye attentive mark the springing game. Straight as above the surface of the flood They wanton rise, or urged by hunger leap, Then fix, with gentle twitch, the barbed hook : Some lightly tossing to the grassy bank, And to the shelving shore slow-dragging some, With various hand proportion'd to their force.
Página 344 - Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.
Página 784 - It perforates a hole the size of a half-inch auger, or large enough to admit the little finger, and requiring three or four years for the bark to close together over it. This hole running inward to the heart of the tree, and admitting the water thereto from every shower that passes, causes a decay in the wood to commence, and the tree never regains its previous soundness.!
Página vi - Its object shall be to improve the condition of agriculture, the rural household and mechanic arts. Section 1. The society shall consist of such citizens of the state as shall signify in writing their wish to become members and shall pay, on subscribing, not less than one dollar and annually thereafter one dollar; and also of honorary and corresponding members. The presidents of...
Página 336 - Just in the dubious point, where with the pool Is mix'd the trembling stream, or where it boils Around the stone, or from the hollow'd bank Reverted plays in undulating flow, There throw, nice judging, the delusive fly...
Página 598 - Round-hoofd, short-jointed, fetlocks shag and long, Broad breast, full eye, small head, and nostril wide, High crest, short ears, straight legs, and passing strong, Thin mane, thick tail, broad buttock, tender hide : ' Look what a horse should have, he did not lack, Save a proud rider on so proud a back.
Página 225 - ... to 2 cwts. per acre. The salts of ammonia are, however, relatively too expensive to be employed largely with profit; and both ammoniacal salts and nitrate of soda are more advantageously used in combination with guano. A very generally useful top-dressing for the hay crop may be made of 3 parts Peruvian guano, 1 part nitrate of soda, and 1 part sulphate of ammonia.
Página 336 - There throw, nice-judging, the delusive fly : And, as you lead it round in artful curve, With eye attentive mark the springing game.
Página 801 - ... the middle of the elevation of the second and third segments. Some of the worms enter their pupa state the last of autumn, and others not till the following spring. Hence in examining the fallen limbs in the winter, a larva may be found in one, a pupa in another.
Página 799 - ... been aware that the weaker sappy fibers outside next to the bark could not be relied upon for sustaining a limb of this size, as they are where the limb is smaller. With such consummate skill and seemingly superterrestrial intelligence does this philosophical little carpenter vary his proceedings to meet the circumstances of his situation in each particular case!

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