Stories of Waterloo; and other tales [by W.H. Maxwell].


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Página 222 - My pulse, as yours, doth temperately keep time, And makes as healthful music : it is not madness That I have utter'd : bring me to the test, And I the matter will re-word ; which madness Would gambol from.
Página 285 - Fell Thirst and Famine scowl A baleful smile upon their baffled guest. Heard ye the din of battle bray, Lance to lance, and horse to horse ? Long years of havoc urge their destined course, And thro' the kindred squadrons mow their way.
Página 221 - Tread those reviving passions down, Unworthy manhood! — unto thee Indifferent should the smile or frown Of beauty be. If thou regret'st thy youth, why live? The land of honourable death Is here: — up to the field, and give Away thy breath! Seek out — less often sought than found — A soldier's grave, for thee the best; Then look around and choose thy ground, And take thy rest.
Página 321 - I know, by that same eye, there's some good news. What says the married woman? You may go. Would she had never given you leave to cornel Let her not say 'tis I that keep you here; I have no power upon you; hers you are.
Página 154 - In prosperity, in adversity, on the field of battle, in council, on the throne, and in exile, France has been the sole and constant object of my thoughts and actions. Like the king of Athens, I sacrificed myself for my people, in the hope of realizing the promise given to preserve to France her natural integrity, her honours, and her rights.
Página 86 - My leave of absence expired, and I set out to join my regiment. My mother consulted the Army List, and discovered she had divers relatives in my corps; for there was scarcely a family from Loughrea to Belmullet with whom she was not in some way connected. Some of her relations in the South Mayo she mentioned as being rather remote ; but there was Captain Rattigan : his father, Luke Rattigan of Rawnacreeva, married Peter Fogarty's third daughter ; and Peter Fogarty and my aunt Macan were cousins-german.
Página 224 - LOOKED upon his brow, — no sign Of guilt or fear was there ; He stood as proud by that death-shrine As even o'er Despair He had a power ; in his eye There was a quenchless energy, A spirit that could dare The deadliest form that Death could take. And dare it for the daring's sake.
Página 89 - ... couples ? We were again at the head of the room, and away we went — she cutting and I capering, until we danced to the very bottom, " The wind that shakes the barley!
Página 79 - To be sure people will say, that miss didn't know her own mind, but never mind that ! or, perhaps, they may be ill-natured enough to hint that the gentleman grew tired of the lady and forsook her ; but don't let that fret you.
Página 296 - Panic-stricken and disorganized, the French resistance was short and feeble. The Prussian cannon thundered in their rear, the British bayonet was flashing in their front, and unable to stand the terror of the charge they broke and fled.

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