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1701. The Funeral, or Grief-a-la

1701. Death of James II. His Mode, acted at Drury

son, James Edward, recog. Lane.

nized as his successor by

Louis XIV.
Grand Alliance practically

1702. Becomes captain in the regi- 1702. The Daily Courant, the 1702. War of the Spanish Succes.
ment of foot raised by
first daily newspaper.

şion (1702-1713). Lord Lucas.

Defoe : The Shortest-Way Death of William III. and
with the Dissenters.

accession of Anne, daugh-
ter of James II. Suprem.

acy of Marlborough.
1703. After visiting Holland, re. 1703. The Lying Lover acted in

1703. Founding of St. Petersburg
turns to England, called

by Peter the Great.
home by the death of his

1704. About this time becomes a 1704. Steele and Addison together 1704. Swift: Tale of a Tub. 1704. Battle of Blenheim.
member of the Kit-Cat
in London.

Battle of the Books. Sir G. Rooke takes Gibral.

Defoe's Review (continued

tar. The Campaign, a poem on

until 1713).
the Battle of Blenheim.

Clarendon : History of the
Made Commissioner of Ap-

Great Rebellion (last part
peals in the Excise.

in 1707). 1705. Remarks on several Parts 1705. The Tender Husband acted of Italy.

April 23d. The Drummer perhaps writ- Marries a widow, Margaret ten at this time.

Stretch, who dies in a

little over a year. 1706. Production of the opera, 1706. Made a gentleman-waiter to

1706. Victory of Marlborough at
Prince George of Den-

Given an under-secretaryship mark at a salary of £ 100
in the office of Sir Charles

a year.
1707. Accompanies Halifax on a 1707. Appointed Gazetteer at a 1707. Le Sage : Le Diable Boi- 1707. Legislative Union of Eng.
complimentary mission, to
salary of £300, less a tax

land and Scotland.
invest the Elector of Han-
of £45.

The British Apollo.
over with the order of the Marriage with Mary Scur-

1708. Enters Parliament. Ap-

1708. Swift: Argument against pointed secretary to Lord

abolishing Christianity; Wharton, Lord Lieutenant

Predictions of Isaac Bickof Ireland; also made

erstaff and Account of keeper for life of the rec

Partridge's Death. ords in Birmingham Tower, Dublin.





1709. Writes for Steele's Tatler. 1709. First number of the Tatler 1709. Pope : Pastorals.

1709. Battle of Malplaquet. issued April 12th.

Translation of parts

of Books XII. and

XVI. of the Iliad.
1710. Defends the Whig ministry 1710. Made one of the commis- 1710. Swift begins his Journal to 1710. Trial of Dr. Sacheverell.
in the Whig Examiner.
sioners of the Stamp

Stella. Writes for the

Fall of the Whig ministry,
With the fall of the Whigs
Examiner, a Tory paper.

and formation of a Tory
loses his office.
Loses his position as Gazet- Berkeley: Principles of

ministry under Harley and
Human Knowledge.

The Tatler discontinued in Leibnitz: Theodicée.

1911. Resigns his fellowship. 1711. March ist, the Spectator be- 1711. Pope : Essay on Criticism. 1711. Marlborough removed from
Writes for the Spectator.

Gay's pamphlet, The Pres-

his command.
ent State of Wit (contain-
ing interesting remarks in

regard to the Tatler).
Swift : Conduct of the Al-

1712. Financial difficulties.

1712. Pope : The Messiah.
Last number of the Spec-

The Rape of the
tator published Dec. 6th.

Ambrose Philips : The Dis-

tressed Mother (acted in

Blackmore: Creation.
1913. Cato acted April 14th. 1713. First number of the Guar- 1713. Pope : Windsor Forest. 1713. Treaty of Utrecht terminates
Writes for Steele's Guar.
dian published March

the War of the Spanish

Elected member of Parlia-

Frederick William I. Suc-

ceeds to the throne of Pamphlet: The Impor.

tance of Dunkirk Con-

The Guardian succeeded

by the Englishman.
Steele attacked by Swift in

his pamphlet: The Inde-
pendence of the Guardian

1714. Death of Queen Anne and

accession of George I.,

Elector of Hanover.
The Whigs in office.

1714. Appointed Secretary to the 1714. The Crisis, a pany pamLords Justices.

phlet published by Steele. Chief Secretary to Lo d His expulsion from the Sunderland, Lord Lieu

House of Commons.
tenant of Ireland.

Publication of the Lover
Issues a new series of the

and the Reader.

On the accession of George

I., Steele is made super,
visor of the Theatre and
given several other ap-
His most important politi-
cal pamphlet: Mr. Steele's
Apology for Himself and
his Writings.
The Ladies' Library, a

1715. The Freeholder, written on 1715. Receives a patent appoint- 1715. Pope : Temple of Fame.
behalf of the Hanoverian
ing him manager of Drury

Translation of the
Lane Theatre.

Iliad: Vol. I.
Again elected to Parlia-

(containing Books

I.-IV.). Knighted in April. New Le Sage : Gil Blas (Parts series of the Englishman.


Publication of Town Talk.
1916. The Drummer acted March 1716. Commissioner of forfeited 1716. Birth of Thomas Gray.

estates in Scotland.
Married to Charlotte, Dowa-

ger Countess of Warwick,

August 2d. 717. Becomes one of the secre

1717. Pope : Eloisa to Abelard. taries of State.

Elegy on an Un

fortunate Lady.
718. Retires in March, on ac- 1718. Death of Lady Steele.

count of ill health, with a

pension of £ 1500 a year.
719. Addison replies in his Old 1719. Controversy over the Peer- 1719. Defoe: Robinson Crusoe
Whig to Steele's remarks

(Part I.).
on the Peerage Bill in the Steele's Plebeian.

Tickell : Elegy on Addison.
The friends estranged.

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age Bill.


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1720. Loses the patent constitut- 1720. Defoe: Robinson Crusoe ing him manager of Drury

(Parts II. and III.).
Lane Theatre. His peri-

Captain Singleton.
odical the Theatre tells of Pope : Translation of the
his grievances.

Iliad (last volume).
1721. Montesquieu : Lettres Per

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1719. Death of Addison, June 17th.



1721. An edition of Addison's

Works in four volumes, printed for Jacob Tonson.

1722. The Conscious Lovers acted 1722. Defoe : Moll Flanders. at Drury Lane.

Journal of the

Plague Year.
1723. Failing health and financial 1723. Pope: Translation of the

Odyssey (Vols. I.
and II. Publica-
tion completed in

1724. Swift : Drapier Letters.
Burnet : History of my own

Time (Vol. 1.).

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1726. Steele at Carmarthen in 1726. Swift : Gulliver's Travels. Wales.

Thomson: Winter. 1727. Gay: Fables.

Thomson : Summer.

1727. War between England and

George II. succeeds his


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1729. Peace of Seville.


THERE are so many valuable and interesting works dealing with the reign of Queen Anne in its various aspects that it is difficult to make a wise selection. It is hoped that the following list may meet the requirements of the student.


The student who would thoroughly enjoy the Sir Roger de Coverley Papers should possess an accurate knowledge of the history of England from 1660 to 1720, and a general knowledge of what was taking place on the Continent during the same period. John Richard Green's History of the English People (1879) is a valuable work for the student of English literature. Should his account of the period mentioned be too long, the student would do well, after consulting some shorter work (the Short History by the same author is one of the best), to read the following in Green : Book VIII. chap. I. from the beginning to the paragraph on “Charles the Second”; and Book VIII. chap. IV. from the paragraph on “England's Intellectual Influence" through the paragraph on “Public Opinion.” J. H. Burton's History of the Reign of Queen Anne (1880) is the best history of the period treated; chaps. II., XVIII., and XX. are of special interest. A short account of Queen Anne's reign may be found in the Age of Anne, by E. E. Morris, – Epochs of Modern History (1877); for matters of general interest, see chaps. XXI. and XXII. There is much of value in the third chapter of Lord Macaulay's History of England (1849-1855). A History of England in the Eighteenth Century, by W. E. H. Lecky (1878), is an important work; chaps. I., II., and IV. should be read without fail.

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The best short account of English literature as a whole is given by Stopford Brooke, in his English Literature (new Ed. 1897). The literature of Queen Anne's reign is dealt with in chap. VI. The most

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