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Why does the blood forsake thy lovely cheek?
Why shoots this chilness through thy shaking nerves?
Why does thy soul retire into herself?
Recline upon my breast thy sinking beauties:
Revive—Revive to freedom and to love.


What well-known voice pronounc'd the grateful
A. sounds
freedom and love? Alas! I'm all confusion,
A sudden mist o'ercasts my darken'd soul;
The present, past, and future Swim before me,
Lost in a wild perplexity of joy.


Such ecstacy of love, such pure affection,
What worth can merit? or what faith reward *


A thousand thoughts, imperfect and distracted,
Demand a voice, and struggle into birth;
A thousand questions press upon my tongue,
But all give way to rapture and Demetrius.
O say, bright Being, in this age of absence,
What fears, what griefs, what dangers hast thou
known P &

Say how the tyrant threaten'd, flatter'd, sigh’d
Say, how he threaten'd, flatter'd, sigh’d in vain

20 ' Say,

Say, how the hand of Violence was rais'd * *
Say, how thou call'dst-in tears upon Demetrius !

Inform me rather how thy happy courage
Stemm'd in the breach the deluge of destruction,
And pass'd uninjur'd through the walks of death.
Did savage anger and licentious conquest *
Behold the hero with Aspasia's eyes?
And, thus protected in the genral ruin,
O say, what guardian pow'r convey'd, thee hither.

Such strange events, such unexpected chances,
Beyond my warmest hope, or wildest wishes,
Concurr'd to give me to Aspasia's arms,
I stand amaz'd, and ask, if yet I clasp thee.

Sure Heav'n (for wonders are not wrought in vain ) That joins us thus, will never part us more.


It parts you now—The hasty Sultan sign'd
The laws unread, and flies to his Irene.
wo 9 o o o
Fix'd and intent on his Irene's charms,
He envies none the converse of Aspasia.

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A BDA LLA, Aspasia's absence will inflame suspicion; She cannot, must not, shall not, linger here; Prudence and Friendship bid me force her from you.

Force her profane her with a touch, and die!

'Tis Greece, ’tis Freedom, calls Aspasia hence;
Your careless love betrays your country's cause.

DEMETRIUS, If we must part— ASPA S.I.A. No! let us die together.

DEMETRIUS. If we must part—

A BIDA LL.A. Dispatch; th’ increasing danger Will not admit a lover's long farewell, The long-drawn intercourse of sighs and kisses. D EMETRIUS, Then—O my Fair, I cannot bid thee go. Receive her, and protect her, gracious Heav'n' Yet let me watch her dear departing steps, If Fate pursues me, let it find me here. Reproach not, Greece, a lover's fond delays, Nor think thy cause neglected while I gaze; New force, new courage, from each glance I gain, And find our passions not infus'd in vain. [Ereunt.

A C T i V.
DEMETRIUs, ASPASIA, enter as talking. .


ENough—resistless Reason calms my soul—
Approving Justice Smiles upon your cause,
And Nature's rights entreat th' asserting sword.
Yet, when your hand is lifted to destroy,
Think, but excuse a woman's needless caution,--
Purge well thy mind from every private passion,
Drive intrest, love, and vengeance from thy thoughts,
Fill all thy ardent breast with Greece and Virtue,
Then strike secure, and Heaven assist the blow !

Thou kind assistant of my better angel,
Propitious guide of my bewilder'd soul,
Calm of my cares, and guardian of my virtue!


My soul, first kindled by thy bright example
To noble thought and gen’rous eraulation,
Now but reflects those beams that flow'd from thee.

39 EMI ETRIUS. With native lustre and unborrow'd greatness, Thou Shins’t, bright maid, superiour to distress; Unlike the trifling race of vulgar beauties, Those glitt'ring dew-drops of a vernal morn, T 4 - * That

That spread their colours to the genial beam,
And sparkling quiver to the breath of May;
But, when the tempest with sonorous wing
Sweeps o'er the grove, forsake the lab’ring bough,
Dispers'd in air, or mingled with the dust.
Forbear this triumph—still new conflicts wait us,
Foes unforeseen, and dangers unsuspected.
Ost when the fierce besieger's eager host
Beholds the fainting garrison retire,
And rushes joyful to the naked wall,
Destruction flashes from th’ insidious mine,
And sweeps th’ exulting conqueror away.
Perhaps in vain the Sultan's anger spar'd me,
To find a meaner fate from treach'rous friendship—
Abdalla l———
Can Abdalla then dissemble !
That fiery chief, renown'd for gen'rous freedom,
For zeal unguarded, undissembled hate,
For daring truth, and turbulence of honour !

This open friend, this undesigning hero,
With noisy falsehoods forc'd me from your arms,
To shock my virtue with a tale of love.


Did not the cause of Greece restrain my sword,
Aspasia should not fear a second insult.

His pride and love by turns inspir'd his tongue,


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