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points of doctrine, and principles of duty, are of necessity much intermixed, and consequently treated with less precision.

Written originally for the exclusive use of his own rural congregation, it was his intention only to have printed them for private distribution in his Parish; but on considering, that what would be useful to his own people, might also be perused with advantage by others similarly circumstanced, he has ventured to publish them.

In the composition of these Sermons, every thing like ornament of language or style, has been studiously avoided ; his experience, as a country Clergymán, having sufficiently convinced the Author, that in addressing the inhabitants of retired villages, whether from the Pulpit, or through the Press, it is essential to observe the greatest simplicity in these respects. They are purposely short; the Author being of opinion that when the object is to convey instruction to youth of any rank, and more especially to that of the lower classes, brevity is as much

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as possible to be consulted :-amplification, in such cases, tending only to weaken the impression of the discourse, and often to create a distaste for reading Sermons.

These are briefly the reasons which induced the Author to publish this little book; which, nevertheless, he cannot send forth to the world, without some apprehension of being thought presumptuous in adding to the numerous list of religious works already in circulation. He hopes, however, that the purity of his motives may be pleaded in his justification :-for he writes neither for profit, nor for fame.



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