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Champerty, or Champertie-Confederacy Atoned-At peace.

in quarrels. Atonement-Reconciliation.

Chaie-Work. Atrophy-A want of due nourishment, 'Chary--Careful. languor.

Chiliasts—They who expect the personal Attrition-A slighter sorrow for sin.

reign of Christ for a thousand years on Attach-To arrest.

earth. Avoid—To render void, to prevent. Chronography—The time of an erent. Avoidance-Absence.

Circuition-Going round or about.

Circumduction- A leading about. Balk-To refuse.

Claw-To tickle, or flatter. Bandog--A dog chained.

Clerkly-Scholar-like. Barking at-Being barked at.

Clientage-In the condition of clients or Barretor-A wrangler.

dependants. Bay-windows-Bow-windows.

Clientele—The condition of clients or de. Beat-To determine.

pendants. Bedumb-To render dumb.

Climacterical-Critical age. Begun-Pledged in drinking,

Clodder-To clot together. Behoof-Advantage.

Coaction-Force, authority. Beleague-To combine.

Coarctation-Confinement, restraint, Beleagur-To besiege.

Coarcted-Confined, restrained. Belike-Probably.

Cocker-To pamper. Belime-To besmear.

Coetaneous-Being of the same age or Belking-Lurking.

time. Benefacture-Doing good.

Cogged-Pretended. Beslave-To enslave.

Cogging-Pretending. Bestead-To befriend, to serve, to treat. Cognation-Relationship. Bevy- A brood, a company.

Cognizance-A crest, token. Biggin-A cap or coif.

Cognoscible-Capable of beiog known.
Blank-To disappoint, to damp, to refute. Cohortation-An exhortation.
Bloughty-Bloated, huge.

Coil-Tumult, hurry, confusion.
Blurt — To blab, to speak inconsiderately. Collection-An inference.
Bolt-To sift.

Colloguing-Fawning, cringing,
Boot-To benefit.

Colluding—Deceiving. Boulimy-A disease in which the patient Collybists-Money.changers, Bankers. eats like an ox.

Commensals Fellowship at table. Boute-feux-Sowers of strife or sedition. Commessations—Revellings, junketiags, Bouzing-Toping, drinking lavishly.

particularly aster supper. Brabble-To clamour a clamour.

Commination-A threatening. Brabbling-Clamouring.

Comminatory—Threatening. Bran-A class.

Commingle-To mingle together. Brewess—Bread sopped in broth.

Commonitive-Admonitory. Burgen-To spring forth, or bud.

Commoration-Residence, abode. Burse—An exchange, a market-place. Commove-To disturb, to occasion con. Byss-Fine linen.


Compellation-An address. Capernaitical-A carnal interpretation of Compete-To equal. the eating of Christ's body.

Competitioning-Entering into competiCaptation—The practice of catcbing fa

tion. vour.

Complie-An accomplice. Career-To run at full speed.

Complotting-Plotting together. Cark-To be careful or anxious.

Compost_To manure. Carle-A clown, a churle.

Comprehensor-He who has obtained. Cassation—The act of making null and Compurgator-He who vouches for others. void.

Conceit-To imagine. Catabaptist-An impugner of infant-bap- Concertation- A contest. tism.

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Concorporate-To unite with. Catachrestically-In a remote or abused Concredit-To entrust.

Cuncussation-A concussion. Cautelous-Cautious.

Condescent-Permission, acquiescence. Celature—The art of engraving or cutting Conduction Leading. in metals.

Congestion—Heaping together. Celebrious Famous, renowned.

Connivancy-Winking at. Celibate-Single state.

Confer to-To agree to. Cepsing-Perfuming with censers.

Conquisition-Bringing together. Cension-A census, taxation.

Consectaries_Inferences, consequences Censure-Judgment; to judge, to deter- Conserve-To preserve. mine.

Considerable-To be considered. Champertous-Confederated in a quarrel. Consign-To entrust, to hand down.


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the eye.

Consignation-Sealing, signing.

Denotation-A mark, token.

Denude-To make naked.


Constupration-Deflowering, violation. Deprehension-Detection.

Derive-To direct.
Contesseration—A leaguing between stran- Design-To point out.

Destitution-A state of want.
Contest-A fellow-witness.

Determine--To finish.
Contestation-Combined witnessing. Detestation-Wishing; a witnessing to
Contignation-A frame, &c. of beams or the contrary.

Detrect—To refuse, or decline.
Contra-yerva-A species of birthwort, Detrectation—The act of refusing or de.
growing in Jamaica.

ContruthTo agree in testimony. Detrusion—The act of thrusting down.
Convent–To summon, to convene. Devolution—The act of devolving.
Convict-To prove.

Dichotomize-To divide into two parts.
Conviction-A reproof of others.

Diet-A class, society, taste.
Convince-To prove, refute, shew.

Dietetical-Relating to diet or food.
Cope-A priest's cloak or hood.

Dilaniation–Tearing in pieces.
Corporals—The communion cloths used in Dilater-A diffuser.
the Romish Churcb.

Correlation-Reciprocal relation.

Dilatory—Deferring to a long period.

Dimication Contention.
Corrival-A rival.


Dint-A stroke.


Direption or Disreption---Plandering.
Cruze-To crusb.

Cynosure—The north-star, what attracts Disagreeable-Unsuitable.

Discern-To cause to differ, to distin

Dagbes-point-The point of a leather Discerption-A division, rent.

Damage faisant-Doing injury.

Disclamation-Being disclaimed, the act
Darklings—Being in the dark.

of disclaiming.

Discruciate-To torment.

Discuss-To dismiss.
Day-Used in the sense of Judgment: a Disdoubt-To doubt.

Grecism; the Greek word for Judg. Disherson-Disioheriting:
ment being nuiça, a day.

Disjunct-Making opposition or separar
Deal-Quantity, portion.

Debellation-Subduing by war, warring Disparition-Disappearing.

Disperse-To make koowo.
Decertation-A dispute.

Decline—To draw, to bend.

Decursion—The act of running or run- Disruption-Breaking asunder.
ning down.

Deduce—To withdraw, to branch from, to Dissolute-Loose in meaning.

Defalk-To fail in.

Distermine or Disterminate --To place at

a distance.

Distract-To divide.
Defer-To withhold.


Disvaluation Disesteem.
Dejected— Amicted, overthrown, humbled. Diswont-To bring to disuse.
Dejectedness-Humble condition.


Dition-Rule, dominion.
Dejeration-A solemn oatb

Dittany-The herb garden-ginger.
Delation-An accusation.

Diversion-Turning away.
Delator-An accuser.

Divestiture-The act of stripping.


Demandate--To entrust, to enjoin. Divulgation-Making known.
Demerit-To confer obligations.

Dirulsion-Plucking off or away,
Demigration--Removing from place to Divulsive—Tearing away.

Dole-A Gift.

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Expoliation--Stripping. Dorter, or Dorture-A dormitory, cham- Exprobration-Reproach, censure. ber.

Expugn—To take by storm, to conquer. Dotation-Endowment.

Expurgation-Purification. Dry-fats-Large wooden vessels.

Exquisite--Entire, perfect, accurate. Dullard— A stupid person.

Exquisitely-Accurately. Dump--A melancholy piece.

Exsibilation—The act of bissing.

Exsiccation-Drought, drying up. Each-where-Every where.

Edition - The act of publication.

Exundation- An overflow.
Eft soone-Quickly.

Face-bread— The shew-bread.
Egestion—The act of discharging food. Facile-Easy, candid.

Failing-Causing to fail.
Eke-To spin out.

Painten-To cause to faint. Elimination-Turning out of doors. Familists—A sect called the family ek Elocation-Removal to a distance.

Love. Eluctation-Deliverance.

Pamoused-Rendered famous Elusion---Artifice, evasion.

Fardel-Bundle, neap, baggage. Embase—To degrade.

Farding-Painting. Emboss-To enclose.

Fault-To blame. Emergent--Naturally arising.

Faulted—To be faulty. Emissitious-Prying.

Fautor-A favourer, a protector.
Enfcoff-To invest, to put into possession. Feodary-One who holds under another.
Enlive-To make alive, to animate. Feoff—To invest with possession or rigát.
Enter-To give entrance to.

Feriation-Keeping boliday.
Enter-know-To have mutual knowledge. Ferity- Wildness.
Enthirst-To cause to thirst.

Fetch—A stratagem, artifice.
Entitative-An abstraction of all circum- Fetch about–To go about.

stances from the thing considered. Firmitude-Firmness. Epiphonema-Exclamation.

Fædity-Filthiness. Eremite-A hermit.

Feneration–Lending on interest. Ereinitical, or Eremitish-Retired.

Fond-Foolish. Erratical-Wandering, irregular.

Fondly-Poolishly. Ereption-Snatching away.

Fondness-Polly. Escheat—A forfeiture; to forfeit.

Fontinel-An issue. Espials-Acts of spying, spies.

For-On account of. Estate-To put into possession.

Foregone—Lost, given up. Ethnic-A heathen, heathenish.

Forelay-To anticipate, withhold, preEuge! Well done!

vent. Eutaxy-Good order.

Foreslowing-Delaying, hindering. Evacuate-To make void.

Foyning-Feigoing to strike. Evasion from-Escape.

Free-denizen—To make free, to inres! Evict-To prove.

with citizenship. Eviction-Proof.

Frequence-Concourse, assembly, inter. Evince-To prove, to convict. Evirate-To castrate.

Fruiten—To fructify.
Eviternal-Immortal, eternal.

Prump--A jeer, taunt.

Gage-To engage.
Evolation--Act of Aying out.

Gainstand— To oppose. Exauthoration--The act of dismission or Galliard--A lively dance. degradation.

Gallimaufrey–A strange medley. Excæcation-Blinding.

Garish--Shewy, gaudy. Exception-A withdrawing.

Garishly-Shewily, gaudily. Excision---Cutting off.

Garishness—Shewiness, gaudiness. Excussion-The act of shaking off.

Gaudy-Joyous. Excutifidian-One who believes that true Gazul-See Suhit. faith may be lost.

Geason-Rare, wonderful. Exigent-Extremity, necessity.

Geniculation-Bending the knee. Exinanition-An emptying out, privation. Gimmer-Movement, machinery. Exotical-Foreign.

Gird-A twitch, pang. Expect-To wait.

Give-To misgive. Experiment-Proof, experience, instance; Glaver-To flatter, to wheedle. to try, to prove.

Glibbed-Rendered glib. Expilate-To plunder.

Gloriation-Boasting. Expilation-Plundering.

GO_To be.


Good-cheap-At a small expence. Imprevalency-Incapacity of prevailing, Gooded-Repdered good.

Improve-To aggravate. Grains-Branches.

Improvide—To provide for. Gramercy-An interjection de noting sur- Impugn—To attack, oppose, disprove. prize or pleasure.

Impugnation-Attack. Gratulate-To congratulate.

Impuration-Defilement. Gratulation-Congratulation.

Impure—To defile. Greaten—To aggravate.

Imputed—Accounted, thought of. Gregary-Ordinary, common.

Inanimation-Life within. Gripple--Griping.

Incend—To enfame. Gripple-minded - Disposed to extortion. Inchoate-Begun, to begin. Grippleness—Griping, oppression.

Inchoately-Respecting the beginning.
Groundsel-Timber that is next the Inchoation-Beginning.

Incident Incidental,
Guard-An ornament, to ornament. Incident into-Belonging to.

Inclamation-Declaration, exclamation. Guilty-Conscious, productive.

Incogitancy-Want of thought. Gullery-Imposture, knavery.

Incompossibility-Incompatibility with Gustation-Taste.

something. Gymnic-Gymnastic, relating to strong Inconsolately-Inconsolably. exercises.

Increpation-Blame, reproof. Gyre-A circle; to cause to move in a

Incur-To run. circle.

Incurious—Indifferent, careless.

Incuriousness—Freedom from niceness. Habilitation-Communication, qualifica. Incurrence-Entrance. tion.

Incurvation-Bending. Handsel-Earnest, first-fruits, first use. Indent–To covenant. Harborous-Sheltering, protecting. Indict-To appoint. Headily-Headlong.

Indiction-Assembling, appointment. Headsman- A beheader.

Indign-Unbecoming, contemptuous. Healthists_Drinkers of healths.

Indignly-Unbecomingly, contemptuHearten-To encourage.

ously. Hemerocallis—The Day-Lily.

Indubitate-Uudoubted. Henchman-A page, attendant.

Induce-To lead to. Heremites-Hermits.

Induction—Leading in.
Hernshaw-I place where herons breed. Induration--Hardness.
Hesternal-of yesterday.

Ineffectible--Incomprehensible, or
Heterarchy-The government of another. speakable.
Hold-To continue.

Inerrable-Incapable of erring.

Inexistence-Existence within. Homonymy-Equivocal nature.

Infectible-Capable of being infected. Honorificence-Honour.

Inform-To animate. Honest-To make to appear honest. Informed-Uoformed. Hospital-Hospitable.

Infuse-To pour in. Humanity-Human nature.

Ingeminate-To redouble, to repeat. Husband-An economist.


Ingenuity-Ingenuousness. Illation-Inference.

Ingurgitation—Swallowing greedily. Illimitation-A want of exact limits.

In hand with—Treating of. Imagine--Supposing.

Inhiation-A gaping after, or longing for. Immanity-Barbarity.

Inhibit—To prohibit. Immarcescible-Unfading.

Inhibition--Prohibition. Immarcescibly-Unfadingly.

Inned-Gathered in. Imminent-Impending.

Inoperation—Internal operation. Immission-Sending.

Insensate-Senseless, enraged, mad. Immutation_Change.

Insensateness—Insensibility. Imp-A shoot; to graft, to connect in Insition–Engrafting. affinity.

Insist in—To contine to. Impeccancy-Infallibility.

Instance-Earnestness. Impeditive-Obstructive.

Instantany-Instantaneous, momentary. Impetration—An obtaining by request. Instantly--Earnestly. Impetratory or Impetrative-Such as would Instinct-Instigation. obtain.

Insultation-Mockery. Imploration-Entreaty.

Intellective--Relating to the understanding. Importune-Importunate.

Intelligencers—Intelligences. Impreparation-Want of preparation.

Intend—To render intense, to stretch, to Impress-Device, emblem.





Longanimity-Long forbearance, long eo. Intenerate-To make tender.

during. Intensive-Inteose.

Longsome-Tiresome. Intentation-A menacing, as with the Loose-The end, issue. band, &c.

Lunets-Blinds for the eyes, Satellites. Intention-Eageruess, fixedness, intense. Luxation-Disjointing.

Lycanthropy- A kind of madness, in which Intercision-Cutting up.

men have the qualities of wild beasts. Inter-commoning-Feeding at the same table.

Maceration-Wasting. Interminate-To threaten.

Make-bait-A maker or promoter of mis. Intermination-Injunction.

chief. Interpellation-A summons, interruption. Maleficiation Injury. Intersert—Toiosert between.

Mal-grè— Maugre, in spite of. Interspersion—A scattering here and there. Malice—To behare maliciously, to bear Interspirations-Breathing-times, inter- malice to. vals.

Mammock-A shapeless piece, a fragIntervenient-Intervening.

ment. Intreat--To treat.

Mancipate--To enslave. Intricated— Perplexed.

Intromitting—Letting in, admitting. Mannishness-Masculine character,
Intuition-Observation, regard, sight, per- Manuary-A workman; performed by the

Irrepentance-Incapacity of repenting. Manuduction—Guidance by the hand.
Irresoluble—That cannot obtain ease. Manumission-Releasing.

Maravedi—A small Spanish copper-coin,

Marian Times—The times of Queen Jactation-Boasting.

Máry Ist. Jubilation-Exultation.

Marish-Marshy. Just-Appointed, orderly, entire, exact. Mart-To sell. Justicer-An administrator of justice, Marting-Selling. Justiciaries-Self-justifiers.

Mask-To confound.

Mast—The fruit of the beech-tree. Kail-Broth.

Masterly-Imperiously, proudly. Kern-An Irish boor or soldier.

Mate-To subdue. Killing-Being killed.


Maturation-Ripening, maturity. Lancinate-To cut, to tear.

Maumet--A puppet, a figure dressed up. Lapidation-Stoning.

Mavis-The thrush. Largition—The act of giving.

Maze-To confound. Lash—To move with a sudden spring or Median-Middle. jerk.

Meiny-Retinue, family. Latch-To catch, to receive.

Melioriiy-That which is better. Latreutical—Belonging to worship. Memorative-Adapted to assist the meLaver, or laveer-To turn often in a


Lay—To contrive; a wager.

Mere, or Meare—A boundary.
Lazarly-Afflicted with filtby diseases. Merit-To deserve at another's hand.
Leaguer-A messenger, ambassador, Mesline-Mixed, mixture.

Metonymically—The putting of one word Leasing-Falsehood.

for another. Leige-man-A faithful subject.

Metwand-A wand to measure with. Leiger-An ambassador.

Michaelmas flaws—The bad weather comLeman-A harlot.

mon at the autumnal equinox. Let-To hinder; hindrance.

Millenaries, Millenarians-See Chiliasts. Lewd-Wicked.

Minatory—Threatening. Lightly—Commonly, easily.

Misacception—Taking in a wrong sense. Lime-To smear.

Misceline-Mixed, confused. Lime-fingered—Thievish.

Misprision-Contempt, mistake, oversight. Liguorous, or likorous—Dainty, curious. Mis-relate—To refer improperly. List--To incline; inclination.

Miswonting—Disuse. Litigious-Controverted, subject to con- Monomachy-Single combat. troversy.

Moonets—Satellites. Livery and seizio-Giving and taking Morphew-A white scurf; to scurf. possession.

Most-what-Usually, for the most part. Loathly--Loathsome.

Most-where-In most places. LockA place.



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