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Página 34 - A grotto is not often the wish or pleasure of an Englishman, who has more frequent need to solicit than exclude the sun ; but Pope's excavation was requisite as an entrance to his garden, and, as some men try to be proud of their defects, he extracted an ornament from an inconvenience, and vanity produced a grotto where necessity enforced a passage.
Página 35 - ... ceiling is a star of the same material, at which, when a lamp (of an orbicular figure, of thin alabaster) is hung in the middle, a thousand pointed rays glitter and are reflected over the place. There are connected to this grotto by a narrower passage, two porches, one towards the river of smooth stones, full of light and open ; the other towards the garden shadowed with trees, rough with shells, flints, and iron-ore...
Página 36 - Thames' translucent wave Shines a broad mirror through the shadowy cave ; Where lingering drops from mineral roofs distil, And pointed crystals break the sparkling rill ; Unpolish'd gems no ray on pride bestow, And latent metals innocently glow ; Approach. Great nature studiously behold ! And eye the mine without a wish for gold. Approach ; but awful ! lo ! the ^Egerian grot, Where, nobly pensive, St.
Página 35 - ... a perspective glass. When you shut the doors of this Grotto, it becomes on the instant, from a luminous room, a camera obscura, on the walls of which all the objects of the river, hills, woods, and boats are forming a moving picture in their visible radiations ; and, when you have a miud to light it up, it affords you a very different scene.
Página 94 - For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house, hath more honour than the house. 4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.
Página 223 - Section 6. The management of the affairs of the Society shall be vested in the president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer and three trustees. They shall be elected at the annual meeting each year, which shall be held at such time as may from time to time be fixed by the by-laws. The officers and trustees shall hold office for such time as provided from time to time in...
Página 34 - Pope had twisted and twirled, and rhymed and harmonised this, till it appeared two or three sweet little lawns opening and opening beyond one another, and the whole surrounded with thick, impenetrable woods.
Página 223 - History." 2. The object of the Institute shall be— 1. To collect and publish information on the Archaeology and Natural History of the District. 2. To oppose and prevent, as far as may be practicable, any injuries with which ancient monuments of every description, within the district, may be from time to time threatened, and to collect accurate drawings, plans, and descriptions thereof.
Página 35 - I have put the last hand to my works of this kind, in happily finishing the subterraneous way and grotto : I there found a spring of the clearest water, which falls in a perpetual rill that echoes through the cavern day and night.
Página 223 - Edmunds, and to a copy of each publication of the Institute ; but no copy of any such : publication shall be delivered to any Member whose subscription is more than twelve months in arrear.

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