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Página 352 - A History of the Holy Bible, from the beginning of the World to the Establishment of Christianity...
Página 341 - Bibliotheca Spenceriana ; or a Descriptive Catalogue of the books printed in the fifteenth century, and of many valuable first editions in the library of George John, Earl Spencer, KG ac.&c.&c.
Página 472 - Cromwelliana. A Chronological Detail of Events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged from the year 1642 to his Death 1658 : with a Continuation of other Transactions to the Restoration.
Página 173 - A Collection of the Sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the testimony of a good conscience...
Página 284 - POWER OF RELIGION on the Mind, in Retirement, Affliction, and at the approach of Death; exemplified in the Testimonies and Experience of Persons distinguished by their greatness, learning, or virtue. " 'Tis immortality,— 'tis that alone, Amidst life's pains, abasements, emptiness, The soul can comfort, elevate, and fill.
Página 199 - Human Longevity: Recording the Name, Age, Place of Residence, and Year of the Decease of 1712 Persons, who Attained a Century, and Upwards, from AD 66 to 1799, Comprising a Period of 1733 Years. With Anecdotes of the Most Remarkable (Salisbury: James Easton, 1799), p.
Página 143 - TYPOGRAPHICAL ANTIQUITIES; or, THE HISTORY OF PRINTING IN ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND, containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books Printed by them...
Página 498 - The Entertainment of his most excellent majestie Charles II., in his passage through the city of London to his Coronation...
Página 197 - FAMILY EXPOSITOR; Or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament : with Critical Notes, and a Practical Improvement of each Section.
Página 127 - HENRY'S BIBLE, wherein each Chapter is summed up in its Contents ; the Sacred Text inserted at large in distinct paragraphs ; each Paragraph reduced to its proper heads ; the sense given, and largely illustrated ; with Practical Remarks and Observations...

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