Introduction to Popular Lessons: For the Use of Small Children in Schools

G.R. Lockwood, 1848 - 180 páginas

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Página 4 - Every man acquainted with the common principles of human action, will look with veneration on the writer, who is at one time combating Locke, and at another making a catechism for children in their fourth year.
Página 114 - So they came about him like a parcel of bees ; and Billy took a slice of cake himself, and then gave a piece to one, and a piece to another, till it was almost gone. Then Billy put the rest by, and said, I will eat it tomorrow.
Página 95 - Come, let us go to the smith's shop. What is he doing ? He has a forge : he blows the fire with a great pair of bellows to make the iron hot. Now he takes it out with the tongs, and puts it upon the anvil. Now he beats it with a hammer. How hard he works ! The sparks fly about ; pretty bright sparks.
Página 71 - Then the little boy went by a hayrick, and lie saw a bird pulling some hay out of the hay-rick, and he said, Bird ! will you come and play with me ? But the bird said, No, I must not be idle, I must get some hay to build my nest with, and some moss, and some wool.
Página 89 - ... a very fierce wolf came rushing out of a cave and howled very loud. Then the silly lamb wished she had been shut up in the fold ; but the fold was a great way off — and the wolf saw her and seized her, and carried her away to a dismal dark den, all covered with bones and blood ; and there the wolf had two cubs, and the wolf said to them, Here, I have brought you a young fat lamb...
Página 115 - And they all left off their sport, and came and stood round him. And Billy saw that while he played the tears ran down his cheeks. And Billy said, Old man, why do you cry ? And the old man said, Because I am very hungry — I have nobody to give me any dinners or suppers — I have nothing in the world but this little dog ; and I cannot work. If I could work I would.
Página 73 - I play they will call me a sad idle bee, And perhaps turn me out of the hive." " Stop ! stop ! little ant, do not run off so fast, Wait with me a little and play : I hope I shall find a companion at last, You are not so busy as they.
Página 134 - I give you light, and I give you heat, for I make it warm. I make the fruit ripen, and the corn ripen. If I did not shine upon the fields and upon the gardens, nothing would grow. I am up very high in the sky, higher than all trees, higher than the clouds, higher than every thing.
Página 78 - ... that is South. Always when it is twelve o'clock, and you look at the .sun, your face is towards the South. Now turn to your left hand. Look forwards, that is East. In the morning, when it is going to be light, you must look just there^ and presently you will see the sun get up. Always in the morning look there for the sun ; for the sun rises in the East. Now turn your back to the sun. Look straight forwards. That is North. Now turn to your left hand. Look forwards. That is West. When you have...
Página 70 - There was a little boy ; he was not a big boy, for if he had been a big boy, I suppose he would have been wiser ; but this was a little boy, not higher than the table, and his papa and mamma sent him to school. It was a very pleasant morning ; the sun shone, and the birds sung on the trees. Now this little boy did not much love his book, for he was but a silly little boy, as I told you ; and he had a great mind to play instead of going to school. And he saw a bee flying...

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