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froin the North of Europe, saying, “ Re- || and Britons. · He has given to us a turn, and help us ;" " and” added he, peace such as He only could give : not "I cheerfully obey the call."

an arrangement of diplomatic artifice, The Chancellor of the Eschequer, in endeavoring by subtle contrivance to - moving thanks to the President, spoke obtain advantages which the force of as follows-viz.

arms had failed to secure : not the pause " It is the pleasing duty imposed upon of exbausted combatants, waiting to reme this day, to put into the hands of his cover strength for a renewal of the conRoyal Highness a motion, to which lam test: but the cordial reconciliation of sure you will all assent with the utmost friends and Christians, casting away insatisfaction,--that of returning the thanks veterate prejudice and ready to embrace of this meeting to our loved and res. | as brethren, whom some straoge delupected President. It would be an idlesion had estranged. I shall not, hower. waste of your time to use any argu-er, dwell upon a subject which the Very ment to persuade you to pass a resolu- Rev. Dean has discussed with such siin. tion with regard to which I am convinc-ple and affecting eloquence, further than ed the feelings of every heart are com- to reinind him, that the seed is already pletely in unison with my own; but I | sown in France; and that we may well cannot forbear to occupy your attention hope, under circumstances eo favorable, for a few minutes, in congratulatiog his and that blessing which has hitherto so Lordship and the Society on the won-visibly attended it, that it will produce a derful events which have taken place plentiful harvest. Nor shall I enter upsince the period of our last annual on the various topics which that most inmeeting.

teresting Report, which has been read to “If ever the hand of Providence has us, offers to our consideration. I feel, been dsitinctly visible in his dealings indeed, not only that they are too esten: with mankind; if ever even the thought. sive to be brought within the compass of less and upobserving have been compell- any address which I could, with propri. ed to confess that the affairs of this world ety, offer to you; but that they are raare guided by a power and wisdom su- ther subjects of humble ineditation and perior to our own; it has been in the deep reflection than of public argument succession of wonderful events which and discussion. I shall therefore conhave recently taken place. These events clude, by requesting his Royal Higbuese have encircled this country with a blaze to propose the resolution in my hand, of glory. But I wish to tell my country- and which I am sure it will not be less men; as I always tell my own heart, that agreeable to him to offer for your vote if we look to our reward in earthly glo- than to you to concur in." Ty, we shall find our reward but lisap The motion having been put by his pointment and vanity. We are on this Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, and occa

called upon to regard the pass unanimously carried; Lord Tiegnmouth ing scenes of this world with a reference expressed his deep obligations to Bis to reinoter views and more important | Royal Highness and the ineeting for the objects than occupy the attention of a honor they had done him. ny ordinary assembly ; and, considerer! His Excellency Count de la Gardie, in this light, many circumstances which ambassador from the Court of Sweden have lately occurred so far surpass any to that of Madrid, moved the thanks of reach of human foresight, that they the mecting to the Vice-Presidents.may well humble while they delight us. Ilis manly and dignified person, his forIt is now just two years, since, in this i eign accent, his high station, and his deplace, and on an occasion like the pres-vout and feeling manner, rendered it ent, I took the liberty of expressing a impossible for any heart, alive to Chrissentiment which was not more my own lian sympathies, to resist the influence than that of all who heard me, that a of his address to the Meeting. Christian has no enemy. What we then mit me,” he concluded, in broken acfelt as Christians, the Alınighty has now cents, “to present, in the name of my been pleased to realize to us as citizens | king and country, the gratitude which

" Per

and country, the gratias

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*7 obligatia creased facilities in diffusing it? We||hundred dollars were subscribed in the 3 Coont de blessed fruits. You have scen it reali-l gaged to pay the sums annexed to their ..moved the is the Russian soldiery : you have seen itely, when the Society should be organizlp Fice-Presis in Paris, where the principles of this ed. There was a ineeting of a number of guñed perszeg, a book have been put in practice by the the subscribers. They chose a commit

sation, d. clemency of the conquerors towards that tee to draw up the Constitution of a Bivally heart, aliret sible to collect even some faint traces of point a second meeting, when they pro

is to resist the last this eloquent speech.

"he concluded, in base -913. - 10 present, in the angel honor can I more desire, than that it ted Bible Society was drawn up at the

11- ar bris. E. we feel for your kindness to our poor should be hereafter known as the coun

ject such as Hats brethren in Sweden. Receive my cor-| try from whence the Bible Society ori

dil airement dial thanks, in the name of the whole || ginated; and it is my earnest prayer * , in einerung bera Swedish people. May Almighty God that that Society may múltiply its exerzine', ubiuis acrantz bless the endeavors of the British and tions until its influence extend through

arins iad failed bec Foreign Bible Society-and every one out the world.”

of exhausted come of you! I expect not to see you any The Bishop of Norwich concluded I love esser strength for more, but I shall never forget these mo- an excellent speech by observing, that *:!! ; but the cases ments, and shall esteem them among when the conduct of Alexander the MaTrials and Com

the happiest in my life. The blessing cedonian was 'compared with the conde prejudeos

of the poor will be upon you! Excuse duct of Alexander of Russia, it shrunk

a man who entertains for England the into nothing. The Christian hero, in2-,HLI TEL. TH.

most exalted sentiments : let hiin re- || stead of murdering a friend, saves an
main in your remembrance !"

enemy; instead of burning a city, saves
The Rev. George Burder seconded one from destruction. Such are the
the above resolution.

true friends of the Bible Society, carryBringelupe

W.WilberforcefEsq. in acknowledginging into effect tbe leading principles of
the thanks offered to the Vice-Presidents the Bible. He moved thanks to the
observed, that it was they who ought Royal Dukes. (To be Continued.)
to thank the Society. “You claim,he
said, “ the abundance of our gratitude, Mission TO THE SOUTH-WESTERN PARTS
that we are honored to fill such an office.

It is impossible not to feel our joy still

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extending, as the delightful prospects of From Shawnee-town, in the Illinois

to our view. In the Territory, the Missinoparies write, Jan.
...-. 1 1953 mighty range we behold mountain rising| 12, 1815.
in "
*** above mountain ; Alps rising upon Alps;

16 We wrote our last letter to Dr.
the clouds retiring, and breaking; moun-Worcester, from St. Louis, in the early
a chil color tains touched with the light from heaven part of November. Since that date, we
- 1 t exhibiting a landscape great and extens- have, with the blessing of God upon

he ive.” When he retiected upon the cir- our exertions, completed a prosperous
30fpon cumstances of this country, and the un tour through the Territories Indiana, Il-

s bounded liberality which it had exercis-linois, and Missouri. In our former let-
To bi bile ed during the long war that had now hap-ter we gave you a brief view of our ex-
bait pily closed, he could not but anticipate ||ertions in favor of the formation of Bi-
il the most blessed and happy effocts from ble Sooieties for the Territories, until
alferbar the return of peace. “Even in warllthe date of our letter. Previous to our

there has been exhibited one unimpair-| leaving St. Louis, a subscription paper
na ben feed principle of diffusive benevolence. was circulated in order to ascertain who
o Diabeets What may we not now expect from the would favor the formation of a Bible

: Lord Is seed already sown, and from our in- Society for the Territory.' Near three of eže Lineü may expect a rich and abundant harvest. course of a day or two, by the inhabi

We have already reaped some of its tants of that place. The subscribers enme Court of ik zed in Russia : you bave seen it among names, to the proper officer of their Soci."-But we find it altogether inpos-||ble Society for the territory, and ap

He concluded posed to adopt the Constitution. Bewith observing, that, "well as I love my fore we left the Territory, a subscription country, nothing either in glory or in paper to aid the object of the contempla

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lead mines, and another at St. Genevi. || be spared by the Trustees of the Cou

We have not as yet ascertained necticut Missionary Society to obtaie the amount subscribed at these places. another man, and that he will be speedFrom the disposition manifested, by a íly sent forward to this very important o mber of influential characters in these station.' two places, to favor the object of the “November 9th we left St. Louis, propused Bible Society, we doubt not crossed the Mississippi,and proceeded on considerable sums will be subscribed.- our way to Kaskaskias. Previous to our We asi ertained that there never had leaving Kaskaskiaz, we had a second been any English bibles or Frer chTesta conversation with Governor Edwards mente, sent into this Territory for grate on the subject of the proposed Bible ious distribution, except in one instance. Society in the Illinois Territory. He Some time since, the Directing Com expressed bis çarnest desire, that the mittee of the Bible Society of Philadel Society might soon go into operation, phia sent to the care of Dr. Elliot, then He was anxious that we should stay un residing at St. Genevieve, a number of til it was organized; but as it would be English Bibles and French Testaments a considerable time before the notice of to be distributed by him. The English the meeting could be extensively circu. Bibles were very soon distributed, and|lated, we did not think it proper to de the French Testaments principally.-lay. We had previously conversed The prospect is, that very considerable with some of the most influential characexertions will be made, by men dispos-ters of the different denoininations, uped to favor the promotion of religion on the subject of forming the Society.--and morality in the Territory, in favor They not only approved of the Society, of the gratuitous distribution of the bible.but engaged that they would exert themThis Territory presents a very impor- selves in favor of its formation.

We tant and interesting field for missionary | did not find any place in this Territory, labors. There are many persons hore, where a copy of the Scriptures could who have heretofore been members, ei- be obtaineti. Merchants occasionally ther of Congregational or Presbyterian bring into the territories books of this Churches; and who regret, with inany description. The common school Bia heart-ache, and many a tear, the loss ble is not unfrequently sold for two dolof former privileges, and are looking | lars. When we consider the inferior with anxiety toward the rising sun, for manner in which the Bible is often prinsome one to come to them, who shall ||ted, this is certainly a very high price. again stand and feed them in the name There is no presbyterian minister either of Christ, and break to them the bread || stationed or laboring as a missionary in of life. When passing through the state this Territory. Numbers who have of Olio, at Chilicothe, we received a heretofore belonged to Presbyterian letter froin our brother Giddings, then churches are anxious to have at least at Andover. He ipførined us, that the occasional supplies. A Presby terian Trustees of the Connecticut Missionary | minister, of talents and piety, inight no Society had appointed brother Gould, of doubt receive a very handsome support his class, a Missionary to the Missouri if he would settle at Kaskaskias, and Territory ; and that his principal station preach a part of his time at that place, was to be at St. Louis. We were much and a part at St. Genevieve, and teach gratified upon receivicg this intelligence; a small school at the former place. A but are sorry to say, we have heard no- missionary who should visit, occasionalthing respecting hiin since that time. ly, the most settled parts of the TerritoWe then concluded, that as he received ry, would in very many instances meet the appointment in the summer, he with a most cordial reception, and have would probably arrive at St. Louis the before him a promising field for useJatter part of the fall or early in the wiu-fulness. ter. We now fear he will not visit the “ On the 14th of November we left Territory. If this should prove to be Kaskaskias, and proceeded on our way the fact, we hope that no exertions will to Shawaneetown. On our arrival at

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any argu eru ss a resolu Rew

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be bettez cele trei tures, but had not been able to succeed. we believe they will, still resources canbet szek of the body ahiretige still there are many others who cannotly increasing destitute part of their

bila je u be sicer does with convenience supply themselves; || ulation. From the best estimate, we Za ney live, be destitute of the bible intionate number of destitute families in

de anatam we remaioed in the vicinity ofillo St. Lawrence to the care of S. Hemp

pg, " Re-land Britty" esit this place Judge Griswold informed us,|| the destitute. We have no doubt that added he, peace si

that exertions were makind to form a ihese subscriptions will be very conan artesy

Bible Society for rhe eastern part of the siderably increased. But a few of the hequer, in endeavorecen Illinois Territory. He thought it most people, disposed to favor the object ent, spoke obtain

likely these exertions would prove suc- proposed by forming Bible Societies, arms to cessful.

have had an opportunity to subscribe. kyseil upon of exlia

We coujd not ascertain, that there had Papers will be more generally circu. nds of his cove....

...ale Pepee ever been any Bibles or Testaments sentiated, when the societies shall go into

into this Territorry for gratuitous distri-operation. Some parts of the Territories which lam test

Fix buiion, and comparatively but a few are settling very fast Many poor people the utmost friends

de la nostet families are supplied with either. Some, || are among the number of those, who the thanks vetes

Kas alr. 1 who are anxious to obtain the Bible, | go north of the Ohio. If those good I and res as by

seines der and able to purchase it, have been formen in the territories, who are disposed be an idle sine

ime years destitute. . Ope man, whom we to favor the promotion of religion and

saw in this territory, informed us, that morality, by ibe general distribution of

for ten or fifteen years he had been using the Sacred Scriptures among the desm convinc-plete

exertions to obtain the Sacred Scrip-titute, continue to exert themselres, as Notwithstandiug there are many ready not be collected probably by them, and able to purchase the Scriptures, morc than sufficient to supply the yearand must for years, perhaps as long as could make, with respect to the proportheir families, unless their wants are re- the 3 Territories, we are led to believe lieved by others who have ability and that 10 or 12,000 Bibles are necessary, a disposition to supply them.

in order to supply each destitute family. “ We arrived at Vincennes, on the You will readily perceive, Sir, that 19ih of Nov. While we were at that living as most of the people in the terripla se, a subscription paper was circula-stories do, 1,000 or 1,500 miles from any ted, similar to the one circulated at St. place, where the Bible is printed, veLouis. One hundred dollars were very ry many of them must for a long time soon subscribed. The prospect was, remain destitute, unless their necessities that twice that sum would soon be sub-can be relieved, at least in a considerascribed. The subscribers appointed a ble degree, hy the Managers of Bible second meeting, when they proposed to Societies in the different States.* From adopt the constitution of a Bible Socie- the 600 Bibles committed to our care ty for the western part of the Indiana' by the committee of the Massachusetts Territory, or rather the Wabash District. Bible Society, 75 were ordered to the On the 25th of November, we arrived care of certain gentlemen in the Indiana at New Albany, near Jeffersonville. Territory; 50toShawanee-town,to be diswhich is situated at the falls of the Ohio. ributed in the Illinois 'Territory; and 50


rt are com to own; but I spre ur attention

has atulating his on the woutaken place lipoli last annual



vidence has tur his dealingslino

the thought-laive een compell-lanya of this world ris

wisdom sukoh: been in the vents which can L'liese eyeute... with a bla20 ny country n heart, tha

earthly pl d but

are on ud th:

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the falls, subscription papers were rir-stead. Do, Sir, intercede with the manaculated to ascertain who would aid the gers of Bible Societies in your vicinity proposed Bible Society for the easterpla aid in supplying the destitute poor in part of the territory. These papers the portion of our country already briefwere circulated in Jeffersonsille, Newly described. The Territories present Albany and Charleston. Near 250 dol- very interesting fields for missionary lalars were soon subscribed; and a time

* Bibles which may be sent on to the Terriwas appointed for the meeting, when ittories for distributoin, nsay for the preseni, be was expected the constitution would be directed to the flowing gentlemen. In Inclia-, adopted.

na, 10 Thomas Posey the Governor of the Ter* More than 700 dollars have been ritory, Jeffersonville, or to Joel Serihne N wv. subscribed, since we caine into the ter- wanneetown. la Missouri, to Stephen Hemps

Albany. In Illinois to Joseph M. Street, Shaw. ritories to purchase bibles to give to tead, St. Louis.

14th of Noregler ses and proceeded a arctonz Onor


bor. It seems to us of infioite import. We have occasionally hinted at the imance, that one missionary at least, bei portance of certain fields of mis-ionary stationed in each of the Territories, – labor, in the portions of country through The early part of December, we visited which we have passed. We now beg Lexington and Frankfort. Each of us leave to state, a little more at large, ille at Frankfort had an opportunity of observations we have made, and the preaching to a number of the members || thoughts that have occurred to us, on of the Legislature, and presenting them this interesting subject. We have alr•awith a view of the object of our mission. dy taken occa:ion to urge upon your

"The 20th of December we returned notice, and the notice of your Society, to the Falls of the Ohio. We were de- a missionary circuit on the banks of the tained at that place some time, waiting Ohio, between Steubenville and Marifor a passage down the river to Natchez.letta. We still think thai a very inpor.

January 5th. We left Louisville, taut field, and should heartily rejoice to and embarked on board a keel-boat de- see it occupied by a faithful lavorer.--cending the river to Natchez. Thus In the State of Ohio, other circuits perfar the Lord has prospered us, greatly haps of equal importance, might be poin. prospered us. Dear Sir, pray for us that ted out. But this has been already done God would still more abundantly suc-|by Mr. Schermerhorn. (See bis “ Cor. ceed our feeble exertions to extend the rect View,”' &c.) This State, although kingdom of his Sop; and may He grånt in many parts deplorably destitute of the that the dark valley of the Mississippi means of grace, is on the whole far may soon be illuininated with the lights better supplied botli with established of the overlasting Gospel. We lately re-preachers and missionaries, than any of ceived a letter from Mr. Hennen of New- the States or Territories west or south of Orleans. He expressed his great satis-it. With a population of about 250,000; faction that the French Testameuts were it has more than 50 Presbyterian and on their way to that place. He remar- Congregational ministers--making an ked in his letter, that the French people average of one preacher to 5000 inhabwere frequently inquirngs for them. Hetiants; while the State of Kentucky has did not apprehend that any serious op-not one Presbyterian minister to 10,000 position would be made to their circu. and the North-western Territories not lation from any quarter. Since we left|one to every 20,000. Ohio is fast emerCincinnati, Ohio,) we have followed the ging from the feeble, helpless state of inadvice contained in your letter, relative|| fancy. Religion is taking deep root; to presenting the object of the mission, and its branches are spreading from the where we had a convenient opportunity, river to the lake. Charitable institutions and receiving donations to aid in defray- are forined and forming in various parts; ing the expenses. The result has been such as Bible, Tract and Moral Sociefavorable. Near 300 dollars have been lies: and their salutary influence is vegiven to us for this purpose. We are ginning to be felt. But in other portions descending the river and expect to call of western country it is not so. We proat Shawancetown. We hope to arrive pose, therefore, in this coinmunication at Natchez by the close of the present to turn your attention inore particularly month."

to them. We begin with the territories. The next letter which the Committee re-We have travelled tiirough them-liare

ceived was the following ; which was seen the nakedness of the land, and our dated on the Mississippi below Nen eyes bave affected our hearts. We have Madrid, Jan, 20, 1815, and address- heard the cry, Come over inlo Macedoed to the Rev. Dr. Worcester.

niu and help us. " In our letters directed to yorrsell "Indiana, notwithstanding the war, is bearing date 21st of September and 7th peopling very fast. Its settlements are of November last; and in one addressed | bursting forth on the right hand and on to Mr. Evarts on the 12th inst. we have the left. In 1810, there were in this detailed many of the interesting events Territory 24,500 inhabitants;--now they of our mission. And in these letters are computed by the governor at 35,000,

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