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Soon after the comincncement of the Here Merey's silver sound reformation at Princeton, Christians were

Comes softly whispering by : invited, and many complied with the in

Inviting all aroud

To tasie of living joy. vitation, to pray in concert with special reference to our colleges. To their uni- o happ's youth, why will you stray ?

Come learn the way to peace and truth. ted and persevering prayers we would trace, as a consequence established by Ye sprightly, young and gay,

Attend a call so sweet, Divine wisdom, these showers of mercy

And all your honors lay that have revived so many hearts. God will not exalt Christians, but He will ex-i. Thus angels all, in climes above,

At your Redeemer's feet. alt his holy oame. He will have respect In purest love adoring fall. unto his holy covenant. He will honor the institutions of his own appointment.

Wake, tuncful voices, wake,

To close the grateful song,
He will shew that his foolishness is wiser
than the wisdom of men,

Let sweet hosannahs break
And when

From every heart and tonguc. Christians in our churches stand forth Ye parents sing, ye children too, like Elijuh, committing their cause with here's work for you, to praise our king. confidence to Jehovah, undauntedly relying that He will let it be known that I late writer in favor of Universal Salration haHe is God in Israel, the fire of Divine ving closed his piece with these last lines of grace will fall on our altars, at once

Pope's Messia!

The seas shall waste, the skies in smoke decay, humbling Christians in the dust, as inel- Rucks fall to dust, and mountains melt away: ficient agents, and Aashing conviction on But fixt His werd, His saving power remains, all the infidel hosts of Baal. The lofli-Thy realn forever lasts, uhy own Mesc:ah reigns, ness of man shall be bowed down, and the his untagonist made the following addition i

them : haughtiness of men skail be inade low ;

UNIVERSALISM INDEED! and the LORD ALONE shall be exalied in Wien seas sha!! waste, and skies in smoke that day.

[Panoplist. decay,

« Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away, “ In adamantine chains shall death be bound,

“ And heil's grim tyrant feel the cturnal A Song of Praise for huinan learning and Wourd.” Divine Perelation.

But all his children reach fair Eden's shore,

Not e'er to see their father satan more. Wake, tuneful voices wake,

The tott'ring drunkard shall to glory reel, Begin the grateful song,

and common strumpeis endless pleasure feel, Let sweet bosanuahs break

Blest are the baughty, who despise the poor, From every heart and tongue. For they're entitled in the leav'nly store, Ye tutors sing, ye children too,

Blest all who laugh and scost' at truth divine, Here's work for you, to praise our king. For boid revilers endless comfort find.

Blest are the clam'rous and contentious crew, Science at his command,

t'o them eternal rest and peace are due. From old European shores,

Blest all who bunger and who thirst to find Has found our infant land,

A chance to plunder and to cheat mankind : Our wilderness explores.

Such die in peace : for God 10 them bail giv n Here numerous schools instruct the mind, yo be unjust on earth, and go to Heaven. And youth refind attend to rules.

Blest is the wretch whose bowels never inove

With gen'rous pity, or with tender love ; Where once the Indian swains, lle shall find mercy from the God above. Wild and untutored trod,

Blest all who scek to wranzle and to fight; Instructive learning reigns

Such mount from seas of blood to worids of And scatters light abroad.

light. Here, beads and hearts with pens combine, For joy's eternal are reserved for you?'

Go rioi, drink, and ev'ry ill pursue, In one design, to spread the arts.

Fear not to sin till death shall close your eyes ; Diviner knowledge too,

Live as you please, your's is th’immortal prize. In this fair climate grows,

Ol Serpent hail! thou mad'st a jusi reply

To mother Eve, Ye shall not surely die!
And sweets celestial fiow
From Sharon's blooming rose

But reader stop! and in God's holy fear,

With sacred truth ihese tenets first conipare; The sacred word directs our way,


Our Saviour's sermon on the inount peruse, To realms of day to praise the Lord. || Read with attention, and the banc refuse.

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To the Editors of the Utica Christian Magazine. I would render our circumstances calam

While meditating an Address to the litous; theirs who have no such blessings Christian public through your useful are in fact as calamitous as ours would publication, I received the following from be, should we be deprived of them. my friends in Connecticut. Il supersedes To provide competent religious inali i could write in favor of several indi-struction for the United States, would genl but deserving inembers of Hamilton demand at least one pastor for every College. To all who are interested in thousand souls; which estimating the this eloqueni appeal, I gire assurance that family at seven members, at a medium, their charities shall be applied, on infor- will be one pastor for ONE HUNDRED AND malion that I can give, as they may direct. Fifty families. If it should seem that AZEL BACKUS.

the allotted charge is too small, it Hamilton College, July 15th, 1815.

may be remembered, that in the Jewish

economy, about one instructor was proAN ADDRESS OF THE CHARITABLE SOCIE- vided for every forty families, inclu

TY FOR THE EDUCATION OF INDIGENT |ding in their duty the common educa-
PIOUS YOUNG MEN, FOR THE MINISTRY |tion of children, as well as the religious

instruction of the people; which might Ir is the object of this Society to as. afford at least one exclusively devoted sist in providing for our country a suffi

to religious instruction for eighty famicient pumber of competent religious instructors. The importance of the evan- of authentic documents, that in New

lies. It appears also, from the evidence gelical Ministry is generally adınitted. England, so late as 1753, there was one But the state of the nation in respect to liberally educated minister to 628 souls: qualified instructors, is, it is believed, far and from a cursory examination of the from being understood. In soliciting necessary documents, it is presumed, the charitable co-operation of the public that previous to this period, back to the in this design, it becomes our duty there first settlement of this country, the supá fore, to state, for their information, such facts and estimates as we have been able ply was even greater than this propor

tion.* to obtain; to explaiu generally our

At the present time the ratio in Newviews as to the ways of supplying this England is about one educated minister deiciency, and particularly the way in

to every 1500 souls. But whether we which we propose to conduct our exer-have gained by this diminutiou of relitions for that purpose. The population of the United Slates and moral state of New-England, con

gious i astruction, the present reli ious at the present time may be estimated at pared with the first 150 years, will easily 8,000,000. Now the civil wellare of

the nation and the interests of Eternity
alike '

* In the year 1665, this State contained 34 the agency of qualified, religious instruc- bout 1700 families, 8 or 9000 inhabitants, and

they constantly enjoyed the instructions of ators. If it be important that any portion bout twenty ministers. Upon an avarage there of this population le instructed in reli- was as much as one ininister to every 85 famigion, it is equally important that all lies, or to about 430 souis. In some of the should'he instructed. if the overthrow new plantations, thirty families supported of our religious institutions in this State, than forly when they call and settled

nunister, and commonly there was not mor and the extinction of evangelical light, "tor.-Trumbul's list. Conn.

In Great Britain and Ireland it is estim-||5000 educated ministers of the Gospel ated that the number of worshipping as- in our land; leaving a deficiency of semblies is as many as one to every 8||5000 ministers, and a population of five or 900 inhabitants. Io Portugal, Spain, million destitute of proper religious ioItaly, and Switzerland, the number of struction.* congregations is supposed to be still There may be, perhaps, 1500 besides, greater according to the population. In who are nominally ministers of the GosHolland, Prussia, Denmark, and the pel. But they are generally illiterate states of Gerinany, there may be onemen, often not possessed even of a good assembly for every 1100 suls; and in English education, and in some instanRussia there is one religious teacher, in- ces unable to read or write. By them, cluding every grade, for every 460. The as a body, learning is despised. With medium supply for Europe may then be few exceptions, they are utterly upacestimated at one minisfer for every 1000|| quainted with Theology, and like other souls.

inen are devoted through the week to That this is not too great a proportion, secular employment, and preach on the may appear froin the fact, that in the Sabbath with such preparation as such State of Connecticut, one of the most an education, and such avocations will populous in the Union, though the num allow. Now admitting the piely of ber of ministers, including all who bear these men, the rectitude of their mothe name, is about one to a thousanıl, tives, and that in the absence of a betthere are still vacancies, and unorgani-| ter supply they were even benefactors zed population, and partially supplied to the country; still, with the best incongregations enough to demand the tentions, they are unable to exert that employment of nearly one hundred ad- religious and moral and literary influditional ministers. The population of ence which it belongs to the Ministry the Union is so scattered, that one half|| to exert. It is not by preaching repenof it cannot be thrown into congrega-| tance and faith, exclusively, that the intions of thousand souls ; and if, interests of religion are promoted. There some places, one pastor can supply is a state of society to be formed, and to 1500 or 2000; in four times that number be formed by an extended combination of places he can embody in his charge of institutions, religious, civil and litea number not exceeding 500 souls. Sorary, which never exist without the cothat assigning one minister to a thousand operation of an educated Ministry. souls, as they are scattered over the face Illiterate men, however pious, cannot of the nation, is in fact a very small command the attention of that class of supply. But, could the population of the community whose education and the nation be organized in congregations mental culture is above their own. But of 1001 souls, or 150 families, the whole his class of persons, whose souls are routine of mjuisterial labor, the weekly not to be disregarded, will ever exert a preparations for the desk, the visiting of powerful influence in human affairs. schools, the catechetical instructions, and they will despise religion, and neg. the weekly lectures, and fatxily visiting, lect her institutions, and throw the weight added to a vast amount of miscellane-l of their influence against the Gospel, ous avocatious, would completely en- when its chosen advocates are ignorant gross the wliole time okany pastor. and unlettered men. Illiterate pastors

To supply then a population of 8,000 cannot be the patrons of schools, acade000 with competent religionis instruc-mies and colleges. They cannot, and tors, at the ratio of one for a thousand, if they can they will not, exalt society deinands the agency of 8000 ministers. above their own level. Education, reBut according to the best information ligious and literary, will be neglecteil in which can be obtained, and which to a great extent is obtained from the au * In this population there are about 1200 orthentic printed docuinents of ecclesias-gamzed congregations able to support a pastor

-the remainder is either in the hands of illitetical bodies, there are not according to rate men, or like primeval Chaos, without form the largest computation, more thart and void, and darkness resting upon it.


Sheir hands; civilization will decline, || little realized by the people of this state,
ad immoralities multiply. If the influ- and which no benevolent mind can con-
ince of such men be better than noth-teinplate without sympathy.
ng, if it do not help on the decline cau In the District of Maine, containing
ed by human depravity, it is totally in- la population of 228,705, about one half
competent to arrest it.

the people are said to be destitute of
Hliterate men have never been the stated religious instruction.
losen instruments of God to build up It appears that in the counties of
uis cause. The Disciples of our Lord, Rockingham and Strafford, the two old-
o supply the deficiency of an education, est and principal counties in the State
vere instructed by himself for three of New Hampshire, containing in 1810,
rears; and then, were miraculously exclusive of Portsmouth and Exeter,
laught languages, and clothed with the 76 towns and 83,040 inhabitants, 46 towns
power of miracles, and were guided be- were, in December 1813, destitute of

-ajde hy the immediate suggestions of the stated means of grace; and their 2. the Holy Spirit.

inhabitants, 40,286, were not only preWhat would the Science of Law be-cluded the blessings of a regular minisCURIE... 2.come, and the administration of justice, try, but esposed to the errors of enthuyou for ac in the bands of meu destitute of a com-siastic and false teachers, by whose in*$** mel.. tis mon education, ignorant of the science, fluence the few remaining friends of the THE AD ID sand who should go from the plough and religion of their fathers were counter* metres per the workshop to the bar ? What would be acted, depressed and discouraged. The

pip Count : 1. the fate of medicine, and our fate, were population of New Hampshire is 214, HELLO, tor health and life committed to the hands || 460. Now if to this 40,000 unsupplied or igious and morz, 2 of men who never studied the human population be added that which is in Este trici it belones y system, and knew nothing of diseases or like circuinstances in other parts of the

Exer le is more remedies, by reading or by meditation ? State, the result will be probably, that popo anch friti

, esces. And what would be the fate of agricul at least one tbird, or 71,486 of the inhabPresse ví religion at the ture or commerce, or the mechanic arts, itants of that State, aro unsupplied with Po pacientiem pursued with as much ignorance as at stated religious instruction, tends an unlettered ministry, and pur:

Iu Vermont the state of things may sued only as a calling sub: rdinate to be a little better, though not varying

another which occupied six days in greatly from the State of New-Hamnpederer tan elgori seven? Is religious knowledge alone to shire..

be obtained without study ? Or is the lif the state of Rhode Island ; in the er the attend soul, and its eternal concern, the only whole western part of the State, inclu

thing on earth unworthy the attention ting a territory about 30 miles broad imunitr wie

of an order of men educated for the and 50 long, including about one hay culture i EDOF: *"

purpose, and devoted exclusively to the population of the State, there is but persons that object ? It is our duiy then to en-one regularly

one regularly educated minister;'and 3'de distegaroel

gage deliberately in the enterprise of but about ten beside, of the lowest ortreeriul infidence in - bey wili deyim supplying our nation with qualified re- der of uneducated ministers. Many churner instituut, ligious instructors. Religion is the last ches have become utterly extinct, and

thing that should be committed to the many once organized congregations have their intiuenry 2016

hands of ignorant and incompetent been long since broken dowo. The yn its choses acroce si du unlettere: men

. Tieto men, and the real deficiency of compe Sabbath, without the least restraint, is

tent religious instructors is at least five devoted to secular business, to visiting,

thousand, and the population unsupplied amusements, and profligate habits; and mes and Cailomes. They is five millions.

is more distinguished by open wickedIf we cast our eye over the differentness than any other day of the week. sections of the Union, to ascertain in In the state of Connecticut there are detail, by facts and probable estimates,218 Congregational Churches, of which the state of the nation as to religious 36 are vacant. Of other denominations instruction, the result will corroborate there are about 68 vacant churches.-this general estimate. It will exhibit a Allowing these congregations to be scene of destitution and wretchedness small, we may reasonably allot a

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pastor for every two; which will be and a demand for 60 additional ministers

Of 114 churches not ya of the gospel. Thus, on the right hand cant, and doubtless in most cases small, and on the left Connecticut is bounded the supply does not exceed one Sabbath by a moral wilderness, and her sympain two, and very often but one in three. tbies demanded by a famine of the word If we give then to one half of these chur- of life. ches a stated pastor, there will be 57 of The county of Columbia, the next these churches destitute of religious in-|| north of Dutchess county, is in no betstruction ; leaving in this State at the ter circumstances than the three preced. rate of 127 vacancies to be supplied ;

-ing counties. and this notwithstanding, the ratio of It appears from the report of Messrs. ministers, including all who bear the Mills and Schermerhorn, founded on inname, is about one to a thousand. To formation obtained in their missionary meet this demand we have not more tour through the western States, that in than 30 ministers and candidates; leav- the whole district west of the Alleghany ing still a demand for 97 competent re- mountains, including Ohio, the western ligious instructors for the State. counties of Pennsylvania and Virginia;

Allowing Massachusetts Proper a pro- the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, portion equal to that of Connecticut, apd| Louisiana, and all the Territories, conher deficiency of competent religious in- taining at this time a population of about structors will be 178.

two millions of souls, there are not more New-York, a State of extended terri-than 180 regularly educated and selded tory, in the heart of our land, with a ministers; Icaving a population of 1.870,population of more than one million,000 unsupplied, and demanding 1870 and doubling, by the help of emigration additional ministers of the gospel. from New-England, at the rate of once In Louisiana, containing 76,000, there in 15 years, is greatly destitute of quali is not one protestant minister of any fied religious instructors. From the denomination, and only about a dozen best accounts, obtained partly from prin Catholic ministers. The people sit in ted documents and partly from individ- darkness and the shadow of death. uals personally acquainted in the State, The State of New Jersey is better there is reason to believe that 500 teach-furnished with ministers than any State ers will exceed the actual supply, leav. south of Connecticut; there is, however, ing 500,000 of the population destitute in some parts of this State, a consideraof the stated means of grace, and de- ble deficiency, to what extent we are manding 500 additional laborers to fill not able to say with much exactness.the vacant vineyard. There are, it is It may be observed, however, generally, estimated, in this State, nearly 200 or that as the population of New-Jersey ganized congregations, in which minis- does not differ greatly from the populaters of education and talents inight prob-lion of Connecticut; and the stipply of ably be settled, could such be obtained. ministers is somewhat less; the deficien

The district of country which lies be-cy in that State, according to the calcutween the west line of Connecticut and|lations made for Connecticut, may be the Hudson river, is about 120 miles in estimated at not less than one hundred length, 20 in breadth, and contains three ministers; but if we estimate the deficounties, Westchester, Putnain and ciency at fifiy, we shall by po means exDutchess, and a population of about 81. aggerate. 000 souls. In this whole district there Of Pennsylvania and Delaware, we are but 20 regularly educated ministers can only say generally, that the want of -9 in Westchester; 11 in Dutchess ;|| great; without being able to and in Putnam county, containing a pop- furnish a probable estimate of the defiulation of 10,000 inhabitants, there is ciency. not one settled minister of any denom The State of Virginia, the centre of ination. There is in this whole district the Union, a State which, from its locaof course a population of 60,000 soulsion and its numbers, must always exert destitute of the ordinary means of grace, a powerful influence on our national

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