New Monthly Magazine, Volumen18

Thomas Campbell, Samuel Carter Hall, Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton, William Ainsworth, Theodore Edward Hook, Thomas Hood
E. W. Allen, 1826

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Página 117 - I consider the system of our Common Schools as the palladium of our freedom, for no reasonable apprehension can be entertained of its subversion, as long as the great body of the people are enlightened by education.
Página 359 - Asiatic things, of their institutions, histories, modes of faith, &c., is so impressive, that to me the vast age of the race and name overpowers the sense of youth in the individual. A young Chinese seems to me an antediluvian man renewed. Even Englishmen, though not bred in any knowledge of such institutions, cannot but shudder at the mystic sublimity of castes that have flowed apart, and refused to mix, through such immemorial tracts of time; nor can any man fail to be awed by the names of the...
Página 390 - Vice-President, and President. And lastly, a Visitor and Rector of the University. In these different offices, with scarcely any interval between them, I have been in the public service now sixty-one years; and during the far greater part of the time, in foreign countries or in other States.
Página 29 - A PICTURE OF GREECE in 1825 : as exhibited in the Personal Narratives of JAMES EMERSON, Esq., COUNT PECCHIO, and WH HUMPHREYS, Esq.
Página 221 - The EXPECTATIONS formed by the ASSYRIANS, that a GREAT DELIVERER would appear, about the time of our Lord's advent, demonstrated.
Página 390 - The attack on the establishment of a dominant religion, was first made by myself. It could be carried at first only by a suspension of salaries for one year, by battling it again at the next session for another year, and so from year to year, until the public mind was ripened for the bill for establishing religious freedom, which I had prepared for the revised code also. This was at length established permanently, and by the efforts chiefly of Mr. Madison, being myself in Europe at the time that...
Página 265 - His Majesty has the satisfaction to inform you that the distinguished skill, bravery, and success with which the operations of the British arms in the dominions of the King of Ava have been carried on, have led to the signature, upon highly honourable terms, of a preliminary treaty with that Sovereign, which his Majesty has every reason to expect will be the foundation of a secure and permanent peace.
Página 340 - The History of Scotland, from the Earliest Period to the Middle of the Ninth Century ; being an Essay on the Ancient History of the Kingdom of the Gaelic Scots — the extent of the Country — its Laws — Population — Poetry — and Learning.
Página 340 - A SERIES OF DESIGNS for FARM BUILDINGS, with a view to prove that the simplest forms may be rendered pleasing and ornamental, by a proper disposition of the rudest materials.
Página 300 - Illustrations of the Passes of the Alps, by which Italy communicates with France, Switzerland, and Germany,

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