Hymns for infant minds, by the authors of Original poems, 24th ed. &c


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Página 9 - Art Thou my Father ? Then at last, When all my days on earth are past, Send down and take me in Thy love To be Thy better child above.
Página 11 - GOD is so good that he will hear Whenever children humbly pray; He always lends a gracious ear To what the youngest child can say.
Página 50 - But months and years are passing by, And soon must all be gone ; For day by day, as minutes fly, Eternity comes on. Days, months, and years must have an end; Eternity has none : 'Twill always have as long to spend As when it first begun...
Página 12 - Here his commands are written, too, To teach us what we ought to do. It bids us all from sin to fly, Because our souls can never die ; It points to heaven where angels dwell. And warns us to escape from hell.
Página 8 - Art Thou my Father? Let me be A meek obedient child to Thee, And try, in word and deed and thought, To serve and please Thee as I ought.
Página 8 - GREAT GOD, and wilt Thou condescend To be my Father and my Friend ; I a poor child, and Thou so high, The Lord of earth, and air, and sky...
Página 3 - I was not born as thousands are, Where GOD was never known ; And taught to pray a useless prayer To blocks of wood and stone. I was not born a little slave, To labour in the sun, And wish I were but in the grave, And all my labour done.
Página 10 - And, Lord, whatever grief or ill For me may be in store, Make me submissive to thy will, And I would ask no more.
Página 44 - THERE is a path that leads to God — All others go astray, Narrow but pleasant is the road, And Christians love the way.
Página 50 - How long, sometimes, a day appears And weeks, how long are they ! Months move as slow as if the years Would never pass away.

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