Sketches of Hull Authors

H. Bolton, 1879 - 159 páginas

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Página 54 - Take, holy earth ! all that my soul holds dear : Take that best gift which Heaven so lately gave. To Bristol's fount I bore with trembling care Her faded form : she bow'd to taste the wave, And died.
Página 43 - Spaine, to very good purpose, as I believe, and the gaineing of those four languages; besides, he is a scholler, and well read in the Latin and Greek authors ; and no doubt of an approved conversation, for he comes now lately out of the house of the Lord Fairfax, who was General!, where he was intrusted to give some instructions in the Languages to the Lady his daughter.
Página 50 - I have a garden of my own, But so with roses overgrown, And lilies, that you would it guess To be a little wilderness ; And all the springtime of the year It only loved to be there.
Página 54 - E'en from the grave thou shalt have power to charm. Bid them be chaste, be innocent, like thee ; Bid them in duty's sphere as meekly move : And, if so fair, from vanity as free, As firm in friendship, and as fond in love, Tell them, though 'tis an awful thing to die, ('Twas, e'en to thee,) yet, the dread path once trod, Heaven lifts its everlasting portals high, And bids "the pure in heart behold their God.
Página 59 - Shall then your earth-born daughters vie With me ? shall she, whose brightest eye But emulates the diamond's blaze, Whose cheek but mocks the peach's bloom, Whose breath the hyacinth's perfume, Whose melting voice the warbling woodlark's lays, Shall she be deem'd my rival ? Shall a form Of elemental dross, of mould'ring clay, Vie with these charms imperial ? the poor worm Shall prove her contest vain.
Página 29 - Mr. lames Hall's three Voyages to Groynland, with a | Topographicall description of the Countries, the Salvages lives and Treacheries, how our Men have been slayne by them there, with the Commodities of all those parts ; whereby the Marchant may have Trade, and | the Mariner Imployment.
Página 44 - This, my Lord, I write sincerely without any other end than to perform my duty to the publick in helping them to an humble servant; laying aside those jealousies and that emulation which mine own condition might suggest to me by bringing in such a coadjutor; and remain, my Lord, your most obliged and faithful servant, JOHN MILTON.
Página 29 - Baffin, Hawkridge: Together with the Courses, Distance, Latitudes, Longitudes, Variations, Depths of Seas, Sets of Tydes, Currents, Races, and over-Falls; with other Observations, Accidents and remarkable things, as our Miseries and sufferings.
Página 44 - I find no encumbrances of that which belongs to me, except it be in point of attendance at Conferences with Ambassadors, which I must confess in my condition I am not fit for), it would be hard for them to find a man soe fit every way for that purpose as this gentleman ; one who,- I believe, in a short time, would be able to do them as much service as Mr. Ascan.
Página xv - Robert Alcock, mayor; thirdly, because that when he founded the great free school in the town of Hull, he founded it upon his own lands that had descended to him from his grandfather, William Alcock, merchant, of the same place, being a great garden, fifty-five royal ells in length, which he had bought...

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